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Tim is Mac and iOS editor for MakeUseOf and can currently be found living in Melbourne, Australia. You can check out his website at timbrookes.co.uk or find him on Twitter.

Feel free to contact at tbrookes@makeuseof.com

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Cook All Of The Food In Frantic Restaurant Sim Cook Serve Delicious

21st November, 2013

Cook Serve Delicious might just be one of the best games on the iPad, which is odd considering it’s a punishing time-management game in which you chop, slice and serve virtual customers.


Pick A Disease & Wipe Out Humanity in Plague Inc.

20th November, 2013

Stressed? Got a minute to spare, and a score to settle? Then why not wipe out humanity while waiting for the bus.


JASH: A YouTube Entertainment Network With Big Names & Weekly Updates

18th November, 2013

Michael Cera, Tim and Eric, Sarah Silverman and Reggie Watts have kindly teamed up to spread art, music, comedy and entertainment under one name: JASH. The YouTube network put on by some of the most entertaining online and offline personalities is bound to bring a smile to your face. Taking advantage of YouTube’s ability to create […]

Apps on Sale iOS

iOS Apps on Sale for 15 November: Cardiio, WriteRoom & Super Hexagon

15th November, 2013

There are thousands of App Store promotions happening right now, but most of them suck. Get some help finding a real deal with this week’s Apps on Sale for iOS.


Animoog: The $30 Moog Synthesizer You’ve Always Wanted

14th November, 2013

The Moog name has been synonymous with quality, analogue synthesizers since the late 1960s. These items have always been prohibitively expensive for many, so now you can get Animoog for iPad instead.


So Your iPhone Was Lost or Stolen: Here’s What To Do

12th November, 2013

If your iPhone is no longer in your possession, you might never see it again and the last thing you want to worry about is data security. Here’s what you need to do.

The Story of Stuff: Where Exactly Does All Our Stuff Come From Anyway? [Stuff to Watch]

11th November, 2013

You’re reading MakeUseOf, so you’re probably a bit computer-inclined. Chances are you own more than one, and all the extras too – so, where does this stuff come from? That’s a question with more than one answer – the simplified version, and the “spent my whole life researching it” extended version. The Story of Stuff […]


Camera Plus Takes Your iPhoneography A Step Further [Giveaway]

11th November, 2013

Despite the many, many photo and filter apps out there, Camera Plus still manages to bring a few fresh features to the table. We’re also giving away 10 copies of Camera Plus!

Apps on Sale iOS

iOS Apps on Sale for 8 November: Animoog, Broken Sword & Aliens

8th November, 2013

Each week we scour current App Store promotions, of which there are thousands, to bring you this column. This week we’ve found a top synthesizer, classic JRPG plus a remastered point and click adventure.


Get Frying With Chippy, A Chip Shop Simulator for iOS

6th November, 2013

The British chip shop: a national institution, a hazard to your health and now an deep-frying iOS simulator too.


Professional Musicians Sound Terrible When Subjected To The Shreds Treatment [Stuff to Watch]

4th November, 2013

The practice of taking original performances by respected artists and turning them into embarrassing self-parody is a YouTube phenomenon known as “shreds” – and it’s hilarious. Even if you’re a fan of the original artist or song you’ll have difficulty holding it together as the crowd goes wild for what is a cringeworthy performance. So […]


WazHack: A Free Side-Scrolling Roguelike for iOS & Android

4th November, 2013

In 1980 a game called “Rogue” debuted a genre of gaming involving dungeons and permadeath. A prime recent example is a game called WazHack.

iOS Apps on Sale for 1 November: Deus Ex, XCOM & Rayman

1st November, 2013

Halloween generally means scary films, lots of sugar and dressing up but for app developers it’s a great time to hold a sale instead. Any excuse a good excuse, right?


OS X Mavericks is Free: Here’s How To Get It & Why You Want It

31st October, 2013

Apple really outdid itself this time. The words “software sells hardware” never rung more true, and now that OS X Mavericks is free to all, isn’t it about time you got on-board?


8 Twisted & Terrifying Films To Indulge In This Halloween [Stuff to Watch]

28th October, 2013

I’m so bored of “scary movie” lists that consist of Scream, Saw and The Ring – so this year I’ve racked my brains (and the Internet) for some of the most unsettling movies you can indulge in this October 31. I’ve purposefully omitted many of the usual cliché horror films that pop up year after […]