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Tim is Mac and iOS editor for MakeUseOf and can currently be found living in Melbourne, Australia. You can check out his website at timbrookes.co.uk or find him on Twitter.

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Clear For iPhone: Elegant & Simple List-Making For $1.99 [iPhone]

1st March, 2012

The Internet has been awash with hype about Clear since it was first announced and demoed by developers, Realmac Software. The app finally hit the App Store last week and is already proving itself a worthy competitor to the hordes of other list-making apps available for the iPhone. It’s cheap, simple and very easy to use but is Clear worth a dollar when a pen and paper has served us so well in the past?

A Hearty Collection of Funny Skyrim Parodies & Videos [Stuff to Watch]

27th February, 2012

All good things must be mocked, and the latest epic fantasy RPG from Bethesda is no different. Today we’ve got a selection of parodies and in-game videos that will hopefully amuse, inspire and tickle you in the right places. For many who have played the game on a console (myself included) the PC version is beginning to look better and better thanks to all the fun of modding and console commands.


Raspberry Pi – A Credit-Card Sized ARM Computer – Yours For Only $25

24th February, 2012

Something big has been brewing in the university town of Cambridge, UK. For the past year a team of academics, businessmen, lecturers and programmers have been making final amendments to a very exciting project indeed. Raspberry Pi is an ultra-affordable credit-card sized computer that will be finally making its way into the sweaty palms of excitable programmers, hobbyists and students come the end of February 2012.


Making 8bit Music: Free Chiptune VST Plugins For Budding Composers

23rd February, 2012

Today we’re going to be exploring the final facet of chiptune creation – using VST plugins (Virtual Studio Technology) in the form of instruments and effects to achieve that 8bit sound. We’ve already had two articles exploring chiptune software trackers and how to make chiptune with hardware, so check those out first if you’re interested in this kind of thing.

5 Hilarious Musical Comedy Acts You Have To See [Stuff to Watch]

20th February, 2012

Laughter is medicine for the soul and body. It been linked to healthy blood vessel function, a reduction in stress and can even have an effect on physical pain thanks to the endorphins released when you crack up. Stand-up comedy is a great way to get your fix, and many comedians turn to music in a bid to make us laugh.


Making 8bit Music: Using Hardware & Native Trackers For Chiptune Creation

16th February, 2012

A little later than advertised, it’s time to take a second look at chiptune creation, this week focusing on using hardware in the form of native music trackers that run on original systems. If it’s software trackers you’re after then check the previous article, and if you’re just interested in listening to chiptune then we’ve got some great resources for that too. Today might just be the day you dust off your old Game Boy, dig out the Commodore 64 and start creating chiptune like a pro.


Pulse – The News Reader Every Smartphone Owner Needs [iPhone, Android, Windows Phone]

15th February, 2012

There are a fair few news reader apps available for iOS and Android already, and no shortage of quality either. A previous cross-platform favourite was Feedly, but recently my most used app has been Pulse. Much like Feedly, Pulse provides a slick, attractive interface from which to read Google Reader and a huge variety of news sites and blogs. Best of all it’s available for both iPhone and iPad on iOS and Android smartphones too.

6 Must-See Exercise Videos For Those Of Us Who Spend Most Of The Day Sitting [Stuff to Watch]

13th February, 2012

Poor posture, not enough breaks and sedentary office behaviour can all have serious implications in the long-term. This week’s Stuff to Watch focuses on a variety of techniques that can reduced the chances of an office-related injury, a phenomenon that costs employers dearly each year.


The Best Skyrim Resources To Improve Your Dragon Slaying

10th February, 2012

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an epic role playing game, but you probably knew that already. We’ve already harped on about why it’s not to be missed, how to improve your dragon slaying using an iPhone and kept a close eye on technical issues. Now it’s time to dig deep and see what the web has to offer the Dragonborn.


Soup Up The Notepad++ Text Editor With Plugins From The Notepad Plus Repository [Windows]

9th February, 2012

Notepad++ is a worthy replacement for Windows’ in-built and much loved text editor, and comes highly recommended if you’re a programmer, web designer or simply someone who finds themselves in need of a powerful plain text editor. Not only is Notepad++ free under the GPL licence but it is also possible to extend its functionality with plugins.

Retrovision: Enjoy The Old-School Demo Scene On Your Modern PC [Stuff to Watch]

6th February, 2012

The art of creating demos – non-interactive, animated digital bragging rights – has its roots within the cracking subculture of yore. Upon cracking a piece of software, pirates would often add their own intro or “crack screens” which initially were quite plain, eventually evolving into increasingly technical and impressive animations.


Making 8bit Music: An Introduction To Free Chiptune Music Trackers

3rd February, 2012

A few months ago I wrote an article highlighting some of the best resources on the web for finding 8bit music, all manner of MOD files and the software required for playback. Today I’m going to be venturing a little deeper and digging out the tools you’ll be needing in order to create some chiptune yourself. The modern MOD-scene is a friendly, care-and-share alike community.


6+ Best Apps To Order Pizza From Your iPhone [iOS]

2nd February, 2012

Ordering food online is by far one of the most convenient ways of securing a meal, and using an app on your iPhone is even simpler. Waiting in line or being put on hold on the phone are a thing of the past with more and more restaurants becoming online-order-friendly every day. The apps featured in this article are tried and tested methods of ordering your favourite pizza with minimum fuss.

Support Film-Makers & Download Movies For Free With VODO [Stuff to Watch]

30th January, 2012

Piracy is fast reaching the point where it affects nearly every single Internet user in some way or another. Often the attempts to curb the illegal downloading of copyrighted materials threaten to spill over and affect other aspects of our online lives, much like the recent debate regarding SOPA and PIPA. For film-makers the impact […]


Steam Gets Mobile Apps For iOS & Android [News]

29th January, 2012

Valve’s ever-popular content delivery platform Steam has taken its first steps into the mobile world with the launch of two apps for iOS and Android users. Despite both being available for anyone to download on the App Store and Android Market, Valve have so far only allowed a small number of users use the service.