Avast Working On Android App, Will Offer Extra Features For Rooted Phones [News]

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Avast, currently one of the most popular Windows anti-malware companies and known for Avast! Free, has revealed that an Android app is in the works. This isn’t surprising, but more unusual is the company’s plan to provide extra functionality to users who own rooted phones.

The details on what features would be unlocked have not been announced, but chief technical officer Ondrej Vlcek told CNET the reasoning behind this decision : “rooted phones are more prone to certain kinds of attacks […] We consider people with rooted phones high-risk users, and so they need more security“.

In addition to a focus on rooted devices, Avast! will be including another rare feature – VPN access. This will make it possible for mobile users to securely access the Internet even when using an unsecure public WiFi network. Access to the VPN feature will be an additional charge, however.

Besides the above, the Android app will include the company’s antivirus engine, anti-theft and phone tracking, and parental locks. The app may also be bestowed with a backup service and the Avast! WebRep engine, which helps users avoid sites that host malware of browser exploits.

When can you obtain this fancy new Android security app? A precise release date isn’t set, but the company has stated that they seek to release several new products within a few months. This means late summer or fall is most likely.

Source: CNET

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