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Saikat is a techno-adventurer in a writer's garb. When he is not scouring the net for tech news, you can catch him looking for life hacks and learning tidbits. You can find him on Google+ & Twitter watching over the world.

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How To Make Use Of Research Feature in Microsoft Word 2007

23rd February, 2009

Most of us fire up Microsoft Word for our run of the mill document needs. Most of us don’t peek under the hood to see and use the other ready at hand tools that are just a few clicks away. I too accuse myself of this common shortcoming. It is perhaps a dire need or […]


10 Ways To Speed Up Torrent Downloads

21st February, 2009

Imagine being on the autobahn with the accelerator down and then you realize that you are driving a wrecked car. The plight is not so uncommon on the information superhighway too. Torrent users would attest to the fact that half of our time is spent looking for ‘healthy’ torrents and the other half trying to […]


5 Easy Ways To Back Up Your Microsoft Outlook Data

16th February, 2009

This is another of those things that one learns from unwanted experience. If you are in the majority who has experienced a system crash, then you will empathize with the hair tearing fits that accompany the loss of saved mails, contacts and sundry email data. For those whose preferred email client is Microsoft Outlook 2007 […]


10 Cool Software Easter Eggs To Discover

13th February, 2009

Thank God those software developers have a sense of humor too. Though, they have their own arcane ways to express it. One such expression is through ‘Easter eggs’. In the virtual world, it’s not chocolate and egg-whites, but little lines of code inserted into the main programs that show up through a combination of key […]


How to Start Google Chrome in Incognito Mode by Default

9th February, 2009

I remember a wall poster that said ““ “Even for expert users things should be simple.” The line came to my mind when I came across the nifty “˜Incognito mode’ in Google Chrome. The incognito mode gives us a way to stealthily and sneakily wade through the web. For those who have come in late, […]


20 Ways To Increase Laptop’s Battery Life

6th February, 2009

Mobile computing has got better with lighter components, better chips and faster processors. But the Achilles heel of a laptop has remained its battery. So here are we are going to look at ways to increase laptop battery life. Modern graphic intensive operating systems and resource hungry applications are cutting down the life of your […]


D-FileMU – A Small But Powerful File Renamer (Windows)

2nd February, 2009

Where do you go if you have several files to rename and organize? You hunt for software that will give your tired fingers a break from the sore monotony of renaming files one by one. If you are on such a lookout, then look at D-FileMU. D-FileMU is a small, lightweight free software that belies […]


Watch YouTube Or Google Videos Inside Gmail Chat

30th January, 2009

It’s a little feature in Googleland, but it adds a dash to our web talk. From the official Gmail blog I got the first hint of a new feature where we can now watch and share videos from within the chat window, while engaging in a normal tete-a-tete. Presently, the feature only supports videos from […]


Make Your Own eBooks with eBook Hood

23rd January, 2009

As commutes become a chore and time a scarcity, ebooks are bringing the reading habit back. Among the many ebook websites populating the web is eBook Hood. The web service brings a plethora of free eBooks from classics to pop fiction that you can download and read on your mobile device like an iPod. So […]


Make Animated Characters Talk With Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper (Windows)

19th January, 2009

Clippy The Paper Clip is as much a part of us as Microsoft Office. For the uninitiated, ‘Clippy’ is the animated paper clip which pops-up when we need some help from Windows. These animated characters make the computer a bit friendlier. The brains behind Clippy or for that matter Genie or Bosgrove is called the […]


5 Ways To Find Duplicate Image Files On Windows PC

16th January, 2009

If you are a quick fingered photo-snapper or a wallpaper junkie then the thousand of images on your hard drive could be a treasure hoard. But scattered among them could also be a few hundred duplicate images eating up space on your hard drive. Even worse, un-optimized raw images could be eating up chunks of […]


How To Create Your Own Fonts & Characters on Windows

12th January, 2009

It’s a small Windows program tucked away in the recesses of Windows own System32 folder. The ‘Private Character Editor’ (PCE) is almost a monochrome replica of MS Paint but with a different utility. If you want to create your own fonts or symbols then this is the tool to fire up. An ‘out of sight’ […]


How To Spell Check With The Firefox Dictionary

9th January, 2009

As a web writer, correct spellings are essential to my work. As it is something that I have to be a perfectionist about, I take a lot of care with my proofreading with an installed dictionary. I also “˜live’ a lot within the Firefox browser and that too necessitates a good spell checker. Thankfully, Firefox […]


Check Your Spellings On The Fly With TinySpell (Windows)

5th January, 2009

Some good things do come in small packages and TinySpell (a spell checker for Windows) is one of them. For those interested in the written word and its correct spelling, TinySpell is a must have. There are lots of spelling utilities out there like the well known WordWeb or even Office suite’s own spell checker, […]

Printable Calendars

10 Quick Ways To Print Calendars Online

2nd January, 2009

First let me apologize to environmental evangelists for suggesting a waste of paper. But if one is going to buy a hardcopy calendar anyway, why not make one of your own? With that thought I fired up the search engines to hunt down some of the sites which lets us design, download and print calendars […]