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Saikat is a techno-adventurer in a writer's garb. When he is not scouring the net for tech news, you can catch him looking for life hacks and learning tidbits. You can find him on Google+ & Twitter watching over the world.

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For Visual Thinkers: 2 Different Ways To Look At Your Evernote Notes

24th January, 2014

Visual thinking helps to break down complex information and give it a fresher perspective. Here are two ways to work around Evernote’s linear structure and see your notes more visually.


Google Search Uses Dropdown To Reveal More Information On Relevant Websites

24th January, 2014

Google now adds some more information under each individual search result. A little dropdown menu just below the search results tells you more about the websites you see in the search results page.


Google Launches “Video Quality Report” To Benchmark ISPs With YouTube HD Streaming

23rd January, 2014

The newly launched “Video Quality Report” from Google benchmarks ISPs against HD video streaming performance. It is only available in Canada for now, but expect it to be rolled out to the world gradually.


Coursera Launches Specialized Vocational Programs For Continuing Learners

22nd January, 2014

Coursera has launched Specializations. Specializations are more focused multi-course series built around popular topics like Data Science, Cybersecurity, Android Development, and Foundations of Teaching.


VLC Player Updates For iOS 7 With Streaming Support From Dropbox & Google Drive

22nd January, 2014

With the coming of iOS 7, VLC Player also comes out with a fresh new interface. The design makeover aside, VLC Player version 2.2.0 also comes with a very useful streaming support from Dropbox and Google Drive.


Smart Defrag 3 Introduces Defragmentation Support For Windows 8 Apps

21st January, 2014

The Windows defragmentation freeware is a popular choice for many and the latest release matches it with the requirements of the current Windows operating system.


Google Alerts Gets A Refresh With New Cleaner Design & Social Sharing Buttons

20th January, 2014

Google’s new card-styled design concept has come to Google Alerts. The new look is cleaner and more user-friendly. If you use Google Alerts regularly, the little changes could be welcome.


Feedly Launches URL Shortener For Sharing What You Read With RSS

20th January, 2014

Feedly has come out with a new URL shortening service that it hopes will foster more sharing and also promote its own RSS reader service. You can recognize it as


8 Easy Ways To Get Started With A Photography Habit Today

8th January, 2014

Each day can be a new beginning. A hobby like photography also needs the discipline of a habit, and you can give it an extra motivational push with the help of the Web.


3 Steps To Learning The Basics Of Photography With A Virtual DSLR

3rd January, 2014

Rather than learning your photography from books and tutorials, this web application from Canon Canada is the most fun yet. Outside of Auto from Canon is a gentle introduction to the basics of photography.


The World At Large: 7 Photography Websites To Feed Your Wanderlust

2nd January, 2014

A great travel photo will tell you something more about the world we all live in. Here are some photography websites that aren’t just eye candy, but open up the world for us.


7 Photography Projects That Could Change The Way You Look At Selfies

1st January, 2014

If you do it right, the selfie is elevated to the high art of self-portraiture. These seven creative photography projects could inspire you to think out of the box.


OKDOTHIS Gives You A Community Of Ideas For Photography Inspiration

31st December, 2013

Photographers have their own version of creative blocks. Instead of waiting for divine intervention, you can try OKDOTHIS on your iPhone. A community of ideas just might help to part the mental shrouds.


How To Go Visual With Your Ideas On The Microsoft Research Mood Board

27th December, 2013

If you are big on using brainstorming, then a mood board could serve as a starting off point by displaying the elements of your idea. This simple tool from Microsoft makes it easier.


Teach Yourself Anything: 3 Ways To Create Your Own Learning Playlists

23rd December, 2013

Learning playlists are just as useful for flipped teaching as they are for learning anything on your own. They help you curate the best from the Web. Here are three tools to create your own.