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Tina is a freelance editor, natural scientist, and cosmopolitan with a strong interest in sustainability. During her free time she enjoys live music, nature, and traveling around the world. You can find Tina online or in Berlin, Germany.

Feel free to contact at tina@makeuseof.com

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How To Upgrade To Windows 8.1 & How To Downgrade Back To Windows 8

11th November, 2013

The Windows 8.1 update is free, easy, and gives you access to new and improved features. It is, however, impossible to simply downgrade to Windows 8, unless you plan to before updating. Let us show you how!

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11 Free Ambient Beat Albums To Chill Out & Relax [Sound Sunday]

10th November, 2013

This week, Sound Sunday tunes into the incredibly diverse world of ambient electronic beats music. Pick your favorites from 11 legal and free albums & EPs. Stream before you download and leave your requests for future editions.


Beat The Loneliness: Find Friends & Let The Internet Help You

4th November, 2013

Feeling lonely? Virtual friends won’t make that feeling go away. The best cure is to meet people and make friends in real life. This can be really tough, but the Internet can help you!

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Let There Be Rock! 10 Free Music Albums [Sound Sunday]

3rd November, 2013

Rock comes in a range of flavors. This selection spans from instrumental, garage, blues and plain rock to modern, post, psychedelic, desert, math, industrial, and new wave rock. Open your ears for some crazy talent!


Invest A Minute A Day Into Making The World A Better Place

30th October, 2013

You like the idea of changing the world, but you’re too busy? What if you could easily support others to make the world a better place with very little time, money, and commitment?


7 Things You Can Do With Your Old Electronic Devices

29th October, 2013

We all have them in a drawer or on a shelf somewhere; outdated or broken electronic devices. Are they even good for anything now? Surprisingly, they can be quite valuable!

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Spooky Halloween Music To Download For Free [Sound Sunday]

27th October, 2013

Do you have a soundtrack for Halloween, yet? Look no further! This edition of Sound Sunday features horrific music to creep you out this Halloween.


OsmAnd: Offline Maps & Navigation With OpenStreetMap Data

25th October, 2013

You don’t need to buy a GPS or mobile data to get reliable navigation. Offline maps is the magical word. OsmAnd saves you money and helps you navigate to your destination safely.


Road Trip USA: A Techie’s Toolbox For A Great Drive

24th October, 2013

You’re already using your Android for anything but phone calls? Smartphones also make for great travel companions! Before you start your road trip, be sure to stock up your digital toolbox with useful apps.

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Free & Fantastic: 10 Jazz Albums To Download [Sound Sunday]

20th October, 2013

Do you appreciate Jazz? You will after listening to the albums in this edition of Sound Sunday! And if you already like Jazz, you’ll love what I have for you this week.


5 Scenic North American Drives To Enjoy Online

14th October, 2013

If you desire more from a road trip than the occasional speed kick, enjoy the spacious lanes and stunning views of your local North American highways. Before you get there, enjoy these scenic drives virtually.

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13 Free Original Soundtracks [Sound Sunday]

13th October, 2013

Sound Sunday presents an edition full of original soundtracks. Free music from films and video games, including rock, ambient, 8-bit, dubstep, and classical music. It’s the soundtrack for your week!


Internet Explorer Under Attack! How To Protect Yourself From Getting Hacked

11th October, 2013

If you have been using any version of Internet Explorer, you are potentially vulnerable to being hacked. A critical security update was released this past Tuesday. The next attack, however, is just around the corner.

Icefields Parkway Hyperlapse Featured Image

5 Tools To Take An Auto-Guided Google Street View Tour

9th October, 2013

Google Maps is a great travel guide. Now you can even set Street View on auto-pilot and let it take you on the world’s most scenic drives. Here are 5 tools that make this possible.


5 Awesome Facebook Pages That Entertain, Educate, And Inspire

7th October, 2013

Does Facebook depress or annoy you? If you’re too curious about the world to quit your social network, why not Like some pages that will entertain, educate, and inspire you?