Automatically Shut Down Your Computer After Downloading Has Completed [Windows]

computer power button at night   Automatically Shut Down Your Computer After Downloading Has Completed [Windows]Leaving your computer on to download files can be a smart move, but what happens when the download completes? Your computer will stay powered on, doing nothing but wasting electricity and costing you some money. If you want to leave your computer on to download files, you can have it automatically shut down after the download process completes.

You can also use these tricks to hibernate or suspend your computer instead of performing a full shut down. You’ll still get the power-saving benefits, but you’ll be able to resume your session without losing any data. You can even wake your computer at a time you specify.


SmartPower is an application for automatically turning your computer off and waking it up. You can use SmartPower to set a schedule that controls when your computer will turn off and on. SmartPower can also automatically power your computer off when its CPU isn’t being used, allowing you to have your computer power off when it’s done doing other long-running, intensive tasks.

To have SmartPower automatically power your computer off when a download process is finished, use the Schedules tab to set a Power Off rule. For example, if you usually go to bed around midnight, you can set a rule that will automatically power your computer off at midnight. (You can also optionally have your computer turn back on at a specific time, so it’ll be ready and waiting for you in the morning.)

smartpower schedules   Automatically Shut Down Your Computer After Downloading Has Completed [Windows]

Next, click over to the Networks tab and enable the Stay on checkbox. Select your network interfaces and specify a traffic threshold. At the scheduled time – midnight, for example – SmartPower will try to automatically shut down your computer. If there’s network traffic, SmartPower will wait until the network traffic drops below your configured threshold (in other words, it will wait until the download is finished) and shut down your computer.

smartpower networks   Automatically Shut Down Your Computer After Downloading Has Completed [Windows]

Note that this traffic threshold also takes into account uploads, so take that into account. In other words, if you’re using BitTorrent and your BitTorrent client continues uploading after all downloads are complete, SmartPower will consider the interface active as long as the upload continues.

You can get around this by setting an upload speed limit in your downloading program and setting the threshold in SmartPower above the upload limit, ensuring that uploads alone won’t keep your computer on.


AMP WinOFF is another app you can use to automatically power your computer off when certain conditions occur. It’s more flexible than SmartPower for scheduling shut downs based on network activity. You can have it pay attention only to input (download activity) rather than output (upload activity). Enable the Network transfer trigger in AMP WinOFF, select Input transfer, enter a speed, and select your network adapter.

amp winoff network activity   Automatically Shut Down Your Computer After Downloading Has Completed [Windows]

Once you’re done setting it up, click the Activate button to activate an automatic shut down based on your triggers and settings.

AMP WinOFF works well if you’re stepping away from your computer and want to have it shut down when a download is complete, while SmartPower works well if you want to set up an automatic schedule that shuts your computer down at specific times – except when it’s downloading.

amp winoff activate   Automatically Shut Down Your Computer After Downloading Has Completed [Windows]

Integrated Shut Down Features & Commands

Many file-downloading programs contain integrated support for automatically shutting down your computer when they’re finished downloading files. They may also contain a “run a program when a download completes” feature, which you can use to run a program that shuts down your computer. The following examples are for uTorrent, but other download applications will often have similar features.

For example, if you’re downloading files with uTorrent, you can click the Options menu, point to Auto Shutdown, and select one of the options to hibernate, suspend (standby), or shut down your computer when your downloads complete.

utorrent shut down when downloads complete   Automatically Shut Down Your Computer After Downloading Has Completed [Windows]

Let’s say you instead wanted to shut down your computer when a single download completes – perhaps you’re downloading multiple files and only one is important. Or perhaps you’re using an application that doesn’t have an automatic computer shut down feature, but does have a “run a program when download completes” feature.

In uTorrent, right-click a downloading torrent file and select Properties.

utorrent torrent properties   Automatically Shut Down Your Computer After Downloading Has Completed [Windows]

Whatever program you’re using, enter the following command into the “run a program” box:

shutdown.exe /s

When the download completes, your file-downloading program will run the shutdown.exe command and power off your computer. (If you want to hibernate your computer instead of shutting it down, use the shutdown.exe /h command instead.)

utorrent run shutdown command   Automatically Shut Down Your Computer After Downloading Has Completed [Windows]

How do you automatically shut down your computer after downloads are complete? Do you prefer another application we didn’t mention here? Or do you leave your computer running overnight instead? Leave a comment and let us know!

