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Tim is Mac and iOS editor for MakeUseOf and can currently be found living in Melbourne, Australia. You can check out his website at timbrookes.co.uk or find him on Twitter.

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Retro Games: Grab A Classic For Free With These 6 GOG Downloads [Windows]

23rd November, 2011

Good Old Games, or GOG for short, is a service that specialises in charming games of years gone by. If you’re a Windows user then you’ve pretty much got complete access to the entire catalogue, from old-school shooters to those resource management RTS games they just don’t make any more.

6 Classic Disney Animated Wartime Propaganda Cartoons [Stuff to Watch]

21st November, 2011

During the Second World War film-makers on both sides of the Atlantic were put to work on morale-boosting and influential propaganda films – Walt Disney included. The master of animation was determined to put his characters to use in the war effort, especially Donald Duck.


Why Linux Isn’t As Good As Everyone Makes It Out To Be [Opinion]

18th November, 2011

Linux is a highly developed, stable and advanced operating system – this, I will never question. It comes in every conceivable flavour – from server solutions that simply work (again, this cannot be argued with) to desktop releases with more software than anyone could possibly ever need. So what’s the problem?


HP TouchPad Update: New Firmware, New Apps & New Bugs [WebOS]

16th November, 2011

It’s been a few weeks now since HP rolled out a firmware update for their abandoned WebOS tablet and a good while since we’ve mentioned the TouchPad here at MakeUseOf. Seeing as I’m the only staff member who appears to have bought one, I figured it was about time for an update.

Geeky Documentaries: 6 Fascinating Films About Hardware, Software & Space [Stuff to Watch]

14th November, 2011

This week’s Stuff to Watch is all about sitting back, letting the power of a well-produced documentary wash over you and engaging your grey matter without even leaving the sofa. What’s more each of these films have a geeky twist, be it the story of the modern computer, innovative technology and even the big bad world of file sharing.


7 “Hidden” iOS 5 Features You Might Have Missed [iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch]

11th November, 2011

iOS 5 added so many features, tweaks and improvements to Apple’s mobile operating system that many inclusions seem to have gone by unannounced. Everyone (including us) has been raving about the new Notification Center, the 4S battery drain feature (!) and the fact that you no longer need iTunes to update, but what else is new?


iOS 5 Battery Drain: Save Some Juice With These Top Tips [iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch]

9th November, 2011

By now you’re either in love with iOS 5, Notification Centre and vastly improved page rendering times – or you’re banging your head against a brick wall wondering why your device no longer lasts a day without a charge. Apple has acknowledged that some (particularly iPhone 4S owners) are experiencing issues, and for severe battery drain you might want to try re-installing iOS 5 again.

BadLipReading.com – Hilariously Misconstrued Lyrics & Sound Bites [Stuff to Watch]

7th November, 2011

Lip reading is the art of interpreting what is being said solely based on mouth movement – but I’m sure you probably already knew that. Intentionally bad lip reading is a whole different talent altogether, and this week’s Stuff to Watch features some of the funniest examples on the web.


$5 App Review: iMaschine, A Powerful, Portable Groove Sketchpad [iOS]

31st October, 2011

iMaschine is a new app for your iPhone from the clever chaps over at Native Instruments who are responsible for all manner of professional-level music software and hardware – Traktor and Maschine, to name but two. So you’d expect this app to be pretty good right? If you like to groove on the go, read on to find out if iMaschine is set to become your next App Store purchase.


Getting Started With iOS 5: What To Do After The Update

28th October, 2011

The world’s most advanced mobile operating system just got better, or so they say – and I’m inclined to agree. Apple’s latest iOS release finally brings some much-requested features to the iDevice line-up, with even the original iPad and iPhone 3GS benefiting from the update. Whether you’ve got a new iPhone 4GS or an old iPod Touch 3G there are over 200 improvements,

Games & Films: 6 Awesome Machinima Videos [Stuff to Watch]

24th October, 2011

Put simply, machinima is the use of video game technology in the pursuit of cinema – be it shorts, feature-length films or recurring series. The first examples of such an art form surfaced in the late 80s and early 90s and made use of games such as Doom and Quake. Once the phenomena started making use of other engines and games the term machinima was coined.


What’s The Deal With EA’s Origin & Is It Really That Bad?

21st October, 2011

There’s been a plenty of uproar, whinging and general dismay at EA’s decision to combine their online store and download client into one “Steam-beating” package: Origin. Since its announcement the software has been on the receiving end of bad press, much of it from disgruntled gamers on forums, message boards and social networks. Is it time to shut up, or put up?


Stay On Top Of The Latest Online Fraud Alerts With These 6 Websites

19th October, 2011

Online fraud, scams and phishing emails are bound to instill a sense of dread in all of us, so when it comes to protecting yourself online it’s important not to simply rely on software to keep everything in check. The more prepared you are, the easier you’ll be able to spot a scam and steer clear – so without further ado here are some resources to keep you, your friends and family wise to online fraud.

Funny Reviews: A Whimsical Look At Retro Gaming & Computer Equipment [Stuff To Watch]

17th October, 2011

It’s Monday, and that means more video reviews to kick-start your week with a smile, gasp and probably a scoff. Today’s Stuff to Watch features videos from two fine members of the YouTube community – Ashens and Lazy Game Reviews.


The Minimalist Approach To Security Tools On Your Computer [Windows]

14th October, 2011

A few years ago when Windows Vista was the OS of choice, I chose not to use an antivirus. Instead I relied on a couple of anti-spyware solutions, my router’s firewall and good old common sense. This decision was partly due to my reluctance to pay for overpriced subscription-based security software (despite plenty of decent free alternatives) and concern over resources and boot time.