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I'm a writer and computer sciences student from Belgium. You can always do me a favor with a good article idea, book recommendation, or recipe idea. You'll also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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6 Amazing Alfred Workflows To Make You More Productive

1st January, 2014

Now that users and developers are able to extend Alfred’s capabilities by adding their own workflows, calling it an ‘application launcher’ seems a bit limiting.


Origami Live Wallpaper Brightens Up Your Day

11th December, 2013

You’ll spend a fair amount of time ogling that home screen. You might as well make it a pleasant sight to behold.


The 3 Best YouTube Applications For Mac OS X

27th November, 2013

We’ve scoured the web for the best desktop YouTube clients that Mac OS X has to offer.


AppDialer Pro is a Lightning Fast T9 App Launcher

20th November, 2013

On Android, there are generally two ways to launch an app. AppDialer Pro offers a third, much faster way.


8 iTunes Hacks For Improved Functionality

14th November, 2013

iTunes is a rich and feature-packed music management application, but that doesn’t mean there’s not room for improvement. Some simple changes and additional features can make the application even better.


5 OS X Mavericks Quirks, And How To Deal With Them

6th November, 2013

It’s hard you get things right the first time around. The same is true for Mavericks, the latest iteration of Mac OS X.


4 AirPlay Receivers That Are Cheaper Than Apple TV

19th October, 2013

Built as a veritable entertainment box, the Apple TV isn’t cheap. It’s tempting to look for alternatives – AirPlay receivers that are cheaper than the Apple TV. We’ve laid out four options.


Preparing An External Hard Drive For Use With Mac OS X

4th October, 2013

If you’ve just purchased a new external hard drive for your Mac, it’s important to take the time to prepare your hard drive for use with Mac OS X.


The Best Places On The Web To Learn About And Play Go

30th September, 2013

Go is one of the oldest surviving board games in the world.


3 Ways to Download All Videos in a YouTube Channel

18th September, 2013

YouTube is fast, dynamic and incredibly easy to find other related videos. However, if you have to go offline, that won’t do you much good. Why not download those videos to your computer instead?


Secrets Of YouTube You Should Know…

6th September, 2013

YouTube is a favourite past-time for many of us; the chance to lead your own TV station. From you, for you. And yet, for all the time we spend on this web site, we know very little about it. It’s not surprising, seeing the size of this site, that there are a lot of back doors. A lot of ways to do things you wouldn’t expect.


Ditch Qwerty & Type Faster With Workman

20th August, 2013

Before personal computers were invented, even before they made their appearance in science-fiction literature, the Qwerty keyboard layout was designed for use on typewriters. While the design considerations were solid, Qwerty wasn’t created for efficiency. We don’t use typewriters anymore (well, most of us don’t). And yet most of you will still be using Qwerty, the most popular keyboard layout in the world. It’s time for change; for a keyboard layout that’s fit for modern keyboards and modern computing. It’s time for the Workman Layout.


Access FTP Servers Using Your Native File Browser

19th August, 2013

While there are a huge number of good FTP clients out there, sometimes you can get by without installing any third-party software at all. An FTP client like those mentioned above makes sense if you’re an avid user, but you can avoid cluttering your system with another piece of software if you only need FTP access every now and then. Specialised FTP clients are stronger and more versatile, but the standard file browser on each of the three main operating systems can connect to FTP servers as well!


Transmit: Perhaps The Best FTP Client For Mac OS X

16th August, 2013

FTP is the most common method of transferring files from one device to another over a network. If you host your own website, you simply can’t get around without a decent FTP client. FTP is not only for developers. It’s one of the easiest ways to communicate between two computers on a local network as well. You can even mount the entire volume of a remote computer and use it almost as if it were plugged in yours. There are a number of good FTP clients available for Mac OS X, but Transmit might just be top dog.


Run A Local PHP Web Server on Mac OS X With Zend Server

14th August, 2013

Hosting your own PHP server has two main advantages. First of all you can host it locally so you don’t need to bother with transferring your files and only need to refresh the page in your browser to see the latest changes. Second, you can keep your product-to-be private until it’s ready to be released to the world wide web. This way you can present a finished (or at least beta) product to your users from day one. Zend Server is a PHP server for Mac that allows you to develop locally with minimum hassle.