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Tim is Mac and iOS editor for MakeUseOf and can currently be found living in Melbourne, Australia. You can check out his website at timbrookes.co.uk or find him on Twitter.

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IFTTT Adds New Channels For Fitness, Finance & Android Wearables

5th August, 2014

Automation lifesaver IFTTT added nine new services to its repertoire in the month of July. Here’s a quick run-down of the new channels, what they do, and some of their time-saving applications.


What Is “The Spielberg Oner” and Why Is Michael Bay So Bad? [Stuff to Watch]

5th August, 2014

Want to know more about why you love certain movies? Consider learning the technique filmmakers user to keep you hooked.

Scanner Pro, Calendars 5, PDF Expert 5 & More All Reduced [iOS Sales]

2nd August, 2014

It’s the weekend and that means it’s time to take a look at the best sales on the App Store right now.


Help End Google’s Search Monopoly: Use Something Else

1st August, 2014

We created, adopted and embraced the Internet as a platform for freedom of speech and expression – so why do we all use the same search engine predominantly?


Update Or Restore Your Jailbroken iPhone Or iPad To Stock The Right Way

30th July, 2014

You’ve had your fun flouting Apple’s restrictions, and now you want vanilla iOS back in all its glory. Luckily the process is even easier than jailbreaking.


Is Akai’s iMPC Pro The Best iPad Beat Production App Yet?

29th July, 2014

Progress is a wonderful thing, but can iMPC Pro take the iOS beat-making crown?

These Crowdfunded Films Only Exist Thanks To Their Backers [Stuff to Watch]

29th July, 2014

You could probably fund a military coup with Kickstarter, provided you marketed it effectively. There’s little that can’t be achieved if enough people want it, and nothing says “I want it!” like thousands of dollars in support. Motion pictures can be expensive, which makes them excellent candidates for crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. It’s no surprise that […]

intellinote feat 3

Manage Projects, Collaborate & Work Better As A Team With Intellinote

28th July, 2014

The right software behind your project, group or organization can make all the difference.

Deals: UpWord Notes & True Skate Are Free For A Limited Time [iOS Sales]

26th July, 2014

Another week, another round of iOS reductions and freebies!


Lynch, Gilliam & Fellini: Famous Directors Make The Best Adverts [Stuff to Watch]

22nd July, 2014

Sometimes even famous directors have to pay the bills, which means even the most non-commercial of directors has dabbled in advertising.


The Best Free & Cheap Audio Editors For Mac OS X

21st July, 2014

Considering Apple’s media-savvy approach with free apps like iMovie, it’s surprising that there’s not a simple audio editor bundled with OS X.

Save Big On Plex, Sunrizer Synth, 3D Puzzler Lost Toys & More [iOS Sales]

19th July, 2014

Did you know that some people only buy apps when they’re on sale? Regardless of your buying habits, you can save a bundle with this week’s iOS app sales.

Watch Recorded Live Shows From Metallica, James Brown & More with Music Vault

15th July, 2014

Do you remember your first live gig? Wouldn’t it be cool if you found footage of the occasion on the Internet? Music Vault might just have it.

Get Assassin’s Creed Pirates Free & Cheap KORG Apps [iOS Sales]

12th July, 2014

This week’s sales lean heavily toward the gaming side of things, but that’s not a problem as we’ve got some of the App Store’s finest time-wasters on offer.


Live Speedruns Let You Experience Your Favourite Games In Record Time [Stuff to Watch]

8th July, 2014

Super Mario 2 finished in 10 minutes, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 in four, and Super Mario 64 in under two hours. Seriously.