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Tina is a freelance editor, natural scientist, and cosmopolitan with a strong interest in sustainability. During her free time she enjoys live music, nature, and traveling around the world. You can find Tina online or in Berlin, Germany.

Feel free to contact at tina@makeuseof.com

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How To Try Windows 10 If You’re Running Linux

2 days ago

Love Linux, but still depend on Windows occasionally? The Windows 10 TP is a stable test system. We show you how you can try Windows for free as a dual boot or on a virtual machine.


Windows 10 Is Evolving – This Is What’s New In Build 9860

2 days ago

The new Windows 10 version comes with several new features and provides sneak peeks into future builds. Microsoft is morphing Windows 10 right in front of our eyes. Find out where Windows is headed.


10 Creepy Halloween Wallpaper Images For Your Desktop & Start Screen

6 days ago

Booo! It’s that time of year again. Here’s a selection of 10 Halloween desktop wallpapers, including instructions and resources to find more.


Want New Windows Features? Share Your Ideas With Microsoft & Vote

15th October, 2014

Microsoft wants to know what you would like Windows to look like! Propose and review Windows features to shape the next version of Windows.


Why The Windows 10 Technical Preview Should Not Be Your Main OS

10th October, 2014

If you think Windows 10 is a keylogger, you know nothing about the purpose of a Technical Preview. That’s OK because we’re here to explain.


Fix Windows Update & Make It Less Annoying Without Compromising Security

7th October, 2014

Windows Update can be a nuisance. Here is how you can protect yourself from its annoyances without compromising security.


Will Windows 10 Make Productive People Even More Productive?

1st October, 2014

It’s official, the new Windows will be a perfect 10. Why Windows 10? Because Windows 7 8 (ate) 9. And here is what you will find inside the Technical Preview.

Goodbye Sound Sunday

How To Find Legal Free Music Downloads & Create Playlists From Streaming Music [Sound Sunday]

29th September, 2014

Week for week, we have been sharing legal free music downloads. With few exceptions and despite many changes, Sound Sunday never took off. Thus it’s time for it to retire.

Jazz Men Featured Image

Modern Jazz Music To Lean Back & Chill [Sound Sunday]

22nd September, 2014

Jazz is the ultimate instrumental music. Not only does it often not contain lyrics, you also won’t be distracted by catchy melodies. Pick up your legal free music downloads.


Wondering How To Reformat Windows 8? Let Me Explain

21st September, 2014

You probably want to perform a clean installation. With Windows 8, this typically doesn’t involve formatting anymore. Let’s find out what you can do instead.


Windows XP Update: More Tools To Keep You Safe

16th September, 2014

Windows XP Unofficial Service Pack 4 provides a quick way to apply updates released since SP1. RollBack XP offers an easy system restore feature and you can even deep freeze your installation via scheduled tasks.

World Map

Exploring International Music East To West [Sound Sunday]

15th September, 2014

Sound Sunday offers legal & free music downloads from around the world.

Sound Sunday Featured Images Stones

Relax & Drone Out With Free Ambient Music Downloads [Sound Sunday]

8th September, 2014

Clear your brain with sound waves. This collection of legal free music downloads is packed with ambient drone compositions. Allow them to distract your mind from its usual noise.


What Can You Expect From Windows 9? Threshold Rumors Summarized

1st September, 2014

In a few weeks, Microsoft will release its first official preview of Windows 9, code-named Threshold. Let’s see whether this new Windows incarnation could meet your needs.

Creative Commons Music Featured Image

Free Legal Creative Commons Licensed Music Downloads [Sound Sunday]

1st September, 2014

The free CC licensed music featured here is free to copy, distribute, remix, transform, and build upon for non-commercial projects. Besides, it’s great to listen to. Come in for a sound-packed playlist.