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If you read articles on online versions of top magazines like Wired and PC World then you will know what paginated web pages are and how frustrating it is to read them. Clicking on the numbers and going from one page to another isn’t always fun. AutoPagerize is a nifty tool that helps you get rid of that.

It comes as a Firefox and Chrome add-on, and as a greasemonkey script for Firefox. It can auto-load such paginated webpages making all the content appear on a single page.

paginated pages

The extension may not work smoothly on all sites but it does work on the popular ones, like Google for instance. It can enable endless scrolling on Google search pages, which is kind of cool.


  • Auto-load paginated webpages.
  • Available as an add-on for Firefox and Chrome.
  • Also available as a greasemonkey script for Firefox.
  • Works on more than 1,000 websites including popular sites like Google.
  • Similar tool:  PageZipper.

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