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wordpressDoes going to your WordPress blogging dashboard sometimes seem like the prelude to a daunting task? You’re not alone in your feelings. Fortunately for us, WordPress developers had the heart (and brains) to develop an automated blogging solution that can erase our fears of dashboards.

Bookmarklets are designed to make taking action easier and simplify tedious tasks. MakeUseOf has previously recommended 20 must-have bookmarklets for your web browser 20 Must-Have Bookmarklets For Your Web Browser 20 Must-Have Bookmarklets For Your Web Browser Read More . But are you of aware of the time-saving Press This bookmarklet for WordPress?

Grab The Press This Bookmarklet

“Press This for WordPress” is a cool and convenient way to reblog content that you’d love to share on your blog. No more running to your dashboard every time you want to blog, now automated blogging from your browser is possible! It really makes a world of a difference.

If you’re using WordPress’ popular blogging platform to manage your blog, this is a must-have tool for you. In fact, it should be on your toolbar, not just in your bookmarks. Trust me, you’re going to use it a lot. Press This is really easy to install.

  • Log-in to your WordPress admin panel.
  • In your sidebar on the left, select “Tools“.
  • Drag the “Press This“ bookmarklet to your browser’s toolbar.
  • Start blogging!



Using Press This

From here on out simply click the Press This bookmarklet to quickly log-in and update your blog. If you’re already logged in, Press This will immediately pull up the WYSIWYG blog editor to create a new post. From here you can import images, embed video, select which blog you’d like to post to, categorize, and tag your content.


How to quote an article or debate it a section of the article:

Select the text you’d like to quote with your mouse and then click your “Press This“ bookmarklet.


How To Start A Photoblog:

Head to the page featuring the image you’d like to reblog and hit “Press This“. Select the image icon and WordPress will pull the images from the page you are currently visiting.


Don’t forget to give credit and pay attention to copyrighted or Creative Commons 3 Tips For Getting More Out Of Creative Commons 3 Tips For Getting More Out Of Creative Commons Read More licensed work!

Also, check out Jeffry’s guide to making a Photoblog on WordPress Build A Cool Photo Gallery Website from Wordpress Build A Cool Photo Gallery Website from Wordpress Read More .

How To Use “Press This” and WordPress as a bookmarking system.

Easy, just select your text and images, select the bookmarklet, and click publish.

Drawbacks of “Press This”

The emphasis behind this bookmarklet is being able to update your blog on the fly, so the scheduling feature is disabled when using the bookmarklet. However, you can easily save your blog as a draft and schedule it from your normal WordPress dashboard. You have to use the same dashboard for uploading images from your computer. Press This only allows you to pull in images from a URL.

Plugins that might be available from the WordPress dashboard may also be disabled when using Press This.

Grab It Now!

Maybe you just don’t have time to start blogging on a separate platform like Tumblr How To Easily Create a Blog with Tumblr How To Easily Create a Blog with Tumblr Read More , but would love to have their ease and simplicity. If you’re a WordPress user, they’ve got you covered with the Press This bookmarklet. If you’re having trouble finding a blogging groove, need more of an automated blogging solution or would like a more convenient way to link-back to your friends, give Press This a shot.

Do you use Press This to update your blog?   If so, what pros and cons have you found using it?   Let us know in the comments.

  1. Steve Warriner
    October 22, 2009 at 4:13 am

    I use Press This and it is cool for starting a new draft. I keep several drafts and the downfall is if you find something to add to a current draft you can't get to it from Press This, you have to go in through the dashboard.

    @Odysseas, I will have to check out ScribeFire.


  2. Robomaster
    October 21, 2009 at 5:11 pm

    I've never really diggeed into PressThis. I checked it out but never found it useful - maybe I should check it out again.

  3. Odysseas
    October 21, 2009 at 10:19 am

    Well, when you have ScribeFire for Firefox... What's the reason for this? One of the problems of Blog This is that it first "connects to your blog" to "pull" the blogging dialog. This takes a bit of time - not much, but perceived as annoying lagging.

    ScribeFire is instantly displayed and has exactly the same functionality, while at the same time can save what you want to blog locally, as a note. So, you can work some more on a note before you actually post it as a... well... post.

    I have to note that I'm not in any way affiliated with ScribeFire. Just a blogger that uses it and thinks it's the best solution for WordPress-based blogs.

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