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Ryan Dube is a freelance writer, an Electrical Engineer and an SEO expert. His writing focuses on science and tech investigations. Visit him at www.topSecretWriters.com or on Google Plus.

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Hit By a Manual Spam Action? Here’s What To Do

25th April, 2014

Imagine you’ve just created your best work of art, then someone streaks a permanent marker across the canvas. That’s what a Google manual spam action feels like.


Malicious Spam Tweets Flood Twitter From Hacked Accounts

25th April, 2014

Every now and then it’s common to see spam messages on Twitter promoting some weight loss pill or dating site, but Thursday hundreds of tweets flooded Twitter promoting a weight loss “miracle pill”.


7 Ways To Plan Ahead & Prepare For Your Next Business Conference

24th April, 2014

Get the most out of your upcoming business conference. Plan ahead and take full advantage of the chance to network with people in your industry. New opportunities could come your way with these tips.


Google Analytics Video Tutorial For Beginners

23rd April, 2014

You know the old movie quote, “If you build it, they will come”? Yeah, well, on the Internet that’s bull. On the Internet it takes hard work, creative thinking and constant monitoring.


10 Money Management Tools Inside Google Drive You Should Use Today

22nd April, 2014

The problem with money is that if you don’t manage it, you end up without it. How about some useful money management tools to help you get started right inside your Google Drive account?


4 Reasons We’ll Never Really Want To Give Up Facebook

21st April, 2014

Facebook is changing human psychology. And that’s why it’s going to stay with us. For a very long time.


4 Ways to Monitor The Search Engine Health Of Your Site

18th April, 2014

If your goal is to achieve the most traffic possible, you want to know if you’re achieving that goal, or if you’re headed for a cliff. Here’s 4 ways to check.


Stamp Out Junk Mail: 4 Tips To Stop Unwanted Snail-Mail

17th April, 2014

Every country is different, but believe it or not there are a few things that you actually can do to curb the flow of tree-destroying paper that makes its way to your mailbox.


Taking a Closer Look at the Dangers of Wireless Radiation

16th April, 2014

Bigfoot, UFOs and electromagnetic field sickness. What do they all have in common? One thing. They are all topics that really loony people talk about a lot.


Sony Recalls Thousands of Vaio Fit 11A Laptops For Overheating Batteries

15th April, 2014

Sony announced Friday that it would be recalling roughly 26,000 Vaio Fit 11A laptops. It’s not just hot laptops propped uncomfortably in laps, but the laptops are literally burning people.


Danger Confirmed: Heartbleed Really Does Open Up Crypto Keys to Hackers

14th April, 2014

The debate is over regarding whether the new OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability could be utilized to obtain private encryption keys from vulnerable servers and websites. Cloudflare has confirmed that private encryption keys are at risk.


Do Visionary Web Research Studies Using Deep Web Data & Excel Web Queries

11th April, 2014

What would you say if I told you that you have the tools at your disposal to do ground-breaking, Earth-shattering research? Well, you do, and I’ll show you how.


Disqus Commenting Platform Introduces Sponsored Comments

11th April, 2014

Disqus just announced that it is actively testing a new and innovative ad revenue stream called Sponsored Comments, placing advertisers at the top of the comment threads.


Massive Bug in OpenSSL Puts Much of Internet At Risk

9th April, 2014

If you’re one of those people who’ve always believed that open source cryptography is the most secure way to communicate online, you’re in for a bit of a surprise.


How to Set Up CDN the Right Way and Avoid SEO Problems

31st March, 2014

Tired of your website loading like a snail? Well, installing a CDN system on your WordPress blog can help, but setting it up wrong can really hurt. I’ll show you why and how to avoid those problems. CDN stands for “Content Delivery Network”, and it’s a way to cache content on your website that doesn’t […]