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For various reasons, site developers divide their content on multiple pages. For example, to keep the loading time of a website low, a developer might divide an article composed of pictures over multiple pages. Another scenario in which multiple pages are used involves ads in which the site owner wants the user to visit more pages so more ads are loaded. But the most common use of ‘Next’ pages we see is in search results where search engines divide the results into numerous pages to keep things organized and to keep the results loading time low.

Whichever website you are dealing with, clicking the Next page link is a slight inconvenience that all Internet users could do without. What we need is a friendly way to automatically attach the Next page at the end of the current page. And here to do that for Google Chrome users is a tool called “AutoPager Chrome”.


AutoPager Chrome is a free to use browser tool that comes as a browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser. After you install this extension, you can install different Next page rules for various websites. These rules are shared by other users of the app on the online board of AutoPager Chrome. With the rules installed onto your extension, you can have the Next pages of your favorite websites automatically attached at the end of the site.



  • A user friendly browser extension.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Automatically appends Next page at the end of current webpage.
  • Lets you search and find rules for any website you want.

Check out AutoPager Chrome @

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