AvatarizeYourself: Turn Yourself Into An Avatar Character

It has been a while since the movie Avatar was released but the hype surrounding it is still there. The movie broke numerous box office records and entertained many people. Great graphic technology allowed the wonderful graphics in the movie. If you were impressed with the visual look of the aliens in Avatar, pay “Avatarize Yourself”Âť a visit.

avatarize   AvatarizeYourself: Turn Yourself Into An Avatar Character

Avatarize Yourself is a greatly entertaining website that lets you turn yourself into an avatar character equivalent.

You start by uploading a picture which can either be from your computer or from your Facebook account. You then position the picture such that the person in the picture is facing the camera. Then you mark the eyes, nose, ears, lip ends, and chin in the picture. Your picture is processed and the Avatar alien equivalent is shown.

Once your picture has been processed and shown to you, you can alternate it from “male” to “female”; you can even change the background of the picture. The site also lets you share your result through social networks, email, download, and direct URL.

avatarize1   AvatarizeYourself: Turn Yourself Into An Avatar Character


  • Lets you transform yourself into an avatar character.
  • You can upload photos through your computer or Facebook account.
  • Asks you for direction to help advanced algorithms reach better results.
  • Results greatly resembled the Avatar aliens.
  • Provides visitors with multiple ways to share their pictures and have fun with.
  • Similar tool: Navilator and MpChange.

Visit AvatarizeYourself @ www.avatarizeyourself.com

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