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Ryan Dube is a freelance writer, an Electrical Engineer and an SEO expert. His writing focuses on science and tech investigations. Visit him at www.topSecretWriters.com or on Google Plus.

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4 Common Myths You’ll Be Surprised to Know Are False

5 hours ago

Throughout human history, rumors and stories started and spread like wildfire. The Internet has only magnified this strange phenomenon.


Why Buzzfeed’s Business Model is Doomed to Fail

1 week ago

BuzzFeed’s really popular now, but their business model ensures no one will trust or like them in the long term.


3 Tips That’ll Instantly Wipe Out Job Interview Anxiety

8th May, 2015

The hardest part of getting any job is usually the job interview. These three tips will help you get through the process unscathed, and with a new job.


Augment for Chrome Transforms Your Gmail Inbox Into a Productivity Dashboard

6th May, 2015

If there is one thing that holds people back from success more than anything else, it’s low productivity.


7 Time Management Lessons I Learned from Mountain Climbing

28th April, 2015

How you manage your time from the first moment in the morning, to the last moment when you go to bed, is a lot like mountain climbing. I learned these lessons the hard way.


Track Key Areas of Your Life In 1-Minute with Google Forms

26th April, 2015

It is amazing what you can learn about yourself when you take the time to pay attention to your daily habits and behaviors. Use the versatile Google Forms to track your progress with important goals.


13 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With a Nest Thermostat

23rd April, 2015

You may be surprised just how many little tricks you can accomplish with your new Nest thermostat!


How Robotic Parking Garages Will Make Your Life Easier

22nd April, 2015

If you’ve ever been frustrated with using parking garages in the city, you may be happy to learn that an automated alternative may be coming to a city near you.


How to Recognize and Overcome Your Tech Addiction

14th April, 2015

Overcoming tech addiction doesn’t mean ending your use of that technology, it just means using technology to improve the quality of your life. This guide shows you how to manage your online cravings.


Shutterstock Labs: How to Find Perfect Stock Images and Videos

8th April, 2015

Shutterstock recently added several tools to help you find and edit the exact stock images and videos that you need. Here’s our walkthrough of what to expect.


How to Install and Use the Nest Thermostat to Automate Energy Savings

7th April, 2015

If you’ve ever considered getting started with home automation, purchasing a Nest thermostat is the perfect way to start. In just a week of using it, we cut our energy consumption in half.


How Hollywood Has Depicted Artificial Intelligence Over The Years

26th March, 2015

Humanity has always had a love-hate relationship with technology, and robots are no different. Over the years, there have been hundreds of movies about sapient robots, and the portrayals have varied wildly.


4 Everyday Things That Were Unbelievably Nerdy in the 80s

25th March, 2015

Instant messaging, let’s play videos and wearable tech were all around in the 80’s – they just weren’t considered cool.


Introverts Love Facebook and Extroverts Hate It. Here’s Why.

20th March, 2015

Do you love Facebook? If you do, there’s an excellent chance that you’re an introvert. If you hate Facebook, you could be an extrovert.


A Guide to Google Tools – Tips & Tricks You Can’t Live Without

10th March, 2015

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find tips, tricks and hacks that’ll help you make better use of Google services you already use. Whether novice or an expert, you’ll easily increase your productivity.