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Saikat is a techno-adventurer in a writer's garb. When he is not scouring the net for tech news, you can catch him looking for life hacks and learning tidbits. You can find him on Google+ & Twitter watching over the world.

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Get Tech Skills You Need At These Top 7 Online Course Sites

1st May, 2014

It’s not only about learning programming languages, but also the little unnoticed tech skills that could take you further in your career. Iterate to the next version of you. Class is in session.


Education For All: Volunteer In Coursera’s Global Translator Community

1st May, 2014

The Coursera MOOC platform has launched The Global Translator Community (GTC) program that will attempt to add translated subtitles to the 600 plus video courses on the site. Coursera is calling on volunteers.


Try Learning On The Go With The New Udacity For iPhone

29th April, 2014

Udacity has launched a free iPhone app. You can now access 12 full courses and 26 free and ‘open’ courses on an iPhone’s smaller screen. Learn in your downtime.


Explore Pinterest In Just A Few Taps As Guided Search Comes To The Mobile Apps

28th April, 2014

Pinterest is a “search engine” in its own right. New updates to Pinterest on mobile should help with the visual exploration. Guided Search is a new way to find content on Pinterest.


Learning To Code Becomes More Fun As Codecademy Reveals New Design

26th April, 2014

Codecademy just pressed enter on a complete makeover. If you are learning how to code, the new layout of the popular website and the extra features could make programming more fun.


The Intrepids: 5 Inspirations From 5 Digital Nomads Who Work & Travel

25th April, 2014

Thanks to the Web, we can take inspiration from the many who actually have escaped from the cubicle and have stepped out further with globetrotting. They are the intrepid breed called “the digital nomads”.


Travel Back In Time With Google Street View

24th April, 2014

Google Street View has been the best tool to travel around the world in eighty seconds. Now, a simple but fun update on Google Street View allows you to roll back time.


Apple Free Recycling Program Now Covers Every Retail Store Around The Globe

23rd April, 2014

Apple just reiterated that it is committed to its green initiative and recycling. The company announced that every Apple retail store around the world will take back Apple products for recycling.


Catch The Buzz: Google Trends Offers Email Notifications

20th April, 2014

Stay in the know with email notifications for Google Trends. You can now subscribe to your favorite search topics, “hot trends” for any country, and the U.S. monthly top charts.


Yahoo Polishes The Flickr App With 30 – Second HD Recording & Auto-Sync

19th April, 2014

Significant new features have been added to the smartphone apps after Yahoo went for a complete redesign of the Flickr app at the fag end of 2012. HD video recording is one of the highlights.


5 Easy Ways To Grab Free High Resolution Stock Images With Your Email

18th April, 2014

Finding a great photo isn’t that hard. Using that perfect photo can also come without sweat and cost. The five sources here ease your hunt because you simply subscribe to them with an email.


Amazon Combines Kindle Personal Documents With Cloud Drive

18th April, 2014

The “Send To Kindle” feature is handy. Amazon will now automatically archive all personal documents sent to Kindle in a new “My Send-to-Kindle Docs” folder on Amazon Cloud Drive.


7 Tiny Things You Can Do In A Few Minutes For Your Writing Creativity

17th April, 2014

If you like writing, then you can find comfort in that old cliché that says, creativity is knowledge having fun. Here are seven things you can do to improve your writing creativity.


Quickly Insert & Share Your Best Photos With A New Button In Gmail

16th April, 2014

Compose a new email and you will see a image icon with “New” hovering above it. This is a new way to quickly access and email your backed up photos from your mobile device.


Open The Box: Cloud Company Gives Back To Community With Open Source

14th April, 2014

Box has made its identity as a cloud company with generous file management features. The company showed another generous side by contributing to the Open Source movement with its own repository.