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Tim is Mac and iOS editor for MakeUseOf and can currently be found living in Melbourne, Australia. You can check out his website at timbrookes.co.uk or find him on Twitter.

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Free iPhone Apps: Summary Pro, Unstoppable Gorg & Assassin’s Creed [iOS Sales]

6th September, 2014

This week’s app sales include not one but two premium-turned-free apps that are losing their price tags altogether.

Let Feminist Frequency Teach You A Thing Or Two About Women In Video Games [Stuff to Watch]

2nd September, 2014

I’ve got some bad news: video games are traditionally pretty sexist. Video blogger Anita Sarkeesian has noticed.

Grid Diary & Swipe Input Are Free, Dragon Quest VIII Also On Sale [iOS Sales]

30th August, 2014

Some weeks are better than others in the world of App Store promotions, and this week we’ve been blessed with a bounty of bargains.

typWrittr: A Customisable Distraction-Free Writing Environment In Your Browser

27th August, 2014

Do you struggle to focus on your writing? typWrittr is a browser-based writing environment that places an emphasis on the written word. It is designed to be inviting and distraction-free.

3+ Hilarious Comedy Web Series You Can Watch For Free [Stuff to Watch]

26th August, 2014

You Suck At Photoshop is still one of the best and most complete web-series ever made – watch it, and more.


Partition & Use Your Time Machine Hard Drive To Store Files Too

25th August, 2014

If your Mac’s hard drive is small and your Time Machine hard drive is big, it might be worth using the drive for both backup and storage purposes.

Save On Double Dragon, R.Type & More Retro Classics, Plus Free Star Trek [iOS Sales]

23rd August, 2014

Some of yesteryear’s greatest games are perfect fits for today’s mobile devices. DotEmu specialise in bringing these classics to our touchscreens, and they’re currently having a summer sale.

Watch Premier League Goals On Vine Or Reddit Straight Away For Free

20th August, 2014

Thanks to Vine, goals are online before the replays have been shown. Last week the English Premier League told fans to stop posting television footage of goals on Vine. Is the Premier League playing spoilsport?


Love Interactive Fiction? Fill Your iPad Or iPhone With Text Adventures

20th August, 2014

Interested in interactive fiction or text adventures? Then you’ll want to download these apps for your iPhone or iPad.


iPad/iPhone Video Editors And Tools: These Are Your Best Options

19th August, 2014

Ten years ago it took a fairly powerful computer in order to edit video, but now you can do everything on your iPhone or iPad.

Use Free 7 Minute Workout Videos To Get Into Shape [Stuff to Watch]

19th August, 2014

There are lots of YouTube videos that can show you exactly how your workouts should be going, and they won’t cost you a penny.

App Store Animated Savings: Disney, Adventure Time & Powerpuff Girls [iOS Sales]

16th August, 2014

If you’re a die-hard animation nut or under the age of 11, you’ll definitely be drawn to this week’s iOS app sales.

Learn The Basics Of Any Instrument With YouTube [Stuff to Watch]

12th August, 2014

YouTube can teach you to do just about anything, and that includes playing an instrument. Today we’ll focus on piano, guitar, bass guitar and drums.

apple-tv feat

Apple TV Review and Giveaway

11th August, 2014

Apple introduced its set-top digital media player in 2007, and it’s currently on its third generation of hardware.

App Store Productivity Sale: Boxer, Fantastical, Prizmo & More Reduced [iOS Sales]

9th August, 2014

This week’s sales are all about productivity, with some of the App Store’s best email applications, calendars, scanners and sketching environments slashed in price.