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Tina is a freelance editor, natural scientist, and cosmopolitan with a strong interest in sustainability. During her free time she enjoys live music, nature, and traveling around the world. You can find Tina online or in Berlin, Germany.

Feel free to contact at tina@makeuseof.com

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This Is Pop! 10 Free MP3 Albums For Your Listening Pleasure [Sound Sunday]

29th September, 2013

Pop, a mainstream music genre, mixes well with almost any other type of music, as this edition of Sound Sunday will serve to prove. Tune in for novel sounds, soft on your ears.


Best Ways To Spell-Check As You Go In Chrome

25th September, 2013

Proper spelling is more than a courtesy; it’s also a sign of intelligence and good education. These days, you don’t actually need to know how to spell to make a good impression.

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9 Free Soul & Jazz Beats Albums [Sound Sunday]

22nd September, 2013

This edition of Sound Sunday will appeal to soul, jazz, and ambient / electronic fans alike. These genres mix exceptionally well and you wouldn’t notice the cross-over to hip hop unless I mentioned it.

Lost iPhone

7 Reasons To Return A Lost Phone

20th September, 2013

If you happen to find an expensive smartphone on the street, youll probably wonder what to do with it. In short: return it!

Grass Wallpaper Edited

How To Turn Amateur Photos Into Stunning Wallpapers

17th September, 2013

Don’t you just love to take photos of picturesque scenery when you travel? I do.

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10 Free Ambient Electronic Music Albums To Download [Sound Sunday]

15th September, 2013

Tune into the music to relax your brainwaves. This edition of Sound Sunday features soothing ambient electronic sounds with many underlying genres, from drum & bass and dubstep, to rock, classical, and experimental soundscapes.

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10 Free Electronic Dubstep Albums To Download [Sound Sunday]

8th September, 2013

Sound Sunday caters to all tastes. Apparently, our audience most appreciates electronic music, which is reflected in high numbers of shares. Hence we continue to explore this genre with another fabulous dubstep edition. There also is an underlying theme in this edition: Do what you love! In case you didn’t know this secret recipe already, I recommend listening to the Intro track of SniteVille’s In The Mist Of Darkness. Like other genres better? Make sure you let us know by sharing or commenting next time I cover it!

Old Thinkpad Laptop

5 Laptop Maintenance Tips To Extend Its Life Expectancy

3rd September, 2013

Laptops are replaced every few years. We crave fancier hardware, novel features, and maybe our old device has become unresponsive and suffered some damage over time. Consequently, most laptops get thrown out prematurely. Unless you are looking for a silly excuse to buy a new and shiny device, you will love to hear that there are many ways to make your laptop last longer.

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9 Free Music Albums: The Electronic Dance Edition [Sound Sunday]

1st September, 2013

Following a series of down-to-earth genre editions, this installment of Sound Sunday is prepared to lift you up. In this article you will find a collection of energetic albums to get you moving. Throw a party and get all your friends to dance with you. Sound Sunday is a weekly MakeUseOf column promoting free music downloads from independent artists from around the world. Enjoyed the music in this edition? Or caving something else? I take suggestions and listen to feedback. Post your comments and expect a response!


3 Creative Upcycling Ideas For Your Old Hard Drive

27th August, 2013

Care to get the most out of your old hard drive? Even if the drive is dead, there may be one more creative use left in it before submitting its remains for recycling. It is called upcycling! When you’ve re-used your old hardware in every conceivable way, it’s usually time for it to leave its current form of existence and break it apart to create something new.

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10 Free Music Albums: Flavors Of Pop & Rock [Sound Sunday]

25th August, 2013

Sound Sunday is back this week with a fine selection of free pop and rock albums. Whether you are craving indie dream pop or alternative roots rock, there is an album for every taste. All albums are available as free or name your price downloads from Bandcamp. Please leave a donation with artists you like or at least share their work. Feel free to contact me (tina at makeuseof dot com) with suggestions and genre requests for upcoming editions of Sound Sunday.


Manage Firefox Tabs Like A Pro With Tab Mix Plus

21st August, 2013

Be honest! How many browser tabs do you have open right now? More than a decade ago, Firefox — then known as Firebird — introduced browser tabs to the masses. Tabbed browsing quickly became a standard, and today it’s hard to imagine a browser that doesn’t support tabs. TabMix gives you even more control.

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Let Your Punk Out: 10 Free Album & EP Downloads [Sound Sunday]

18th August, 2013

Sometimes we all have to go a little crazy and let our inner punk out. Sound Sunday is here to provide the soundtrack for your wild life. This edition showcases demos, debuts, teaser EPs, compilations, and full albums of enthusiastic young punk rock bands from around the world. Download their music, share it with your friends, and if you can spare a dollar or two, invest it into your favorite talent. Better to support passion than greed. Want to see your music featured or want to suggest something? Email Tina at this domain.

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10 Free Music Albums: The Wild Folk Americana Edition [Sound Sunday]

11th August, 2013

Sound Sunday brings you the best free and legal music downloads on the net. Towards the end of the week I sit down to go through my album archives, browse Twitter and Bandcamp, review recommendations and submissions, and put together the edition for the same week. Often I find more than I can feature and I file it for another time. This week I emptied my over-bursting folk & americana folder. The amount of talent in this world is truly inexhaustible. It should give us joy and hope.


How To Troubleshoot & Repair A Broken Laptop

9th August, 2013

Laptops tend to have a rather short lifetime. They are outdated within weeks of being released, they are notoriously hard to upgrade or repair, and by nature they are subject to gradual decay or fatal accidents. Some laptop issues, however, are often easier to repair than you would expect.