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Yaara (@ylancet) is a freelance writer, tech blogger and chocolate lover, who's also a biologist and a full-time geek. Find her also at lnct.org.

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Enjoy The iOS 7 Look On Any Device!

21st November, 2013

Have you installed iOS 7 on your Android yet? No? Well, that’s probably for the best, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get your chance to enjoy the iOS 7 look without an iPhone.


Did You Ever Contribute To Wikipedia? [MakeUseOf Poll]

17th November, 2013

Are you a regular Wikipedia contributor? Did you ever edit an article? Or do you just use it to read? Let’s find out.


OK, Google: 20+ Useful Things You Can Say To Your Android Phone

15th November, 2013

Slowly, without us noticing, the future has arrived.


Circa Turns The News Into Yummy, Bite-Sized Chunks Worth Consuming

13th November, 2013

Each of us consumes their news differently, and one fantastic way to do so is Circa.


Jawbone Mini Jambox Review and Giveaway

12th November, 2013

The Mini Jambox is the latest and greatest in a line of Jawbone Bluetooth speakers, and as such, we had to take it for a spin and see what it’s all about.


How Many Friends Do You Have On Google+? [MakeUseOf Poll]

10th November, 2013

Recently, we asked you how many friends you have on Facebook. It’s now Google+’s turn. Before we know it, Google+ just could be the social network everyone is using. Or could it?


Android 4.4 Is Out: 6+ Reasons You And Your Non-Techie Friends Should Care

8th November, 2013

Android KitKat is out, and there’s no way you’ve missed it. But should you care? Why, yes, yes you should.


Mailbird: Change The Way You Use Email [Giveaway]

7th November, 2013

Mailbird Pro currently costs $9 per year at pre-order, and will costs $12/year after the version’s full launch. But you now have a chance to get a whole year for free!


iPhone 5s vs. Nexus 5, Which Would You Rather Have? [MakeUseOf Poll]

3rd November, 2013

You wake up in the morning, and a smartphone fairy presents you with a choice. You can either have the iPhone 5s or the Nexus 5, for free. Which phone would you choose?


The Complete Guide To Cryptic Instagram Hashtags No One Understands

1st November, 2013

#instagood, #l4l, #f4f, #photooftheday, #igers… what’s up with all these hashtags? The least you can do to ease your suffering is to learn what all these hashtags mean.


EverDock Duo Review and Giveaway

31st October, 2013

We received a pre-production unit of the EverDock Duo for testing, and see if the impossible — having a small and slick dock that can charge both iOS and Android devices — is actually possible.


11 Hideously Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas You Can Borrow From The Web

30th October, 2013

Can you zip open your face? Can you look like a zombie? With some inspiration, you can. And we’ve found this inspiration for you, along with some great tutorials that can take you there.


10 Creepy Halloween Decorations & Cases For Your iPhone, iPad and Mac

28th October, 2013

There’s a surprising number of ways to dress up your Apple products for Halloween.


Tweet7 Is The Perfect Way To Use Twitter On iOS 7

28th October, 2013

There’s one thing about iOS 7 that’s almost universally liked: it’s clean and uncluttered. Tweet7 is a Twitter client made especially for iOS 7, following its flat and clean design rules.


Almost A Year Later: Are You Using Twitter’s Vine? [MakeUseOf Poll]

27th October, 2013

It’s almost a year since Twitter launched Vine. Was Vine just a short-term gimmick, or are you still using it actively without all the noise? Let’s see where MakeUseOf’s readers stand.