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Check-In Much? 6 Interesting Uses For Your Foursquare Data

13th July, 2013

Foursquare is one of those apps that you either love or hate, and many feel it is just another part of the oversharing culture of our online Instagram, Facebook and Twitter lives, where everything we do finds a home on the Internet. While there is something to be said for cautious (or private) Foursquare sharing, there is also something to be said for harnessing all that data that you’re saving. Here are six ideas that will help you put all those check-ins to good use.


Turn Your iPhone into a Lytro Camera with FocusTwist

9th July, 2013

When the Lytro camera was announced it sounded like it was either the best thing since sliced bread, or too good to be true. If you can afford it, why wouldn’t you want to own a camera that allows you refocus the image long after you’ve taken it? At $399 for the 8GB model, it’s not necessarily something that all of us can afford. That’s why we were pretty excited to find out about FocusTwist, the $1.99 iPhone app claims to be able to do what a $400 camera can do.


Noowit: A Solid Flipboard Alternative That Helps You Create Personalized Magazines

9th July, 2013

As Google Reader has shut down its RSS reader, there has been a lot of talk about where to go next. Many alternatives have been suggested, and Feedly seems to be one of the most popular options to have benefited from Google’s decision. That said, there is another service which recently launched its public beta and might be worth giving a spin. Noowit is not a traditional RSS reader by any means.


A Guide To Good Deals: How To Save Money On Everything You Buy Online

5th July, 2013

Online shopping makes it easier than ever to get a good deal. We’ve put together a short guide on how to get the best price on just about anything you might be looking for online. And remember, to be a conscious consumer, you also should do a little bit of research to make sure that your good deal really is a good deal.


Who Do You Think You Are: 4 Sites That Want To Know With The Help Of Shared Photos

3rd July, 2013

We are a generation of over-sharers – every photo of coffee, breakfast or cocktail on Instagram can attest to that. That said, there is a lot of “sharing” on the Internet that is pretty interesting. A variety of show-and-tell websites encourage users to share photos that give a glimpse into their lives, without giving away too much.


Adopting A Dog? Check Out These 7 Resources To Help You Choose A Breed

2nd July, 2013

Choosing a dog breed can be a challenge. Taking into consideration your own lifestyle, members of your family, living conditions, as well as the breed’s temperament, needs and habits, there’s so much that goes into a pretty big decision. There are a ton of great resources online that can make that choice a little easier.

Upload, Browse and Batch Download Photos with Flickr Mac App F-Stop

29th June, 2013

Flickr’s recent revamp has certainly made for a much more enjoyable experience when it comes to browsing the photo sharing website. That said, there are quite a few interesting and useful third party Flickr apps that can bring a full Flickr experience to your desktop. The free Mac app F-Stop allows you to browse Flickr photos uploaded both by you or your contacts, search the public feed, watch slideshows of photosets and even batch download images of your choice.


How Politicians, NGOs, Marketeers and More Are Using Vine

26th June, 2013

At first glance, you would think that you can’t really get much out of six seconds worth of video but Twitter’s free video service Vine which launched back in January has proved that wrong. The app is flexible enough to allow you to make it what you want, much in the same way Twitter offers a unique experience to each user. Whether it’s politicians, artists, athletes, businesses or even non-profit organizations, there’s no limit to how Vine can be used to spread a message.

Postalpix logo

Postalpix: The Easiest Way to Print Your Smartphone Photos [US]

25th June, 2013

As the saying goes, the best camera is the one that’s with you, and for that reason, if you’re a smartphone user, you find yourself taking more and more photos with your phone rather than with an actual camera. While the iPhone makes it incredibly easy to share those photos, it’s great to get prints of the photos to hang up or frame. Free app Postalpix is available for both iOS and Android, and can be used to select photos to print directly on your phone then have them shipped right to your doorstep.


NextStories: A Refreshing And Easy-to-Use StumbleUpon Alternative

22nd June, 2013

When StumbleUpon first hit the Web 2.0 scene, it was one of the first sites of its kind to really make it easy to discover new content online. Since then, lots of websites and apps have rushed into what has become an incredibly crowded scene of content discovery, but NextStories, which we first introduced you to in our directory, brings a simple elegance to the process that really makes it stand out.

Vsco Cam Logo

VSCO Cam: A Must-Have in the iPhoneographer’s Arsenal

19th June, 2013

There’s certainly no shortage of iPhone photography apps – if anything, there might be a tad too many to choose from. If there’s one app you definitely need to add to your iPhoneography arsenal, it’s VSCO Cam. The free app is the second iteration to hit the app store courtesy of Visual Supply Company and this time it’s free so you can try out the app and get a feel for it, before deciding if you want to shell over more money for additional filters.

favebucket logo

FaveBucket: Save And Share Your Favorite Links From Across The Web

18th June, 2013

FaveBucket which allows you to not only collect and organize your links in one place, it also gives you options on how to share it with your friends online. FaveBucket has a somewhat Pinterest-inspired layout, with a grid of boxes featuring all of your latest links. It’s a slick and easy-to-use service that is just getting started.


Get More Out Of Pocket With These 6 Tips To Enhance Your Reading Experience

15th June, 2013

While Pocket is simple and easy-to-use, there are a few ways you can make the experience of using the service even better. Whether it’s finding interesting ways to save content to your Pocket account, or to share that content with others, or even ways that improve how you can consume that content through Pocket, we’ve got you covered.

Tumblr Logo

6 Bizarre Photoshop Tumblr Blogs That Will Entertain & Bemuse You

12th June, 2013

Are you big fans of Tumblr? Here at MakeUseOf, we certainly are. The blogging platform brings together the idea of blogging together with social networking and has become home to some of the most creative, entertaining, humorous and thoughtful posts we’ve ever come across. With an easy-to-use backend that lends itself to both creating new content and sharing content that you like, it is home to some of the most viral content on the Web.


Say the Same Thing: The Next Big Word Game

10th June, 2013

Say the Same Thing (STSG) is a new game, available as a free iOS and Android download, which comes to us courtesy of the band OK Go. Letterpress made a splash when it launched last year, Pictionary-like Draw Something was a huge hit, and there’s lots of popular iOS word games like 7 Little Words that will keep you busy for hours. STSG is a new word association game that brings a bit of vocabulary fun into your day.