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Ryan Dube is a freelance writer, an Electrical Engineer and an SEO expert. His writing focuses on science and tech investigations. Visit him at www.topSecretWriters.com or on Google Plus.

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How Hollywood Has Depicted Artificial Intelligence Over The Years

7 days ago

Humanity has always had a love-hate relationship with technology, and robots are no different. Over the years, there have been hundreds of movies about sapient robots, and the portrayals have varied wildly.


4 Everyday Things That Were Unbelievably Nerdy in the 80s

1 week ago

Instant messaging, let’s play videos and wearable tech were all around in the 80’s – they just weren’t considered cool.


Introverts Love Facebook and Extroverts Hate It. Here’s Why.

2 weeks ago

Do you love Facebook? If you do, there’s an excellent chance that you’re an introvert. If you hate Facebook, you could be an extrovert.


A Guide to Google Tools – Tips & Tricks You Can’t Live Without

10th March, 2015

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find tips, tricks and hacks that’ll help you make better use of Google services you already use. Whether novice or an expert, you’ll easily increase your productivity.


How to Create More Free Time By Gamifying Your Schedule

15th February, 2015

There is nothing more rewarding than accomplishing a task that’s on your schedule ahead of time. So, why do you insist on punishing yourself for completing tasks, rather than giving yourself your just reward?


How You Can Be a Force For Good In a World Filled With Online Trolls

4th February, 2015

Each of us can make the web better, simply by making an effort to post positive things throughout the Internet.


5 Signs You Shouldn’t Date That Guy You Met On The Internet

31st January, 2015

I was an online player. Here are the tricks I used to win women’s hearts – and how to spot them.


5 Ways Windows 8.1 Can Make You More Productive

30th January, 2015

Who would ever want to buy a new computer and be forced to start using Windows 8? Well, this guy right here for one. Turns out Windows 8.1 is amazing for productivity! Let me explain…


How To Create The Last Perfect Time Management System You’ll Ever Use

23rd January, 2015

Productivity is a constant search for more organization with less work. A way to accomplish everything you dream to accomplish, without losing out on sleep. Can this automated time management system do it all?


A Year in Review and Happy Holidays from MakeUseOf

25th December, 2014

Those of you who have been with us for a while have likely seen all of the transitions we’ve gone through. Here are some of the latest changes and our highlights from 2014.


Top 5 Ways You Are Spied On Every Day And Don’t Know It

19th December, 2014

The chances are you’re oblivious to the ways in which you’re being monitored almost daily as you go about your business. Learn how to take precautions to protect yourself against these surveillance threats.


The Best Web Hosting Services

30th November, 2014

Are you looking for the best web hosting services for your needs? Whether you need a place to host your small personal blog, or a major corporate website, this list is for you.


10 Top Health Forums Online For Expert Support

20th November, 2014

Answers to your health fears might be as simple as visiting one of popular medical forums and asking a certified medical professional for their medical opinion. Here are 10 of the better expert health forums.


Luddites Attacking? Being A Techie Could Be Dangerous

19th November, 2014

Three shocking stories where people have attacked gadget loving techies . Are these anti-technology Luddites with anger issues, or justified privacy-rights activists?


3 Tools To Monitor & Examine The Windows Registry

6th November, 2014

The Windows registry is one of the most poorly understood parts of the Windows operating system. We show you tools that can simplify the registry and help you identify issues.