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Tina is a freelance editor, natural scientist, and cosmopolitan with a strong interest in sustainability. During her free time she enjoys live music, nature, and traveling around the world. You can find Tina online or in Berlin, Germany.

Feel free to contact at tina@makeuseof.com

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Shamrock Edition: A Treasure Trove Of Free Irish Music Downloads [Sound Sunday]

10th March, 2014

You’ve got one week to stock up on St. Patrick’s Day music and drinking songs. Sound Sunday gets you started with Irish folk, rock, and some instrumental and electronic music. Sláinte!

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9 Coursera Courses To Improve Yourself & Your Career

7th March, 2014

It’s tempting to learn as much as you can, but your time is limited. Choose wisely from this selection of upcoming and past courses on Coursera to improve yourself and your career.


Team Working: 10 Tips For Effective Real-Time Online Collaboration

5th March, 2014

Digital natives co-author articles, theses, and books online and in real-time. If you’re still sending back and forth emails with file attachments to collaborate on a document, you’re doing it wrong. Unless you share the same office, online collaborative writing is generally safer, more reliable, and more efficient than emails. On top of that it’s […]

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Discover The Sound Of Nature On YouTube

4th March, 2014

Nature is the best medicine. Natural sounds can decrease anxiety, stress, and pain. If you’re listening to music on YouTube while working or doing chores, make nature sounds a part of your day too.

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Free 8-bit Chiptune & Video Game Music Downloads [Sound Sunday]

3rd March, 2014

When is your next video game party? Invite your friends, get some snacks, set up the consoles, and you’re all set. Sound Sunday contributes free chiptune music downloads for your pre-gaming playlist.


Team Spirit Trumps Technology: How To Master Remote Collaboration For Online Teams

26th February, 2014

Collaborating doesn’t get easier if you have to work together remotely and only share the Internet as a common connection. Technology can help navigate the chaos. But it is only the icing.

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Free Electronic Dance Music: Stream, Download & Party [Sound Sunday]

24th February, 2014

After the party is before the party and a playlist is never completed. Add some fresh tunes to your electronic dance collection with free downloads from independent artists. That’s Sound Sunday.


How Collaborative Writing Tools Make Your Life Easier

21st February, 2014

Thanks to the Internet, collaborating on a writing project should be a breeze. If you have ever co-produced one, you know this can be difficult. It shouldn’t be with the right tool.

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Free Music & Nature Sounds To Relax, Sleep, Meditate, Study & Concentrate [Sound Sunday]

17th February, 2014

Discover a vast collection of free ambient, electronic, drone soundscapes, plus nature sounds, ASMR, and singing bowls. Many hours of free music downloads are hidden in this edition of Sound Sunday. Come inside and listen.


How To Open Strange File Types In Windows

13th February, 2014

Computers know thousands of different file formats. Sometimes, both you and Windows are clueless as to how to open a strange file. Here is how you can figure out how to open those files.


Games Are More Than Fun – This Is What Flow Free Can Teach You

12th February, 2014

Is life a game? Arguably not, but since games often resemble everyday life in many different ways, plenty of life lessons can be deducted from them. A simple and fun puzzle game called Flow Free can teach you a thing or two.

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Free Music Download: 11 Instrumental Beats & Jazzy Hip Hop Albums [Sound Sunday]

10th February, 2014

You love hip hop, you just don’t know it. The subculture is characterized by four key elements. This instrumental edition of Sound Sunday allows you to focus on the aural element of hip hop.


How To Enter The BIOS On Your Computer

6th February, 2014

Inside the BIOS you can change basic computer settings, like the boot order. The exact key you need to strike depends on your hardware. We have compiled a list of strategies & keys to enter Setup.

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10 Free Soul & Modern Jazz Albums [Sound Sunday]

3rd February, 2014

Legal free music downloads from independent artists – that’s Sound Sunday. Open your mind and sharpen your ears for what you’re about to hear, you’ve never heard before.


Why Does Rebooting Your Computer Fix So Many Issues?

31st January, 2014

“Have you tried rebooting?” It’s technical advice that gets thrown around a lot, but there’s a reason: it works. Not just for PCs, but a wide range of devices. We explain why.