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Saikat is a techno-adventurer in a writer's garb. When he is not scouring the net for tech news, you can catch him looking for life hacks and learning tidbits. You can find him on Google+ & Twitter watching over the world.

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Design An Open Source T-Shirt With Mozilla

8th December, 2008

My personal opinion is that Mozilla is the second most interesting web name out there, just behind the big company with the little search box. Tomorrow always brings a new thing with such organizations. A few days ago Mozilla did – just in time for the holiday season. Mozilla opened its doors to the World […]


How to Hide Folders Using 7 Free Apps

5th December, 2008

Occasional snoopiness is the habit of man. The little world contained within our computers isn’t safe from eavesdroppers. The need to feel secure probably explains the surplus of encryption software available. We all have some skeletons in our hard disks or just need to keep some valuable files away from prying eyes. We already have […]


Scrapboy- Desktop Client for Facebook, Myspace & Orkut (Win)

28th November, 2008

When you think about it, this is really going against the grain. But if turn of events are taking software to the “˜clouds’ a.k.a cloud computing, this shouldn’t be beyond reason (or reach). So prepare to be surprised by Scrapboy, a desktop client for some of the popular social networks like Facebook, Orkut, and MySpace. […]


Make Your Own Sticky Notes with Notepad (Windows)

24th November, 2008

Someone had once remarked that simplicity is making the journey of life with just baggage enough. Sometimes, I try to apply the same axiom to my “˜soft aware’ life too. And that involves squeezing the maximum juice out of what’s available in my computer. One thing that has always been available since the last 20 […]

New Themes

Change The Look Of Gmail With Colorful Themes

21st November, 2008

Google boffins are starting to play with colors. The good thing is that now we can too! This Wednesday, Google rolled out a much awaited feature to Gmail. Bright, colorful, fantastic themes! I wouldn’t have caught it but for the little feed Google gives on the signing page. And lo and behold, just a little […]


Collaborative Drawing Online On The Dabbleboard

17th November, 2008

The chalk gives way to the mouse. The canvas to the screen. But essentially online whiteboards try to do the same thing that real world whiteboards used to do in our good ol’ school days. Online whiteboards though have gone a few steps beyond the mimicry. Dabbleboard, a whiteboard application brings its own host of […]


3 More Tools to Customize the Right Click Menu (Windows)

14th November, 2008

Who doesn’t love a shortcut? Thanks to the guy who programmed in the right click menu, we get to take some of them while working or browsing on the computer. Here at MakeUseOf we have looked at some of the ways to add more power to the right click menu. Earlier we have looked at […]


10 Uses of Google Alerts For A Freelancer

10th November, 2008

For most of us web workers Google is almost a simile for a spade. I would be treading on much furrowed ground if I were to hail the power of Google search. I don’t need to but the search engine has another little offshoot called Google Alerts which is of interest to those seeking information […]


How To Use MS Word 2007 for Fast and Easy Blogging

7th November, 2008

Once, a focus group was asked about the features they wanted to see in a Microsoft Office Suite. It was found that of all the features they asked for, 9 out of 10 already existed. Reading about it I also thought of a few features of my own.  As a freelance writer, I wanted a […]


IncrediMail – Have Some Fun With This Email Client (Windows)

4th November, 2008

I love emails. The pleasure of receiving them is matched by the pleasure of writing them. Of course, each email client has its own reason to boast and its own legion of fans. IncrediMail Xe can lay claim to some of them. If connecting with friends is meant to be fun, then IncrediMail follows this […]


6 Ways To Search ‘By Date’ On Google

27th October, 2008

A job hunting friend wanted to Google details on a prospective company. A normal search yielded lots of search results but how do you get the latest up to date information? Google results quite routinely includes pages from the way distant past. There are two faces to the ‘date’ conundrum. 1. How to find the […]


Hitman Pro: Unleash 8 Anti-Spywares with a Single Click (Windows)

26th October, 2008

Sometimes one is just not good enough. Especially when it comes to something as malevolent as spywares and trojans. The solution from Hitman Pro could be something akin to a multi-barreled approach. A combination of 8 anti-spywares out there for the dangers posed by cyber snoop tools preying on your computer. The basic premise behind […]


4 Free Tools to Download and Take Wikipedia Offline

13th October, 2008

Wikipedia, for most of us, needs no introduction. We use it perhaps almost as frequently as we use Google for our information needs. All of us might then wonder about the need to download and use a free information resource which is available only a click away online. But imagine that you are marooned on […]


Give Your Presentations A Boost With ZoomIt (Windows Only)

26th September, 2008

Sometimes the words ‘Microsoft software’ conjures up an image of a gigabyte sized bloated package. But Microsoft too sometimes goes against the grain and some of the tools available from the “Sysinternals Lab” prove that size doesn’t really matter. One example is ZoomIt. What would a bundled app of 145KB have to offer? Some nifty […]


How To Save Your Neck & Back With Workrave

15th August, 2008

This is truly a good piece of software if you are concerned about the gamut of occupational diseases that abound in all who use the computer. From spondylitis to carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic occupational ailments are the bane of those who sit staring at electronic screens. Workrave is a handy free software application that can […]