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Nancy is a writer, photographer and editor, living between Washington DC and Cairo. You can find her on Twitter  and Google+.

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How To Create Your Own Parody Facebook & Twitter Conversations

19th November, 2013

Facebook and Twitter parody posts are hilarious. Ever wondered how to create them yourself? It’s time to find out.


Experience The Biggest Historical Events Of Our Times Through Twitter

11th November, 2013

With the help of the history books, these accounts live-tweet specific historical events in the exact sequence and on the same dates as they happened. Join in to experience it yourself!


Digg Reader Is A Beautifully Minimal Alternative To Feedly

6th November, 2013

Digg launched a reader in June following the shutdown of Google Reader. Digg Reader is a slick, minimal reader that puts the focus where it should be — on the articles you want to read.


How To Find Your New Favorite Music On Social Networks

5th November, 2013

Whether its dedicated music social networks, or services that plug into Twitter or Facebook to let you know what your friends are listening to, there are quite a few ways to disocver new music socially.


Got Some Time To Kill? 4 Sites Filled With Bite-sized Documentaries

31st October, 2013

There’s lot of stuff to watch online, and a lot of it is bite-sized content that you can watch on the go. Here are four places to watch interesting and educational short documentaries.


14 Websites To Find Free Creative Commons Music

28th October, 2013

Do you use Creative Commons in any online project? When it comes to Creative Commons music — there are certainly no shortage of websites with audio you can use for any occasion.


10 Life-Changing Moments Captured on Instagram

24th October, 2013

Whether its documenting natural disasters, hundreds of thousands taking to the street in protest, or a crash landing of an airplane, Instagram users have been there to snap some of the first shots.


6 Ways To Create Your Own Private Social Network

22nd October, 2013

A private social network? No, it’s not an oxymoron. If you have privacy concerns, or simply want to create your own social network, there are some solid Facebook alternatives out there.


Make Your Digital Photos Look Like They Were Taken with Kodak’s First Camera

17th October, 2013

If you want your photos to look just like they were taken with Kodak’s iconic debut camera, all it takes is a mobile app or two to reproduce the vintage look.


How to Make Sure Your WordPress Blog Is Accessible To Mobile Users

15th October, 2013

Don’t make your readers zoom-in on their phone: offer a mobile version of your WordPress blog. Here’s how. When it comes to running a blog, the first thing you need to think about is your visitors. A key question you should ask yourself: do you want your blog to be easy to access on the […]


Everything You Need to Know About Using Snapseed in Google+

11th October, 2013

Google recently re-introduced Snapseed for desktop users, no matter which operating system they happen to be using. The only catch is that Snapseed is only available using Google’s own browser, Chrome.


Make Your Product and Food Photos Pop With a Perfect White Background

11th October, 2013

When it comes to food photography and product shots, sometimes all you need is a flawless white background to take some pretty impressive photos. Rather than buy a lightbox, or go trough the trouble of making one yourself, you can actually get really good results using nothing more than a white canvas sheet and natural […]

ipad baby

5 Ways To Get More Mileage Out Of Your Old iPad

8th October, 2013

We recently showed you a few ways you can make the most out of your old iPad by speeding it up, but what if it’s just too slow for most of your needs?


Ads Coming to the Instagram Feeds of US Users

4th October, 2013

News of ads in your Instagram feed have been rumoured for over a month, and the official announcement was made on Thursday.

save the world featured

5 Ways Social Media Makes The World A Better Place

3rd October, 2013

Social Media is often spoken of as a frivolity. It only takes a little digging to realize that social media can actually make the world a better place, lead social revolutions, and more.