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Yaara (@ylancet) is a freelance writer, tech blogger and chocolate lover, who's also a biologist and a full-time geek. Find her also at lnct.org.

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4+ More Websites To Find Free eBooks for iPad

22nd September, 2011

A while back we wrote about the best places to find free iPad books. The article yielded many useful comments and suggestions from you, and made me want to explore the area even more. I’ve been using the iPad as a reading device more and more lately, and the quest for quality, free ebooks that I can read on the iPad is an ongoing challenge.


5 Important Wall & Security Etiquette To Avoid A Facebook Divorce

20th September, 2011

Using Facebook as evidence in divorce cases is an increasing phenomena. Facebook posts are even becoming common grounds for breakups. These situations are avoidable. Here are some quick Facebook tips that will help you avoid these romantic conflicts and protect your privacy (if needed).


3 Light & Simple Ways To Take Screenshots In A Snap

19th September, 2011

Taking screenshots is something everyone needs to do once in a while. There are numerous screen capture tools out there – some very powerful and costly, and some lighter and cheaper. But let’s face it, most of us don’t need to use screenshots professionally. We just need a lightweight and simple tool that won’t slow down the computer and will simply do what it’s supposed to – take screenshots. Here are 3 free, simple and lightweight tools that do just that.


How To Play Multiple Video Formats On Your iOS Device With No Conversion [Mac]

16th September, 2011

One of Apple’s biggest cons is their restrictions. True, their devices are amazing, superbly crafted and work like a charm, but why can’t they play more than one specific video format? Apple, in general, tend not to approve alternative players that allow you to play multiple formats. True, I can jailbreak my iPad and just get VLC, but are there any alternatives that don’t require jailbreaking?


How To Recover Deleted Files Using Windows 7’s Restore Previous Versions Tool

13th September, 2011

We all know the importance of backups. If we’ve it heard once, we’ve heard it a million times. Always have backups, always save after every change, always use Dropbox (or something similar) to save previous versions – and everything will be alright. But accidents happen even to the most safety-conscious people.


How To Create Your Own WordPress Theme With No Coding Skills Whatsoever

12th September, 2011

Lubith lets you create simple yet surprisingly beautiful Wordpress themes of your very own without even touching your keyboard (let alone coding). It’s not complicated, it’s not fancy, but if you want to create a simple theme for yourself in a few minutes, Lubith definitely does the trick. Let’s give it a spin and see what it can do.


iBooks Vs. Kindle – Which Is Better? [iPad]

9th September, 2011

A while ago I wrote a post about places to find free books for the iPad. In that post, I compared the iPad to designated eReaders and expressed the opinion that it’s not a worthy substitute. Following some comments on the matter I tested the iPad again as a regular vessel for eBooks and was surprised – it does provide quite a good experience.


Frisbee Forever – A Fun-Filled & Exciting Free Game [iOS]

6th September, 2011

I love my iPad. I think I mention this almost every time I write about it. But in all honesty, for me the best part of having an iPad are the games. I have many apps on my iPad, but for every productivity or information app that I have, I probably have 5 games. It’s true. I think the iPad is the ultimate gaming platform, and I simply love the graphics, the feel and the convenience of it all.


2+ Browser Add-Ons That Will Help You Find What You’re Looking For (On A Page)

5th September, 2011

Searching is the most basic tool on the Web. And we are not even talking about Google. Remember when we had to read every word to find a single keyword? Sophisticated as they both are, Chrome’s and Firefox’s search options are somewhat lacking. Here are two add-ons that will help you make the most of these browsers’ search option. More importantly, they will help you find what you’re looking for.


Skype For iPad – Was It Worth Waiting For?

2nd September, 2011

Skype is one of the programs I use most in my life. When I got the iPad I was excited to use it there as well. But then I discovered that there was no Skype for iPad. Disappointed, I downloaded Skype for iPhone and did the best I could with it, but using it was far from exciting. But then came the iPad version. Was it any better?


Two Ways To Sneak A Peek At Videos While You’re Working

30th August, 2011

Watching videos is fun. OK, let’s face it, it’s addictive. But unfortunately, there are some other things we have to do. We can’t always watch videos – or can we? What if you could watch videos and work? What if there was some unobtrusive way for you to have videos somewhere on your screen, where they are watchable but still do whatever it is you’re doing?


4 More Useful iPad Tricks You May Still Not Know About

29th August, 2011

Some people investigate every nook and cranny the minute they lay hands on their new iPad. But many people, like me, never had an iPhone, and enjoy the iPad very much without thinking about those simple tricks that are easily discoverable for those who look for them. If you belong to the second group, here are a few more cool and simple (yes, they are simple!) iPad tips that I was happy to come across.


SketchBook Express – The Last Drawing App You Will Ever Need [iPad]

26th August, 2011

When I first got my iPad, I knew I wanted to use it for drawing and sketching. Not that I’m an artist by any means, I can barely draw a stick figure, but when you own an iPad it seems almost impossible not to get drawing apps. The device calls for it. It wants it. Not having many requirements in the area, I focused my energy on finding free drawing apps.


Stream Video & Pictures From Your iOS Device To Your Windows PC With Air Stream Media Player

23rd August, 2011

Ever since iOS 4.2 came around, iOS device users have had the option to use AirPlay to stream media from their device to other machines over shared wi-fi. There are several AirPlay clients around for Mac, but being a Windows user I’ve been searching for a solution that will stream media from my iPad to my Windows PC. Finally I found Air Stream Media Player.


Discover Cool Websites on Your iPad With The New StumbleUpon iPad App

22nd August, 2011

StumbleUpon is a service that creates a customized surfing experience, which is tailored to your exact liking by narrowing down on subjects and specific websites you like. With time, as many other services, it also became a social experience. Recently, StumbleUpon have released a new version of their iPad app. It is now more social and also looks much better. Have you taken it for a spin?