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Yaara (@ylancet) is a freelance writer, tech blogger and chocolate lover, who's also a biologist and a full-time geek. Find her also at lnct.org.

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3 Ways To Lock Your Keyboard & Mouse And Keep Your Computer Safe From Unwanted Guests [Windows]

8th August, 2011

If you have babies or cats overtly interested in your computer, then these three applications should be of interest to you. These are programs that can lock the keyboard and mouse while still allowing you to use the computer and its display. The selection is not huge by any means, but could be the solution to your problem.


Addicted To Google Plus? Here Are 4 Ways To Block Addictive Websites & Get Back To Work

5th August, 2011

The new player in the field may be addictive, but even before it came along there was no lack of websites that are way more beckoning than work. Be it Facebook, email, Google Reader, or just your favorite blog, the Internet today is distraction galore, with an incredible amount of willpower required to stop.


5 Ways To Send Files To Your Dropbox Without Using Dropbox

1st August, 2011

There are numerous ways to manage files in Dropbox. Maybe, need to get something into my Dropbox and just don’t have access to it right now. For these scenarios, some nice people invented services we can use to send files directly to our Dropbox, without using Dropbox. Look into some of them.


Can’t Wait For Facebook’s iPad App? Here Are 3 Free Facebook Apps For The iPad

29th July, 2011

How come Facebook doesn’t have an official iPad app? Rumor has it they will launch one soon, but if you’re tired of using the iPhone version of the Facebook app, or if you’re just tired of Facebook’s new chat interface, check out these 3 free Facebook apps that provide the Facebook experience in an interface that is native for the iPad.


2 Hotkey Add-ons That Will Speed Up Your Browsing

25th July, 2011

Everybody seems to be in a hurry these days. If you find yourself wasting too much time launching those same websites over and over again, check out two add-ons that allow you to open your favorite websites using hotkeys.


Synchronize Your MS Office Documents With Google Docs Using Google Cloud Connect

22nd July, 2011

Another player in the online document collaboration field is Google Cloud Connect. Google Cloud Connect is a plugin for MS Office that connects your Office documents to your Google Docs. It serves both as a backup for your documents, and as a means to share, get feedback and collaborate on a document.


5+ Awesome Food Blogs That Will Tantalize Your Senses & Might Even Inspire You To Cook

18th July, 2011

Cooking for ourselves is not always a top priority for most of us. We know we should, we know it’s healthier. Food blogs can provide some excellent inspiration. To be really inspiring, a food blog should look good, have a lot of good, informative pictures, and of course, interesting recipes. Here are some of the slickest.


4 Useful iPad Tricks You May Still Not Know About

15th July, 2011

The iPad is a pretty nifty thing. If you believe the true enthusiasts, there’s nothing you really can’t do with an iPad. We all know there are lots of very cool apps out there but even without downloading anything at all, there are some pretty handy things hidden in the iPad.


How To Enhance Your Windows Experience With AquaSnap (Not Only in Windows 7!)

11th July, 2011

Aero Snap is a cool feature in Windows 7 that allows you to easily view windows side by side simply by dragging the window to the side of the screen. AquaSnap is a free utility for Windows that mimics the features of Windows’ default tool and also brings some of its own. Plus, it works on older versions too.


How To Easily Transfer Photos Between Your Facebook Albums

8th July, 2011

With smartphones entering our lives, uploading photos to Facebook has become a day-to-day thing, and we do so almost without thinking. So now that we’ve found easy ways to upload photos and even edit them, what happens when we find ourselves with 20 small albums that don’t necessarily make sense?


Tired Of Watching Videos Alone? Here Are The Best 3 Ways To Watch YouTube With Friends.

4th July, 2011

Are you someone who like to sit alone and watch all these online videos. Having some friends along to share your thoughts and reactions with is so much more fun. There are many ways to watch YouTube videos collaboratively. Here are the easiest and simplest ways I found out there.


Forecaster – A Portable App That Will Place The Weather At Your Fingertips

1st July, 2011

I’ve tried several weather widgets and apps in the past, but there was always something wrong. Either they were too heavy, or they did too many things, or they gave me too much information. Enter Forecaster. Forecaster is a weather application for Windows that is portable, lightweight, and simply tells you the weather.


The Top 4 Websites To Find Free iPad Books

27th June, 2011

While not being as fun as paper books or as easy on the eyes as other dedicated eReaders, the iPad provides a good way to read thousands of eBooks without buying another specialized device. Below I mention several websites where you can find loads of free books for your iPad.


A Sneak Peek Into the New Nitro PDF Reader 2

21st June, 2011

PDFs are great, there’s no argument there. But reading and editing PDFs can get quite cumbersome, especially when the main contender out there is Adobe Acrobat, which you might need to sell your house in order to buy. Nitro PDF Reader is an awesome free option which we’ve covered here in the past, and today, Nitro is getting a younger brother in the form of Nitro PDF Reader 2.


4 Quick Ways To Download YouTube Videos Off The Net

27th June, 2008

Don’t have a stable connection? You can still enjoy your favorite YouTube videos in high quality and at any times. All you have to do is choose one of the tools below, choose your format and quality, and start downloading your favorite videos to your computer. The result is an ordinary video file you can play on any device, whenever you feel like it.