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Ryan Dube is a freelance writer, an Electrical Engineer and an SEO expert. His writing focuses on science and tech investigations. Visit him at TopSecretWriters.com or on Google Plus.

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How To Create An Automated Google Spreadsheet Report From Analytics Data

18th October, 2013

What’s working smart? Well, it’s constantly looking for ways to streamline and automate just about every single “process” in your life – from making coffee and tying your shoes, to creating slideshow presentations and studying for a final exam. One very time-consuming task is analyzing information about your website in Google Analytics, and then somehow presenting that data […]


How To Automate Firefox Or Chrome With Excel VBA And Selenium

17th October, 2013

The key to automation is doing things faster and easier than you’ve ever done before. So what part of your workload would you like to automate? Let’s see what we can do!


Monitor Your Network and Watch Your Bandwidth With NetworkMiner

16th October, 2013

When your Internet connection slows down to slow motion, it’s not always the ISP’s fault. The culprit could be in your house! Let’s see how you can identify it.


Breathing New Life Into an Old Android: How I Revitalized A Motorola Droid

15th October, 2013

This article is about my effort to transform an old, dog-tired Motorola Droid into a useful phone that can still be used to check email, post on Facebook and research online.


Create A Free Online Database For Any Purpose With Soda DB

9th October, 2013

Beginner or expert — creating your own free Soda DB database will allow you the freedom of having your own database, without the hassle of having to install and maintain one on a server.


7 Questions To Ask A Computer Technician Before He Starts Work

8th October, 2013

Finding the right computer technician could lead to a hassle-free fix. Ask the right questions and you can easily weed out the fly-by-night computer repairmen from the ones that know their business.


Windows 8 Transformation Pack Can Make Windows 7 Turn Modern

5th October, 2013

Windows 8 is cool, particularly the interface. Now that’s hardly a good enough reason to upgrade an entire operating system! How about upgrading only the look of Windows 7 to a fully functional Modern UI?


How to Boost Your PC Startup Time With BootRacer and MSConfig

4th October, 2013

Is your computer booting in slow motion? This is a common PC nuisance that gets worse over time. Rather than re-installing your operating system, try to clean out your boot menu using BootRacer!


Using VBA To Automate Internet Explorer Sessions From An Excel Spreadsheet

3rd October, 2013

Its integration with Windows allows control of Internet Explorer in a number of surprising ways using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) script from any application that supports it, such as Word, Outlook or Excel.


Take Google Task Management And Scheduling To A Whole New Level With GQueues

27th September, 2013

Google Tasks doesn’t work if you want to move beyond the time management of today into the visionary planning of tomorrow. This is where GQueues steps up to the plate.


Analyze Your Site Traffic By Day Or Month And Prepare To Be Amazed

27th September, 2013

Google Analytics reveals a lot of amazing things about your website traffic, reader behavior, and even how to better optimize the website when you publish certain types of articles or other content on your site.


Be Your Own Travel Guide: 7 Tips To Travel Smarter With Google Maps

26th September, 2013

Going on a trip can be such a stressful experience. But, let’s walk you through the ways you can use Google Maps to plan every aspect of your next big trip.


Autodesk and Circuits.io Launch New Electronics Design Tool 123D Circuits

24th September, 2013

Autodesk expanded its offering of free 3D modeling tools last week by joining with Circuits.io to launch a free electronics design tool called 123D Circuits.


5 Dangerous Gaming Injuries And How To Avoid Them

18th September, 2013

Imagine that you can no longer grasp a can of soda without your wrist feeling like it wants to explode. That, my friend, is what that innocent-looking game console can do to you. I’m not speaking about this as a medical expert, or as a concerned parent hoping to sway kids from playing video games, but as a witness to the pain and suffering that extreme gaming can cause to the human body.


How to Blog For Search Engines Without Becoming a Content Mill

17th September, 2013

Being a blogger is not the easiest job in the world. It requires patience, determination, and persistence. You have to be willing to write for nothing, and sometimes less than nothing, when you’re starting your own site. One of my favorite bloggers Darren Rowse – the owner of Problogger and one of the Internet’s more […]