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Avast, one of the best Windows antivirus software out there, has released the latest version, Avast 2014, which it claims provides faster and better protection than any other in the market.

The new Avast has a new design that sports a flatter look to go with the new Modern UI. Apart from being streamlined, it puts everything in the same place for both Free and Paid product lines, making migration easier. Even in our tests, we found it to be the ultimate fuss-free antivirus Free Anti-Virus Comparison: 5 Popular Choices Go Toe-To-Toe Free Anti-Virus Comparison: 5 Popular Choices Go Toe-To-Toe What is the best free antivirus? This is among the most common questions we receive at MakeUseOf. People want to be protected, but they don’t want to have to pay a yearly fee or use... Read More choice because of its interface.

The big new feature is actually under the hood. It’s called DeepScreen technology for more intelligent detection of false code, misdirections, and other malware techniques.

“By peeling away layers of obscure code, Avast! 2014 is able to observe the binary level commands within the malware to better understand the hidden instructions embedded in it,” the company said.


There’s also a new Hardened Mode. With this, files are blocked from executing unless the user gives a go-ahead and puts it in a “whitelist”, thus keeping you safer from infected files.


Similar to the whitelist for files is a “Do Not Track” function in the browser plugin, which lets users decide on the sites that can track their online usage and block others.

Finally, Avast 2014 lets users create a bootable antivirus ‘Rescue Disk’ on USB, CD or DVD, which can be used even when there is no functioning OS. The Rescue Disk function is available in all Avast products and is an integral part of the new remediation module introduced by this new version.

The 2014 version is available in four consumer variations – avast! Free Antivirus, avast! Pro Antivirus, avast! Internet Security and avast! Premier – and in more than 40 languages. While Avast is also available for Android Avast! Introduces Free Mobile Security App For Android 2.1+ [News] Avast! Introduces Free Mobile Security App For Android 2.1+ [News] There are plenty of free mobile security apps available for Android. The market seems to be filled to the brim with them. Yet it’s hard to say if they’re trustworthy because often they’re developed by... Read More , that has not got an update at this point.

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