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Saikat is a techno-adventurer in a writer's garb. When he is not scouring the net for tech news, you can catch him looking for life hacks and learning tidbits. You can find him on Google+ & Twitter watching over the world.

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A Shine In The Clouds: The New Google Drive Gets A Redesigned Look

17th July, 2014

With generous free space, it is a personal cloud for many. What it needed was a fresh makeover. The “new look” Google Drive brings that. Take the new Google Drive for a spin.


Taking A Trip? 6 Ways To Teach Your Kids Something New While Traveling

9th July, 2014

If they are at the right age, planning a road trip in one’s own country or going abroad for a short family trip could be a timely excuse to teach kids new skills.


Inoreader: The Fast & Functional RSS Reader We Should Be Talking About

8th July, 2014

Google Reader is ash. Feedly has gone to town as a worthy replacement. But if you are still not in the place where you want to be with a feedreader, give Inoreader a second glance.


Search Less & Learn More: Explore Online Courses, Books & More On Bing

4th July, 2014

The Bing Search Engine is improving as a handy tool for education. In the latest update, Bing brings in two new ways to search for students who look to the Web for learning.


5 Technology Skills You Should Actively Encourage Children To Take Up

26th June, 2014

Crayon drawings still have their place, but technology is no longer only the future. Tomorrow’s world is today.Which are the creative technology tasks we should encourage children to take up? Maybe, these five…


Distracted By Google Search? 4 “Search Engines” You Should Not Ignore

19th June, 2014

Google is not the only way to tackle the firehose of information. Internal search engines can be as potent in delivering the results you are hoping for. Here are four as alternative search tools.


Facebook Brings Instant 15-Second Movies To Messenger & A Big Like For More Emotion

15th June, 2014

Facebook has updated its Messenger app for iOS and Android devices with a Snapchat like recording feature that lets you send 15-second video clips instantly. Exchange your moments and memories.


Read Or Listen: Amazon Integrates Audible In The Kindle Reader Apps

13th June, 2014

Amazon has cleverly brought together reading and listening in the new update to the Kindle app. With a tap you can now seamlessly go from reading to listening without losing your place in the book.


8 Ways To Beat Afternoon Slumps Productively When You Work Alone

11th June, 2014

Good eating and sleeping habits help. Planned work habits help with the inevitable even more. Here are eight simple workarounds when your productivity crawls, your eyes glaze over, and you stifle the yawn.


Sleepy On The Bus? Google Now Wakes You At Your Stop With An Alarm

10th June, 2014

Sleepy heads on a bus can nod off in peace if they have an Android with Google Now. The personal assistant has added an alarm that will wake you up when you reach your stop.


Save Your Web Favorites As Notes With OneNote Clipper For Chrome

9th June, 2014

Microsoft has released OneNote Clipper for Chrome. OneNote Clipper easily allows you to save anything from the Web to OneNote with a click. Save your web favorites easily.


Enjoy The Soccer World Cup On Google Street View’s Brazil Journey

8th June, 2014

Not everyone will manage to travel to Brazil and watch the best of football. Google Street View brings you up, close, and personal with the locations that will host the matches.


7 Pinteresting Ways To Visually Give Your Productivity A Nice Boost

7th June, 2014

Productivity obstacles hit us more often than we realize. When you get hit badly, be sure that there’s a solution in the 750+ million boards and 30 billion pins on Pinterest. Find the good stuff.


Google Remembers 70th D-Day Anniversary With Grand Online Exhibit

7th June, 2014

Google commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Normandy D-Day landings with a special collection in the Google Cultural Institute. It is a tribute to the brave soldiers who fought and fell that day.


You Can Quote Me: 5 Creative Ways To Use Quotes In Your Everyday Life

5th June, 2014

Famous quotes hide powerful perceptions and ideas. Let’s search for ways you can use quotes for your self-development, productivity, and of course – self-expression. Here are some alternative ideas for quotations and sayings.