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Saikat is a techno-adventurer in a writer's garb. When he is not scouring the net for tech news, you can catch him looking for life hacks and learning tidbits. You can find him on Google+ & Twitter watching over the world.

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How To Recover Lost Gmail Password With A SMS Message

4th August, 2009

What’s the worst thing that can happen to us internet users next to a virus strike or a hard disk crash? All those who have gone through the woes and throes of losing a password will agree that it ranks alongside the other mind numbing strikes. And when the lost password is of a principal […]

How to Set Up Microsoft Outlook to Schedule Email Delivery

3rd August, 2009

Isn’t timing everything? In the business (and also the personal) world, schedules are something to stick by. In communication, selecting the right time to communicate is sometimes the difference between a sizzle and a fizzle. For instance, I need to send forth an email to a different time zone at 6 AM in the morning. […]


How To Discover The RSS Feed Of A Webpage If The Feed Link Isn’t There

31st July, 2009

Hmm”¦The Case of the Missing RSS Feed. My RSS feed reader is primed up and ready to go but there’s no feed button on the site.  Just when I thought that this lovely website was going to solve my information lust. Well, we will try to solve the problem of the missing RSS link but […]


How to Create Top Quality Computer Desktop Wallpapers

28th July, 2009

Personalization – that’s the mantra for anyone who is too attached to his computer. Some take it to the extreme of case mods but for us pedestrians, using a theme or changing the wallpaper is as far as we dare to spice it up. But even here with a bit of design savvy we can […]


How To Solve Any Windows Problem with Event ID

26th July, 2009

To paraphrase from the ditty “˜Don’t Quit’ ““ When things go wrong as they sometimes will; don’t quit. Because for every Windows crash there’s a way to lick the problem without dialing assistance. Windows glitches, errors and crashes are a pain in the rear. More often a reboot (or a smack on the sides) is […]


How to Make Index Cards in Microsoft Word 2007

24th July, 2009

I read somewhere that Carl Linnaeus, the Swedish naturalist, was the guy who invented index cards three centuries ago. That way he could pigeonhole vast amounts of data during his studies. We might not need it for organizing heavy duty scientific information but index cards are one of the best ways to organize information of […]


Plagiarism Checkers: 5 Free Websites To Catch The Copycats

21st July, 2009

“A lack of originality Couldn’t focus on the day so much for the radio Everybody sounds the same Everybody wears the same clothes now And everybody plays the game” That was from “˜Copycats’, a song by the Cranberries. Just swap the radio for the web and we could have an anthem for our times where […]


How to Use Mozilla Firefox in Safe Mode

20th July, 2009

The Program menu of our computer lists two shortcuts for Mozilla Firefox. The first is of course the one which starts our Firefox browser. Strangely, we couldn’t care less about the second one. What is Mozilla Firefox safe mode? Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode) becomes the next resort when the regular browser comes crashing down. Firefox […]


5 Ways To Do A Site-Specific Search Using Search Engines

17th July, 2009

Life’s primary vocation is search”¦ for happiness, for love or for that vital piece of information on the web. Search and search engines are the glue that binds the WWW together. Search engines bring us to the doorstep of the right information resources. But very frequently, we need to dig deeper into a single site to […]


10 Websites For Free Mobile Phone Ringtones & Other Mobile Downloads

14th July, 2009

Does music express the kind of people we are? I am not sure, but it’s a direct barometer of our likes and dislikes. I guess going by the mobile ringtone rage and the number of websites feeding the craving, the idea of saying “˜who we are’ through music has entered the cells too. I am […]


Manage Application Updates With The ‘Google Updater’ Service [Windows]

12th July, 2009

Google Updater is probably the only application from Google that does not have a face and is also not in your face. Because it runs periodically in the background. Google Updater is a part of the Google Pack (Google’s own apps and a few third party tools like Firefox, Norton Security Scan etc.). Google Updater […]


4 Free Thumbnail Generators To Create Quality Photo Thumbnails For Your Website

10th July, 2009

Text is boring. A thumbnail standing in for a line of text helps to visualize what the information is all about. In the age of visual search engines and visual computing, thumbnails (or thumbshots) are all over the place. Thumbnails as “˜Tom Thumbs’ of the real thing allow us to pack in more within the […]


How to Fix & Repair the Lost Link to The iTunes Music Library

7th July, 2009

My iTunes music library is my very own “˜Library of Alexandria’. There have been instances when my system has crashed or I have upgraded to discover that the library and coveted playlists have gone missing. The ancient Egyptians wouldn’t have been able to match my scream (and curse) decibels when their own famed one got […]


How to Recover Deleted Pictures from a Digicam Memory Card

5th July, 2009

We come from dust, we return to dust. Thankfully, it’s for us living beings and not for digital data. A slew of software makes it possible to recover files which have been lost. Where would digital forensics be without them? Well, I am not getting into the criminal underbelly, but just jabbering about a long […]

10 Places To Get Cool Media Clips For PowerPoint Presentations

3rd July, 2009

Remember Al Gore’s PowerPoint show? Well, it went and won the Oscars. Okay, “˜The Inconvenient Truth’ was more about alarming statistics than the Microsoft Office application. But it did show that data is one part of the story. How you weave media clips for PowerPoint into powerful presentation is another. There is a formulaic method behind […]