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I can power up and down manually any time I want my PCs by using the WOL(Wake On LAN) which in fact is Wake On LAN over WAN mostly from anywhere in the world an so I can turn on whichever PC whenever I want.
Since I can check whenever I want my PC’s download status I don’t worry too much about turning off my PC wright away next to downloading conclusion.

Chris Hoffman

Wake On LAN is definitely usable, too — as long as you’re not sleeping or anything.

salim benhouhou

download accelerator plus do this when the download completes . it is awesome

Nikhil Chandak

amazing way to shut down

Lisa Santika Onggrid

Internet Download Manager (IDM) has this option built in. For any other purpose, the lightweight Chronoshutdown will do.
If you need the opposite, a nifty little program called ‘coffee’ will keep your machine awake even if the machine is idle.

Chris Hoffman

Chrono Shutdown looks good if you only want to set a timer and don’t need any fancy features, thanks!

Douglas Mutay

Thanks for the tip Lisa. I use the built in option in IDM but didn’t know I could have something that could do the opposite. I have tried to find the link to download ‘cofee’ but couldn’t. Can you help?

kumar raja

Its simply superb hatsof to

Patrick Jackson

I liked the article very much as now I know a better way to shut down the PC after finishing downloads from all means but uTorrent.


a handy feature indeed :D

Yang Yang Li

I use Simple ShutDown Timer to turn off my computer after a certain amount of time. For uploading or downloading anything, I use a low power Pogoplug running Transmission. Leaving my main desktop on drives my electricity bill through the roof. Running my 500W computer is like burning eight 60W light bulbs at the same time!

Chris Hoffman

Yikes, good thing computer manufacturer’s are focusing more on power efficiency!

Yang Yang Li

I should have mentioned its a gaming computer. Power efficiency is not as important as POWER.

george lopez

especially with my computer using a 1050w power supply

Dhruv Sangvikar

unless you are downloading a large file directly in your browser.. this app is useless i would say.. most of the downloaders like idm or torrent downloaders like utorrent do provide auto shutdown option.. :-\

Chris Hoffman

Don’t underestimate the amount of people downloading files in their browsers!

Alex Perkins

I use the shutdown feature in uTorrent all the time, especially useful for download those big files while I’m asleep!


It is essential to keep the computer running for torrent downloads, as one should seed the download. Shutting down after a download is not helpful.

Though I don;t download a lot from torrent, I keep it running unless a ration of 1 is reached.

Yang Yang Li

Most torrent applications automatically stop seeding once a ratio of 1.1 is reached. Seeding 1:1 is good enough considering all those people who just download.

Chris Hoffman

Not a bad idea, but perhaps you want to download the file as soon as possible and continue seeding when you turn your computer back on. It’s more energy efficient.

Kingsley Watson

quite useful article already know about utorrents option for shutting down the computer


Can these programs also be used to shutting down when updates have been installed? I find that sometimes, when Windows wants to install 40-odd updates just before I want to go to sleep.

Chris Hoffman

That should probably work, although Windows usuallly offers to install updates right before the computer is shut off, anyway.


It does when they’re already downloaded, but I prefer to only download the updates I choose to install so my network isn’t bogged down with updates for bing toolbar or other stuff which Windows choose to bundle into the same updater as the core and security updates.

Chris Hoffman

Good point. It’s a shame Windows is putting junk into Windows Update, it’s almost as bad as Oracle bundling junk with Java security updates.

Saurav Azad

wonderful .
power up and down manually any time I want my PCs by using the WOL(Wake On LAN) which in fact is Wake On LAN over WAN mostly from anywhere in the world an so I can turn on whichever PC whenever I want

Efi Dreyshner

Thanks for sharing (:
AMP WinOFF is awesome.

Zaiyuddin Abdullah

Using Internet Download Manager that has an auto shutdown. This mean you can just forget your PC when you’re in a hurry.

Hasit Bhatt

Already using it… :)

Joshua Rodriguez

An easy way to do it is to type in command prompt:

shutdown /s /t (time)

Time is in seconds by
This is a simple way to shutdown your computer and it requires no additional software!!!
The only problem is estimating the seconds left to shutdown which might be tedious when you do it regularly

Rigoberto Garcia

Great article Chris. I try it. Thanks…

Frank Zedmore

This is kind of cool but I can’t think of an immediate use for it


Here is simple steps to simply shutdown your computer after a specified time !!