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Saikat is a techno-adventurer in a writer's garb. When he is not scouring the net for tech news, you can catch him looking for life hacks and learning tidbits. You can find him on Google+ & Twitter watching over the world.

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6 Ways To Search ‘By Date’ On Google

27th October, 2008

A job hunting friend wanted to Google details on a prospective company. A normal search yielded lots of search results but how do you get the latest up to date information? Google results quite routinely includes pages from the way distant past. There are two faces to the ‘date’ conundrum. 1. How to find the […]


Hitman Pro: Unleash 8 Anti-Spywares with a Single Click (Windows)

26th October, 2008

Sometimes one is just not good enough. Especially when it comes to something as malevolent as spywares and trojans. The solution from Hitman Pro could be something akin to a multi-barreled approach. A combination of 8 anti-spywares out there for the dangers posed by cyber snoop tools preying on your computer. The basic premise behind […]


4 Free Tools to Download and Take Wikipedia Offline

13th October, 2008

Wikipedia, for most of us, needs no introduction. We use it perhaps almost as frequently as we use Google for our information needs. All of us might then wonder about the need to download and use a free information resource which is available only a click away online. But imagine that you are marooned on […]


Give Your Presentations A Boost With ZoomIt (Windows Only)

26th September, 2008

Sometimes the words ‘Microsoft software’ conjures up an image of a gigabyte sized bloated package. But Microsoft too sometimes goes against the grain and some of the tools available from the “Sysinternals Lab” prove that size doesn’t really matter. One example is ZoomIt. What would a bundled app of 145KB have to offer? Some nifty […]


How To Save Your Neck & Back With Workrave

15th August, 2008

This is truly a good piece of software if you are concerned about the gamut of occupational diseases that abound in all who use the computer. From spondylitis to carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic occupational ailments are the bane of those who sit staring at electronic screens. Workrave is a handy free software application that can […]


Amic E-Mail Backup – A Good Thing in a Small Package

19th July, 2008

Good things they say come in small sizes. The Amic free email backup utility proves this idiom to the letter. Behind this 1.3 MB tool is Alexandru Marias, a computer programmer whose belief lies in creating easy to use Windows tools. After using the tool, Alexandru has my vote at least. I am surprised it […]

WebAnywhere – A Tool For Blind People To Get Online Anywhere

WebAnywhere – A Tool For Blind People To Get Online Anywhere

13th July, 2008

The catch phrase is WebAnywhere: A Screen Reader on the Go and this is exactly what it does. Tools for the visually impaired are few and far between so nobody should begrudge Richard Ladner, a University of Washington professor of Computer Science and Engineering and his doctoral student Jeffrey Bigham from a bow. The mentor […]


LiveMocha – Smell The Coffee & Learn The Lingo

8th July, 2008

As you log on to Facebook or MySpace, how about taking a slight detour to a social networking site of a slightly different kind? Launched in September 2007, LiveMocha promises to make language tuition as warm as a cup of mocha. Mocha, by the way is a rich pungent Arabic coffee. So brew yourself one […]