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Saikat is a techno-adventurer in a writer's garb. When he is not scouring the net for tech news, you can catch him looking for life hacks and learning tidbits. You can find him on Google+ & Twitter watching over the world.

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10 Surprisingly Simple Time Hacks For Reading More Every Day

21st February, 2014

There is just too much to read, and so little time. Their is just one obvious antidote against all excuses – you have to make time to read. The gold-plated question is how.


Google Translate 2.1 Shows Up With Native iOS 7 Keyboard & More Language Support

21st February, 2014

Update to Google Translate 2.1 on your iOS device and carry along support for translation and handwriting input support for new languages. Google Translate finally gets a new iOS 7 keyboard to do all the typing with.


Wattpad Gives Its Book-Loving Readers Inline Commenting And Offline Access

20th February, 2014

The new Wattpad apps for Android and iOS comes with two new features that should appeal to long-time members of the Wattpad community and anyone who likes to read while on the go.


Flickr Makes Conversations Richer With Photo Inserts In Comments

20th February, 2014

Now get more attention for your photos on Flickr. Yahoo’s photo hosting website has introduced a new “improved” commenting feature that allows users to insert photos with their comments.


10 Incredibly Simple Ways To Share Stuff On The Web While Saving Time

19th February, 2014

Sharing should be simple. What could be better than to take our hunt for free seconds to some “time shaving” online services that make sharing a simpler job than it is.


HTC Advantage Replacing Cracked Screens For Free In New HTC One Phones

19th February, 2014

The sight of shattered glass on a premium new phone is a high-voltage shock. HTC promises to insulate you with their unique promise to replace cracked screens within the first six months of purchase.


Microsoft And DocuSign Join Hands To Bring Digital Signatures To Office 365

19th February, 2014

The eSignature service DocuSign has inked a partnership with Microsoft that should allow Office 365 users to stamp their documents with eSignatures within the Office platform. The feature will enhance the workflow for Office 365 users.


VMware Virtualization Brings Windows Apps And Desktops To Chromebooks

17th February, 2014

Google comes together with VMware in move to bring you the best of both worlds – the low cost of ownership with a Chromebook, and the use of Windows as a virtual service.


YouTube Lists All The Top Songs & Tracks When You Search By Artist Name

16th February, 2014

A small but important addition to YouTube makes discovering tracks and albums easier. Type in a search to see a long list of the top tracks and albums on the right linking to the videos.


7 Really Free Things You Can Do On Amazon Without Spending A Single Dime

14th February, 2014

Everything here might be tagged with a dollar sign, but there are many alternative ways to use the resources on Amazon. Yes, they are free. Dive into Amazon’s depths.


Listen To Your Favorite Radio Stations Offline On Google Play Music

13th February, 2014

In the latest update, the Google Play Music app for Android lets you listen to any streaming radio station offline. With offline caching you can download a radio station for listening anywhere.


Microsoft Makes Office 365 Cloud Secure With Multi-Factor Authentication

13th February, 2014

Microsoft has finally given users some peace of mind by introducing optional multi-factor authentication in Office 365. In the same announcement, the company said the feature will arrive in Office 2013 this year itself.


Autodesk Pixlr Touch Up Adds 100+ New Photo Effects & New Adjustment Options

12th February, 2014

In a major update, Pixlr Touch Up has added 100 new overlay effects and new adjustment tools to the popular app for Chrome and Chrome OS. Play with vignetting, light painting, bokeh, fireworks, and light leaks.


Angry Birds Star Wars II Gets Eight Classic Characters In The Carbonite Pack

10th February, 2014

The new Carbonite pack for Angry Birds Star Wars II now features eight new characters from the movie franchise – or more accurately, six classic characters and two bonus ones just to make it more interesting.


Bing Partners With The Hollywood Reporter For The Ultimate Oscars Guide

10th February, 2014

Before the night of razzmatazz, go and visit Bing’s dedicated website for the upcoming Academy Awards. Bing has shaken hands with The Hollywood Reporter for the ultimate “Oscars resource guide”.