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Tim is Mac and iOS editor for MakeUseOf and can currently be found living in Melbourne, Australia. You can check out his website at timbrookes.co.uk or find him on Twitter.

Feel free to contact at tbrookes@makeuseof.com

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Play Quake III Arena On Your iPhone Or iPad With Beben III

17th January, 2014

It’s taken quite some time, but thanks to ioquake port Beben III, Quake III Arena and it’s open source equivalent is finally playable on iOS.


10 Hot iOS Games To Look Forward To In 2014

16th January, 2014

You’d better hope you’ve still got plenty of free space available because 2014 looks set to deliver some of the finest mobile gaming experiences to date


Computerphile: Learn The History, Hacks & Tech Behind Everyday Computing [Stuff to Watch]

15th January, 2014

If classic technology-themed television from the pre-Internet ages is something you remember fondly, you might want to give Computerphile a watch.

iOS Apps on Sale for January 11: Space Apps, Flight Sims & Mr. Crab

11th January, 2014

Every week thousands of apps are put on sale, but the vast majority aren’t worth your time. Cut through the rubbish, let us bring you the week’s best deals every Friday.

Free iPad Vector Drawing App Inkpad Might Turn You Into A Designer Yet

10th January, 2014

Pssst… someone’s managed to design the Adobe Illustrator of iOS vector drawing apps, then forgotten to put a price tag on it. It’s called Inkpad.


Practice Mindfulness With Help From Your iPhone & These Apps

8th January, 2014

Inner calm and tranquility? There’s an app for that.


Learn To Draw Anything Thanks To YouTube [Stuff to Watch]

7th January, 2014

Whether you’re having trouble drawing facial features like eyes or haven’t got a clue how to tackle a 3D perspective, it’s YouTube to the rescue!

iOS Apps on Sale for January 4: Gneo, Outline+ & Machinarium

5th January, 2014

Stomachs full, wallets empty and brand new shiny devices in-hand, we return from the festive break.


Point & Click Games Found A New Home On The iPad

4th January, 2014

Few genres did more for the adventure game movement than point and click games, characterised by classics like Monkey Island.


Everything Is A Remix: A Four-Part Look At Copying & Derivative Works [Stuff to Watch]

24th December, 2013

Take a good look at your favourite album, movie or even the expensive smartphone in your pocket – there’s a good chance they were copied, sampled and assembled from someone else’s original idea.


Year in Review: 5 Most Notable New iOS Apps of 2013

23rd December, 2013

Before the New Year ushers in a new wave of startups and App Store submissions, it’s always nice to recognise the brightest sparks that caught our collective eyes in 2013.

Official FIFA Apps for iOS & Android Arrive Ahead Of 2014 Brazil World Cup

22nd December, 2013

The 2014 World Cup is a matter of months away and FIFA has launched into full swing by releasing its official apps for Android and iOS.

iOS Apps on Sale Bumper Christmas 2013 Edition: Specials Galore!

21st December, 2013

iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad users: spend a few bucks today, and you’ll be occupied well into the new year!

Angry Birds Go! Review: Can The Birds Survive The Free-to-Play Jump?

19th December, 2013

Not only does the new Angry Birds racer forego the $0.99 price tag, it’s a different genre of game entirely. It’s undoubtedly a bold move – but does it work?


Everything’s Worth A Rant: David Mitchell’s SoapBox on YouTube [Stuff to Watch]

17th December, 2013

Sometimes, when life gets you down, there’s nothing like a good whinge to take the edge off. That’s precisely the premise behind British comedy web series David Mitchell’s SoapBox. Mitchell is probably best known for his role as hapless office drone Mark in the popular sitcom Peep Show, and has built up a reputation among the […]