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Yaara (@ylancet) is a freelance writer, tech blogger and chocolate lover, who's also a biologist and a full-time geek. Find her also at lnct.org.

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Save Time & Increase Productivity With These 5 Awesome Extensions [Chrome]

25th November, 2011

Increased productivity is hard to appreciate until we attain it. The average person wastes lots of time each day typing the same word, switching between confusing tabs, not to mention drowning in an overwhelming amount of tabs they can never make sense of. This happens to all of us at least some of the time. But there are actually some easy solutions.


It’s Now Much Easier To Tag Your Friends In Google+ Albums [News]

24th November, 2011

Google+ is finally offering quick and easy photo tagging. It seems as if Google are taking their time with Google+, and every once in a while we’re awarded a new, much-needed feature. A few weeks ago we got Google+ Pages, and now it’s time for tagging to be upgraded. Google being Google, this is not just your regular old photo tagging; it’s cool, it’s easy, it’s super fast and it hunts for faces.


Can’t Decide Which Smartphone To Choose? Here Is One Good Way To Do It

22nd November, 2011

Choosing a phone used to be easy. Well, easier. No matter what your maker of choice was, the differences weren’t all that big, and Nokia held the winning hand anyway. But those were the good old days. All of that has changed in recent years, and the market is now literally swamped with choices. The first one being, do I want a smartphone or not?


Apple’s App Store Is Now Much More Usable, But Why iPad Only? [News]

22nd November, 2011

Apple might not seem too worried about its competition (if you ignore the lawsuits, that is), but the alternative App Stores popping up all over the place are definitely attracting users. This might be the reason Apple has decided to silently update its own App Store, and make it slightly more usable. The update is very small, but very significant.


Google Analytics Rolls Out A New Look Packed With New Features [News]

22nd November, 2011

Following their other products, Google is officially rolling out the new Google Analytics, complete with a whole new look and some interesting new features. This change has been happening over the past few weeks, and some of you may have already seen the change beginning to happen in your Analytics. Over the next few weeks, Google will gradually make the new look the default to all users.


Nokia’s New Mix Radio Service Will Personalize Music Experience On Lumia Devices [News]

21st November, 2011

Following the first sales of its new flagship device, the Lumia 800, Nokia has released an update for its Nokia Music software. The most exciting part of it is the launch of a Pandora-like service by the name of Mix Radio. Thanks to a partnership with The Echo Nest, Nokia can now offer personalized radio stations, curated to the specific tastes of their users.


Turn Firefox 8 Into An Awesome Browser With These 5 Add-ons

21st November, 2011

Firefox has been steadily losing ground to Chrome and Opera in the past few years. I find this sad, as Mozilla were groundbreakers at the time and rescued us all from an IE-only world. I, myself, switched to Chrome a while back, but now that Firefox 8 is out, I decided to give it another chance. But Firefox is not perfect. So why not make it better?


Get Your Computer Cracking Again With Auslogics BoostSpeed [Giveaway]

21st November, 2011

This week, we’re giving away 25 licenses for Auslogics BoostSpeed. Stick around to read more about what BoostSpeed can do and to find out how you can win your own free license!


What Do You Think About Windows Phone 7? [MakeUseOf Poll]

20th November, 2011

Last week we wondered what you think about alternative keyboard layouts. While not many of you voted, the majority who did are curious about alternative keyboard layouts, believe they might be better, but feel that the switch would be too hard. This might be so, but some readers still reported they managed to switch, permanently or for a while.


Spotify Updates iOS App, Lets You Control Facebook Sharing [News]

20th November, 2011

Following their interesting Windows Phone 7 launch, Spotify has released an update for its much-loved iOS app. Spotify’s app, while only available in a limited number of countries, is one of the most popular ways to listen to music on iOS devices, and if you were getting worried about the Facebook spam it creates, you’re going to love this update.


Read PDFs On The Go: 6 Free PDF Readers for iPad

18th November, 2011

PDFs are quite common in everyday life. Be it books, papers, manuals and what not, you probably find yourself reading PDFs at least once every day. There is a built-in way to read PDFs on the iPad, but it’s not a very good one. But there are lots of free PDF readers in the app store, so how can you know what’s good?


Third Time’s A Charm: Google Launches Gmail App For iOS – Again [News]

17th November, 2011

Following the failed launch about 2 weeks ago, Google has once again launched the Gmail app for iOS. This time we think they’ve got it right. The last time Gmail for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch was launched, it was taken off the market the same day due to a bug in the notifications system. Now that it’s all better, let’s take a brief look at this long long awaited app from Google.


4 Reasons I Don’t Like Twitter And Why I Joined Anyway [Opinion]

15th November, 2011

Lately I’ve been hearing it more and more – you’re a nobody in the online world if you don’t use Twitter. Surprisingly, I’ve been part of the online world for quite a few years now, and did not actually have a private Twitter account up until a few days ago. It wasn’t laziness or lack of knowledge, I just don’t like Twitter.


Apple is Offering Free Replacement For 1st Generation iPod Nano [News]

15th November, 2011

As rare as it is for Apple to publicly admit a malfunction, this one is too big to overlook. According to Apple, the batteries of some first generation iPod nanos may overheat and become a safety risk. While this is a rare occurrence, Apple has decided not to take risks this time. If you own a first gen iPod nano, check out Apple’s replacement program.


Amazon’s App Store Has A Whole New Look, Ready For Kindle Fire Launch [News]

14th November, 2011

The Kindle Fire is planned to launch tomorrow, and Amazon is definitely preparing for it. Amazon’s App Store, until now just another app we had to download through the Market, will be the integrated and exclusive app store on the Kindle Fire. As such, it needed a major overhaul – and it got one.