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Hi, my name T.J. and I'm a Techaholic. Since the takeoff of Web 2.0, I have been 'over the top' obsessed with technology, the internet, and just about every single gadget released during that time. Whether reading, watching or listening, I can't get enough.

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Quickly Search All Of Your Favorite Sites With Sputtr

11th February, 2009

Can you imagine the internet without a search engine? A large social network without the ability to find new or old friends? The ability to only click on link after link after link? The internet would essentially be useless. Fortunately we will never have that problem, because if we did, the American recession, along with […]


3 Commenting Systems & 3 Apps to Track Comments

8th February, 2009

Blogging these days is still huge. There’s still hundreds of thousands of blogs popping up everyday, some hoping to strike it rich, some to simply get one’s opinion out or some just needing somewhere to document their life. However one utilizes their own blog, they almost always rely on two things, readers and reader’s comments. […]


3 Internet Clipboards for Sharing Notes & Code Snippets

4th February, 2009

Learning code is based upon lots of studying, lots of patience, but most of all, lots of collaboration. Message boards, development groups and sharing amongst fellow programmers is one of the most effective and most popular ways of consuming more code. Getting this code spread to and from the rest of your peers is where […]


Extend Google Talk Into A Remote Access Tool With GBridge

1st February, 2009

As PCs continue to expand beyond just the work environment, more and more people are buying more computers for home and travel. They have their desktop computer at home, a laptop at home, a laptop at work and maybe even a desktop at work. Keeping all of these in sync and on the same page […]


Convert Old PC To Network Attached Storage with FreeNas

28th January, 2009

One of the biggest problems still plaguing the environment today are the mass amounts of electronics being tossed out on a daily basis. This goes for everything from cell phones to televisions to your outdated stereo system. While stuff like cell phones and iPods can be easily sold, it’s the personal computer that still lacks […]


4 Tools To Predict and Prevent Hard Drive Failure

25th January, 2009

If there is one piece of equipment in your computer that you would predict to fail first, what would it be? Some might pick the power supply, some might pick the motherboard and even some might pick the video card. Most however, are going to choose the hard drive. So, what can you do to […]


Two Very Useful Web Apps For Netflix

21st January, 2009

Movies today are much bigger than they have ever been before. HD trailers, video-on-demand access from dozens of outlets and dozens more online rental services. One rental service Netflix, much bigger then any other, has come to the forefront as the ultimate rental service. Netflix was established in 1997 as the first completely online DVD […]


Securely Synchronize Your Browser Passwords With LastPass

14th January, 2009

It’s hard not to find a website these days that doesn’t require some type of registration or login. With every login of course, there is almost always a password. With the password comes with whatever requirements the website has to improve security. So after you’ve registered at your bank, your three credit cards, your Facebook, […]

12 Great Ways of Spicing Up Your Windows Desktop

12 Great Ways of Spicing Up Your Windows Desktop

12th January, 2009

The Windows Desktop…Quite possibly one of the most consistently viewed items on your computer on a daily basis. (Outside of your Internet Browser of Choice) Many times it sets the tone for who you are. Whether you are into art, family, games, movies or nature, your desktop background can typically identify what you’re into at […]


Unfreeze Your Windows Computer With AntiFreeze

7th January, 2009

Nothing drives a person more nuts then a frozen computer. This goes for technicians, administrators, typical end users, and everyone else in between. You’ve been working for hours, when suddenly your computer completely locks up, and you are relegated to either rebooting your entire machine or simply killing all programs presently running. It typically happens […]


Scuttle – Create Your Own Del.icio.us Site

4th January, 2009

Far and away, the most popular website, when it comes to storing ‘in the cloud’ bookmarks, is Delicious. It became so popular so quickly, that Yahoo picked them up in December of 2005 for somewhere between $15 million and $30 million. For those of you who don’t know what Delicious is, it is simply a […]


3 Ways to Reset Forgotten Windows Administrator Password

17th December, 2008

Passwords, passwords, passwords….something we are going to have deal with as one of our common annoyances for some time to come. Their necessary evil provides another layer of protection for your bank, your online shopping, your tax software and of course the entire operating system. We have so many passwords these days, that we have […]


Google Image Ripper – Remove Thumbnails From Image Search

10th December, 2008

Image hosting sites such as Flickr or Photobucket are still far and away a couple of the most popular of their kind on the web. However, as much traffic as they receive, the most popular way of searching the web quickly for a particular photo or graphic, is Google Image Search. However, Google’s implementation of […]


8 Better Alternatives To Common Windows Apps

7th December, 2008

There is no doubt, Microsoft is going to dominate the operating system market through Windows 7. Who knows where we will be after that. At that point we will likely be looking at some type of open source product, such as Ubuntu?  Maybe even we’ll move to our smart phone(s) full time? Whatever the case, […]


4 Great Ways To Keep Track Of Your Expanding Book Collection

4th December, 2008

With the internet taking off the way it has, and the incredible effect it is having on all media outlets, including newspapers, magazines and terrestrial radio, books surprisingly continue to thrive. To this day, whenever you go into a Barnes and Noble or Borders, hoards of people are crowding the coffee shop with books in […]