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Yaara (@ylancet) is a freelance writer, tech blogger and chocolate lover, who's also a biologist and a full-time geek. Find her also at lnct.org.

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Chromebooks — Yes Or No? [MakeUseOf Poll]

9th February, 2014

If you ask around, you’ll hear everything from complete rants to enthusiastic “best thing since sliced bread” speeches. Have YOU made up your mind about Chromebooks?


Pho.to Lab Is The Tackiest, Craziest and Funnest Mobile Photo Editor Around

8th February, 2014

Pho.to Lab takes photo effects as we know them to a whole new level.


Synata Offers A Better Way To Search Through All Your Online Stuff

6th February, 2014

One of the most common actions done online by anyone is searching. Here is a free Web app and Chrome extension that wants to make this endless search easier. Synata searches everywhere in one go.


Lenovo Yoga Tablet Review and Giveaway

4th February, 2014

We’ve taken the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8-inch for a spin and now, we have the answers.


Will You One Day Buy A Google Glass? [MakeUseOf Poll]

2nd February, 2014

Are you planning on getting yourself these futuristic glasses at some point? Does it depend on the price? Or do you hate the concept so much you’ll never even consider it?


4 Ways To Download Videos From Instagram

30th January, 2014

Whether it’s your own amazing creations or your friends’, downloading videos off Instagram is easy as pie. Just choose one of the methods here and get cracking.


Have You Upgraded To Windows 8.1? [MakeUseOf Poll]

26th January, 2014

If you thought people were mad at Windows 8, just Google “Windows 8.1″. On the other hand, Windows 8.1 does bring some nice features to the table. Have YOU upgraded?


Can You Really See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

24th January, 2014

Who is viewing my Facebook profile? This is probably the most frequently asked question of the last decade. But is it really possible to know?


Take Stunning Photospheres With Bubbli For iPhone

23rd January, 2014

You can take pretty darn good photos with your smartphone these days, but sometimes, photos and videos just aren’t enough. This is where photospheres come in.


6 Unusual Devices You Will Find Android Installed On

22nd January, 2014

Android. It’s been around for more than five years, and there’s nothing more natural than seeing it on a smartphone or a tablet. But would you expect to see it in your fridge?

jot script featured

Adonit Jot Script Evernote Edition Review and Giveaway

20th January, 2014

Adonit is a well-known stylus maker, and the Jot Script is their newest product. Unlike most stylus makers, most of Adonit’s styluses have unique tips which you won’t find on other styluses.


POLL: How Much Free Space Did You Manage To Get From Dropbox?

19th January, 2014

By using referrals, solving games, activating products and more, you can earn more than 50GB of storage in your free Dropbox account. How much do you have?


PWgen For Firefox: The Quickest Way To Create Secure Random Passwords

17th January, 2014

Create secure passwords, quickly. PWgen is a Firefox extension that copies random passwords to your clipboard in just one click.  Passwords are they key to your online life, so it’s important to keep them secure. The best thing is to have a completely different password for each site, which means having a good password manager. It also […]


Spin Your Way To Your Next Meal With Urbanspoon For iPad

16th January, 2014

Urbanspoon? What’s so special about Urbanspoon? You’re probably thinking this because you’ve heard of the app before, and old apps are not usually that exciting. This one is!


MetroTwit For Windows 8 Is A Free, Fast & Simple Twitter Client

13th January, 2014

What’s the best way to use Twitter on Windows 8? I recommend you give MetroTwit a spin. MetroTwit’s slick Windows 8 version is free, contains no ads, and it’s easy to use.