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Hi, my name T.J. and I'm a Techaholic. Since the takeoff of Web 2.0, I have been 'over the top' obsessed with technology, the internet, and just about every single gadget released during that time. Whether reading, watching or listening, I can't get enough.

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4 Great Ways To Keep Track Of Your Expanding Book Collection

4th December, 2008

With the internet taking off the way it has, and the incredible effect it is having on all media outlets, including newspapers, magazines and terrestrial radio, books surprisingly continue to thrive. To this day, whenever you go into a Barnes and Noble or Borders, hoards of people are crowding the coffee shop with books in […]


How To Extract Your Concert DVD Audio to MP3 With 4 Simple Tools

25th November, 2008

For a couple of years now, I have been awaiting a decent, standalone, freeware program that can extract DVD audio tracks and convert them to audio mp3′s. There are dozens and dozens of trialware and shareware applications, but absolutely no decent freeware programs that get this done in a satisfactory manner. I only have a […]


Locate the Best Cell Phone Coverage in Your Area With Signal Map

22nd November, 2008

Let’s face it, nothing drives you more nuts then a cell phone cutting out in the middle of your conversation. Worse yet, when you attempt to call them back, you have no coverage. All of this on top of the fact that your provider shows, according to their coverage map, that your area ‘should’ easily […]


Snackr – Fancy Feed Reader (Adobe Air)

20th November, 2008

RSS feeds have become the de facto standard for delivering massive amounts of content in a very simple to read and simple to understand format. Any website delivering daily, weekly or even monthly updates, and lacking a ‘Really Simple Syndication’(RSS) feed, just isn’t delivering what is becoming the most popular form of delivery. Along with […]