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BitTorrent & Magnets: How Do They Work? [Technology Explained]

16th March, 2012

As we recently reported, The Pirate Bay has switched from using .torrent file downloads to magnet links with no opt-out policy. The tracker has offered magnet downloads for a good while now, but this is the first time we’ve seen such a large public tracker use embedded links exclusively.


The How-To Guide On Getting Started With Usenet

15th March, 2012

Usenet is one of the Internet’s oldest methods of communication. It also happens to be a tried-and-tested method of sharing files, thanks to binary transfers which allow programs, videos and other files to be encoded and downloaded via a Usenet server. Whatever your download activities may be there’s no arguing that Usenet is consistently faster and more secure than BitTorrent for sharing files.

Short Films: 6 Websites Packed With Short Movies [Stuff to Watch]

12th March, 2012

Short films are perfectly suited to Internet viewing. They require a little sacrifice in terms of attention span, fit perfectly into a coffee break at work and aren’t limited to any particular genre. Everyone can enjoy a good short film, be it a quick documentary about time travel or a hard hitting drama tackling the death of a loved one. There are an incredible amount of films online that can be streamed for free.


4 Reasons My Next Notebook PC Will Be A MacBook Air [Opinion]

8th March, 2012

I’ve never owned a Mac before, and I never thought I’d be in a position where I intend to buy one. Growing up I was a die-hard Windows user, mainly for the many hours I’d spend gaming on my PC. So why then, am I counting my pennies and preparing to drop around 1,800 of Australia’s strongest dollars on a shiny laptop that’s not built for gaming, ships with an unfamiliar OS and has a rather small screen?


How To Sync Your Contacts Between Your Computer & Your iPad or iPhone

8th March, 2012

Many of you will already know all about Apple’s iCloud, its wonderful sync features and the fact that it allows you to find your iDevice and access mail, your calendar and even documents from any standard web browser. Then again I regularly encounter iPad and iPhone owners who have yet to update their devices to take advantage of the many new features.

6 Free Music Documentaries For Fans Of The Guitar [Stuff to Watch]

5th March, 2012

This week’s Stuff to Watch doubles up as a Stuff to Listen To in the form of six carefully chosen documentaries exploring the music, lives and talent behind some of the world’s most famous live acts. Each documentary has one thing in common – the guitar. We’re not just talking rock and roll here either, as blues, country and punk music are also on the menu.


The Pirate Bay Drops Torrent Files In Favour of Magnet Links [News]

3rd March, 2012

Notorious BitTorrent tracker The Pirate Bay has today dropped .torrent files completely from their site in favour of magnet links instead. Labelling .torrent files a “waste of space and our time”, a blog post on The Pirate Bay explained the move will not affect the way users make use of the service. Magnet links are […]


Microsoft Flight Now Playable For Free Via Games for Windows [News]

2nd March, 2012

The next iteration of Microsoft’s answer to flight simulations, Microsoft Flight, has finally been released for free on the Games for Windows platform. In December we reported that MS had put out a call for beta testers, and now development team Microsoft Studios has deemed the “freemium” title ready for public consumption. It won’t cost […]


Cinemagr.am – Easily Create Cinemagraphs On Your iPhone For $1.99

2nd March, 2012

A cinemagraph is essentially the marriage of still photos and moving video, except only a portion of the scene is animated. Typical examples include a tree swaying in the breeze, water flowing from a tap or the flame on a candle. In case you’re still confused, here’s a cinemagraph that I have made using the very app I’m about to talk about.


Clear For iPhone: Elegant & Simple List-Making For $1.99 [iPhone]

1st March, 2012

The Internet has been awash with hype about Clear since it was first announced and demoed by developers, Realmac Software. The app finally hit the App Store last week and is already proving itself a worthy competitor to the hordes of other list-making apps available for the iPhone. It’s cheap, simple and very easy to use but is Clear worth a dollar when a pen and paper has served us so well in the past?

A Hearty Collection of Funny Skyrim Parodies & Videos [Stuff to Watch]

27th February, 2012

All good things must be mocked, and the latest epic fantasy RPG from Bethesda is no different. Today we’ve got a selection of parodies and in-game videos that will hopefully amuse, inspire and tickle you in the right places. For many who have played the game on a console (myself included) the PC version is beginning to look better and better thanks to all the fun of modding and console commands.


Raspberry Pi – A Credit-Card Sized ARM Computer – Yours For Only $25

24th February, 2012

Something big has been brewing in the university town of Cambridge, UK. For the past year a team of academics, businessmen, lecturers and programmers have been making final amendments to a very exciting project indeed. Raspberry Pi is an ultra-affordable credit-card sized computer that will be finally making its way into the sweaty palms of excitable programmers, hobbyists and students come the end of February 2012.


Making 8bit Music: Free Chiptune VST Plugins For Budding Composers

23rd February, 2012

Today we’re going to be exploring the final facet of chiptune creation – using VST plugins (Virtual Studio Technology) in the form of instruments and effects to achieve that 8bit sound. We’ve already had two articles exploring chiptune software trackers and how to make chiptune with hardware, so check those out first if you’re interested in this kind of thing.

5 Hilarious Musical Comedy Acts You Have To See [Stuff to Watch]

20th February, 2012

Laughter is medicine for the soul and body. It been linked to healthy blood vessel function, a reduction in stress and can even have an effect on physical pain thanks to the endorphins released when you crack up. Stand-up comedy is a great way to get your fix, and many comedians turn to music in a bid to make us laugh.


Making 8bit Music: Using Hardware & Native Trackers For Chiptune Creation

16th February, 2012

A little later than advertised, it’s time to take a second look at chiptune creation, this week focusing on using hardware in the form of native music trackers that run on original systems. If it’s software trackers you’re after then check the previous article, and if you’re just interested in listening to chiptune then we’ve got some great resources for that too. Today might just be the day you dust off your old Game Boy, dig out the Commodore 64 and start creating chiptune like a pro.