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Saikat is a techno-adventurer in a writer's garb. When he is not scouring the net for tech news, you can catch him looking for life hacks and learning tidbits. You can find him on Google+ & Twitter watching over the world.

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Photoshop for Photographers: 8 Free Lectures to Get You Started

3 days ago

If you’re a photographer, your education doesn’t stop at the camera. You need to post-process if you want the best possible results. Here are eight free lectures to get you started.


10 Interesting Things You Can Learn on YouTube

2 weeks ago

We are on a quest to learn something new every day. So ask yourself — have you learned anything interesting today? If not, turn to YouTube.


How to Use OneNote at School: 10 Tips for Students & Teachers

16th April, 2015

OneNote can transform the modern classroom. The note-taking app from Microsoft is designed for both students and teachers. Go ahead and organize, collaborate, and share with these tips for better note-taking.

Forgetfulness & Memory

How to Easily Organize & Remember All the Life Hack Tips You Read

9th April, 2015

We forget things if we don’t repeat them. That’s bad news for the endless words of wisdom we read every day. The good news is that forgetfulness can be beaten.


The Star Trek Tech We Hope to See in Our Lifetimes

7th April, 2015

Look around. Life imitates art every day. Star Trek inspired technology – from communicators to a speaking computer are already common facts. But are there some more we can get to see soon?

STEM Education

10 Best Channels for STEM Education on YouTube

29th March, 2015

STEM is not just an acronym but an idea that could help transform how our children are taught. These ten YouTube channels not only teach but also inspire to study STEM subjects better.


Save Your Time With 10 Underused Google Features

24th March, 2015

Google’s tools and services do everything for us. But there are a lot of features that go underused. Save a few seconds and get more done with the Google tools you use every day.


10 Must-Have Chrome Extensions For 2015

8th March, 2015

It’s the third month of the year and some new Chrome extensions have floated towards our attention. Which are the ones you will keep?


5 Tools That Help You Focus & Get Real Work Done

28th February, 2015

The battle for better productivity and distraction free existence cannot be won by self-control alone. Apps and tools are riding to the rescue.


5 Tools That Can Help You Write Better Emails

26th February, 2015

Everyone is still trying to solve the email problem. So, let’s also talk about the most basic habit of all – the art of writing better emails. With the help of some cool tools.


Trap Your Best Thoughts with 10 Note-Taking Chrome Extensions

25th February, 2015

Notes are the simplest self-management tools. With information overload on your mind, use these ten extensions to jot down quick notes, manage them better, or just share them with others.


15 of the Best Courses on Udemy for Self-Improvement

25th February, 2015

We can no longer pretend that schools will teach us everything. So, start learning something on your own. Online education is a crowded space. Which makes us ask the question — Which course should I pick?


5 New Tools to Snag the Job of Your Dreams

24th February, 2015

The web is where you go to when searching for a new job or reinventing a new career. A clutch of fresh new digital services are changing the way we go about our job hunt.


Banish Your Number Phobia With a Bit of Everyday Math

12th February, 2015

We are all mathematicians. Even then we ask: what is the role of math in everyday life? It’s time to dispel some of our numerical fears.


Reap the Benefits of Microlearning with Bite-Size Lessons Every Day

5th February, 2015

A little learning is always better than no learning. That’s how the idea of using little snatches of time for bite-sized learning every day becomes a good habit to start.