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Tim is Mac and iOS editor for MakeUseOf and can currently be found living in Melbourne, Australia. You can check out his website at timbrookes.co.uk or find him on Twitter.

Mac, iOS, Creative Editor

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5 iOS Shortcomings Apple Needs to Address

15 hours ago

We spend so much time with our devices that it’s possible to start feeling like unpaid software testers. I’ve been “testing” iOS for about five years now.


How to Access iCloud Drive Files from Any Device

17 hours ago

iCloud Drive is a handy tool, but accessing your files can be a little confusing. Today we’ll show you how to get file system access to iCloud Drive, whatever your operating system.


AirDrop Not Working? Troubleshoot Your File Transfer Woes

6 days ago

Having troubles with AirDrop? We can step you through all of your available options.


How to Use Custom Icons in Mac OS X (And Where to Find Them)

2 weeks ago

Brighten up your Mac by installing your own custom icons for favorite software and system components — it’s easy!


How to Use Multiple Desktops in Mac OS X

8th April, 2015

Multiple desktops were originally added Apple’s desktop operating system in 2009, but a large number of users are still surprised to find the feature exists at all.

Dying on Mars, the Drone Wars, and More Must-See 3-Minute Documentaries

2nd April, 2015

Britain’s The Guardian marries hard hitting journalism with a compact format º perfect for dipping into even when you’re meant to be working.


Grouvi Is the New WhatsApp for Topic-Based Chats [iPhone 6 Giveaway]

24th March, 2015

Grouvi brings people with common interests together using a simple mobile app, and we think the potential is massive.

moov fitness tracker featured

Moov Fitness Tracker Review and Giveaway

17th March, 2015

While most fitness trackers demand to be worn at all times, today we’re taking a look at one that doesn’t: the Moov.

How To Respond To Fallacious Arguments On The Internet [Stuff to Watch]

17th March, 2015

These eight videos are a polite way to point out fallacies. Happy conversing, Internet!

The Pollution Documentary China’s Government Doesn’t Want You To See [Stuff to Watch]

13th March, 2015

Watched 100 million times in 24 hours before Communist Party officials started removing it from the Chinese web, this viral anti-polution documentary is now on YouTube.


7 Good Habits Every Mac User Should Get Used To

6th March, 2015

Today we’re going to share our favourite good Mac habits, while desperately trying to forget the bad ones.

See Your Favourite Movies Reimagined As 8-Bit Retro Video Games [Stuff to Watch]

3rd March, 2015

See Pulp Fiction, Frozen, The Matrix and even Mean Girls transformed into retro video games.


Everything You Need to Know about Your Mac’s Dock

26th February, 2015

It’s the primary way many users interact with Mac OS X, but a lot of people still don’t know some of the most basic and useful things the dock is capable of.


6 Reasons Your Smartphone is the Best Camera You Own

24th February, 2015

It might not be a digital SLR, but your smartphone is punching well above its weight when it comes to photography. The next time you go out, leave your old point and shoot at home.

Guns, Gore & Video Games: An Insightful Look at Gaming With Ahoy [Stuff to Watch]

24th February, 2015

Gamers – did you ever stop and wonder how you know so much about guns? Stuart Brown of Ahoy explores this and other tales of gaming history.