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Tim is Mac and iOS editor for MakeUseOf and can currently be found living in Melbourne, Australia. You can check out his website at timbrookes.co.uk or find him on Twitter.

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6 Secure iOS Messaging Apps That Take Privacy Very Seriously

11th February, 2014

Don’t fancy your messages being read by unwanted parties? Get a secure messaging app and worry no more.

Watch RoboCop & Star Wars Like Never Before With Fan-Made Remakes [Stuff to Watch]

11th February, 2014

Sci-fi fans rejoice! George Lucas’ definitive Star Wars Episode IV and Paul Verhoeven’s iconic sci-fi RoboCop have been remade lovingly by the Internet.

iOS Apps on Sale for February 8: Fitness, Warhammer & Hack RUN

8th February, 2014

Did you know that once you’ve “bought” a paid iOS app that’s currently free, it’s yours to keep forever?

Isn’t It About Time You Rediscovered Stargate? [Stuff to Watch]

6th February, 2014

Everyone shut up about the coolest HBO show, and instead turn your attention to one of the greatest series the sci-fi world has ever known: Stargate.


Forget The Gym, Get Fitstar Fit With Your iPad Or iPhone

2nd February, 2014

If you don’t get enough exercise there’s a good chance you’ll be expiring long before the rest of us – and you don’t want that, do you?

iOS Apps on Sale for 1 February: Sonic, Riptide & XCOM

1st February, 2014

There are thousands of app sales happening at any one time, and most of them aren’t worth your time.


Game Controllers & iOS: Here’s What You Need To Know

31st January, 2014

Did you know that iOS 7 has support for proper, physical game controllers? For the first time ever Apple has hinted at a future for its platform that doesn’t solely involve smearing fingerprints on a screen, after adding a proper API for external game control with iOS 7. The controllers themselves are thin on the […]

The Sorry State Of Personal Data Security In E-Commerce

30th January, 2014

Many of these retailers owe their entire being to the Internet, yet are incapable of following even the most basic of good data practices.


Vsauce Asks The Questions You Wish Your Science Teacher Would Answer [Stuff to Watch]

28th January, 2014

Forget your deadlines for a moment and ponder some of life’s most interesting, unanswered and outright bizarre questions with Vsauce.


Study A Language From Your PC, Phone or Tablet With Babbel

27th January, 2014

There are all sorts of reasons to study a new language. For learning to write and speak conversationally, an online tool like Babbel provides some obvious benefits. Babbel is now a part of MakeUseOf Rewards.

iOS Apps on Sale for 25 January: Carmageddon & KORG’s Massive Sale

25th January, 2014

Another week, another flurry of App Store offers, but what’s cheap this week?

Battle Supremacy Brings Tank Warfare To iOS, But Is It Any Good?

24th January, 2014

Developed by the same studio that brought us the Sky Gamblers flight simulators, Battle Supremacy is an all-round World War II fighting game with an emphasis on tank warfare.

PhD TV: Scientific Explanations For The YouTube Generation [Stuff to Watch]

21st January, 2014

PhD TV is a YouTube channel aimed at delivering short, sharp bursts of scientific wisdom, complete with webcomic Piled Higher and Deeper’s signature comic style.

iOS Apps on Sale for 18 January: Productivity Apps & Joe Danger

18th January, 2014

App sales are like buses. You spend a long time waiting for the right reductions, and then the entire App Store goes on sale at once.


Play Quake III Arena On Your iPhone Or iPad With Beben III

17th January, 2014

It’s taken quite some time, but thanks to ioquake port Beben III, Quake III Arena and it’s open source equivalent is finally playable on iOS.