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Saikat is a techno-adventurer in a writer's garb. When he is not scouring the net for tech news, you can catch him looking for life hacks and learning tidbits. You can find him on Google+ & Twitter watching over the world.

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Learnist Makes Learning Stylish With A New Look And A Reading List

23rd March, 2014

Learnist is an educational startup that launched with a distinctly Pinterest-styled look. The site has been redesigned for easier creation and curation. You should find the new design more pleasing to the eyes.


Google Updates For Android: Voice Activated Camera & Personalized Keyboard Suggestions Arrive

21st March, 2014

Google announced two back-to-back updates for Android that address two common tasks you do with your mobile. Try the new way to launch your camera, and enhanced predictive typing.


Skype 4.7 Updates Android App With Battery Life Improvements

20th March, 2014

Everyone wants instantaneous always-on availability when it comes to chat. Skype included. That’s why the latest update to Skype on Android comes with a lesser drain on your mobile’s battery.


Be Choosy With Your Photo Sharing (And Friends) On The Facebook iOS App

19th March, 2014

Facebook for iOS 8.0 gives you an easy and quick Share with only these friends feature. Save time with a tap as now you can selectively pick from your friends list with a tap.


Let’s Talk Productivity: 7 Podcasts You Should Listen To For Working Awesomely

18th March, 2014

Let us talk about productivity — or let these seven life hackers talk about the little things we can do to work awesomely. Plug in…sit back…and listen.


Google Play Games Levels Up With Game Gifts, Multiplayer Invites, And iOS Support

18th March, 2014

The recent the Game Developers Conference (GDC) saw a number of new Google Play services and tools make their debut. Google threw in a few enhancements for players and game developers alike.


Pinterest Tries Out A New Gifts Feed To Entice The Online Shopper

16th March, 2014

Pinterest gives the inveterate shopper another thing to gaze at – a Gift Feed. The gift feed is a collection of Pinterest’s Product Pins, with a listing of products that are in-stock and available.


VLC Media Player Beta For Windows 8 Spotted In Microsoft’s Windows Store

14th March, 2014

VLC media player (beta) has been spotted in the Windows Store. It’s welcome, though it has taken a long time to arrive, and the bugs still need to be ironed out.


Following Facebook Pages Gets Better With A New Streamlined Look

13th March, 2014

A new design for Facebook Pages swiftly follows the revamp of the News Feed a few days ago. In keeping with the consistency site-wide, Facebook says it is a more streamlined look.


How To Develop The Skilled Writer Inside You For A Successful Life

12th March, 2014

It’s not about writing the next great novel. It could just come down to writing an intelligent Facebook status message and creating an impact. Let’s talk about the importance of writing well.


Open For All: Linux Foundation & edX Launch Course For Learning Linux

12th March, 2014

Learning Linux is about to get easier and organized with a two pronged push. In a major educational initiative, The Linux Foundation is building a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) program in partnership with edX.


Read Aloud As Google Text To Speech Gets New High Quality Voices For English

8th March, 2014

Google’s text-to-speech Android app gets a significant update with a better interface, natural sounding voices in English, and support for more languages. This news should be pleasant to the ears.


Save Time In Your Inbox As Gmail For iOS 7 Switches On Pre-Fetch For Emails

8th March, 2014

Gmail now works faster on your iPhone. The latest update to Gmail’s app for iOS 7 gets you to your messages as quickly as possible by pre-fetching your emails in the background.


Save Your Favorite Comments & Give Gold To The Best Submissions On Reddit

6th March, 2014

Reddit has been slowly but surely making tiny improvements to the social chatter it collates. This week it brings two changes to the community.


TED Unveils A Dynamic Video Player & Interactive Transcripts In A Revamped Website

5th March, 2014

TED Talks’s universally popular platform for inspirational talks has been redesigned from the ground up for its increasing user base. A responsive website makes it watchable on any screen size – smartphone, tablet, or desktop.