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I am a 30 something year old kid at heart. I have been working on and at computers ever since high school. I enjoy finding new and interesting sites that are useful to the every day person. I have been helping and training people on tech-related issues for years and don't see myself stopping any day soon.

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View Any Restaurant Menu Online With OpenMenu

14th September, 2010

Have you ever found yourself craving a specific type of food but didn’t know quite where to order it from (check out OpenTable, KidsEatFor, FoodSpotting, and UEatCheap)?  As someone who admittedly enjoys to eat, I have found myself in this situation.  I’d be sitting there on my lazy derrière thinking “Mmmm, I could really use […]


2 Android Apps To Quickly Check How To Spell A Word

10th September, 2010

As a child I was never a real good speller.  I never participated in any spelling bees to save myself from the embarrassment.  I’ve improved a bit through the years but there are still always going to be those words whose spelling is going to elude me.  For those of you who are in the […]


Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Google Android Phone

9th September, 2010

You don’t have a Google Android phone yet?  Why not?  Going by many opinions out there, Android phones are the cream-of-the-crop. Without trying to start an all out flame war with the iPhone fan boys, I think you should take a look at Google’s prize of a mobile operating system. Truly the Android is not […]


How To Tweak Your Facebook Places Security Settings

7th September, 2010

Have you heard of Facebook Places yet? (Facebook’s announcement)  Places is basically the new ability to use Facebook to share with your friends where you are.  It’s kind of like FourSquare but it’s integrated into Facebook. It’s cool because you can tell your friends where you happen to be in case they want to join […]


What Is Lorem Ipsum & Where Did It Come From? [In Case You Were Wondering]

3rd September, 2010

If you have ever searched for a WordPress theme before, you will have probably noticed that some theme designers use some weird text when showing off their themes which looks like Latin.  I have always wondered what it was, why designers choose to use it and where it came from. After a bit of research […]


How To Create Multiple Columns In WordPress Pages & Posts

2nd September, 2010

If you blog using WordPress as your blogging software, you will know that it offers a lot of flexibility in design. You can run a blog, run a normal website, and even a create a  social networking site. You can also run a newspaper or magazine site using WordPress. There are specific elements that make a […]


How To Install A BuddyPress Social Network On WordPress 3.0

31st August, 2010

Have you ever felt like running your very own social networking site?  I know I have.  Have I actually got up and done it?  Not yet.  But with WordPress 3.0 it is now easy to set one up. A while back Damien wrote an article about how to install and run your very own social […]


5 Free Browser-Based P2P File Sharing Sites With No Size Limits

27th August, 2010

Having the ability to share large files is very important to a lot of people. For instance, the other day I wanted to send a 25MB video file to a friend. Most email programs only allow for up to 10MB at a time so email was not an option. Who wants to put it on a […]


The Easiest Way To Send Secret Messages Within Pictures

26th August, 2010

Have you ever heard of Steganography? Wikipedia defines it as “the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one, apart from the sender and intended recipient, suspects the existence of the message…” This method of hiding secret messages in pictures has been around for many years but these days with computers […]


How To Easily Run A Low-Tech Live Photo Blog For Your Next Adventure

24th August, 2010

My wife and I love our adventures in the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York. Most of them consist of hiking one of the 46 High Peaks in the park (check out this site for the best Adirondack hiking resources). This summer, I decided I wanted to photo blog live on our trip. I wanted to […]


How To Make Your Own DIY Vented Laptop Tray

20th August, 2010

Laptops have become a very important part of our lives.  We take them almost everywhere which means that we can get work done almost no matter where we are.  This also means that our trusty lappies are subjected to all sorts of interesting situations.  We use them on desks, in bed, in the car, outside, […]


How To Use HootSuite To Filter Your Twitter Feeds & Gain More Insight

19th August, 2010

HootSuite is one of those web-based Twitter clients which is becoming harder and harder to ignore.  Even with our first article about it, Hoot! An In-Depth Look At Online Twitter Client ““ HootSuite, HootSuite really had our attention.  Since that time they’ve come out with even more tools that make it worth a go.  I […]


The Top Ten Dead Google Projects Floating About In Cyberspace

13th August, 2010

It has recently been announced that Google Wave‘s development will be coming to an end.  There are many different people giving their own opinions on why Google Wave didn’t take off. The subject is largely up to interpretation and I’m sure you have your opinions, too.  All we know is that it didn’t take off, […]


How To Protect Yourself From The Facebook Stalkers Out There

12th August, 2010

A while back Ryan wrote quite the controversial article about how to see someone’s private Facebook profile.  It was very provocative because the method he used made use of subterfuge rather than holes in Facebook’s settings.  There is a question that rears itself because of this.  How can I protect myself from Facebook stalkers even […]


How To Easily Create A Slideshow For Your Website With WebProjector

11th August, 2010

Photo slideshows are an awesome way to show off a group of pictures on a website.  There are several ways to go about displaying such a slideshow.  First of all, you can use a photo service like Flickr or Picasa (online version) to group your pictures together and embed the result on your site. Secondly […]