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Mihir Patkar is a freelance writer on technology and life hacks, who firmly believes chocolate is the answer to any question. You can usually find him saying other such silly things on Twitter.

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Turn Gmail Into A Trello-Like Task Board With Sortd

5 days ago

In the modern workforce, your email often turns into your task list. Well, now you can get Trello-style organisation right in Gmail with a new Chrome extension, Sortd.


10 Best LinkedIn Influencers To Follow For Job Search and Interview Advice

2 weeks ago

Getting a job isn’t easy in these tough times. The right advice can make it easy, such as how to answer a tough interview question. Let LinkedIn’s experts help you out.


6 Great Cases For The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

2 weeks ago

There is a huge range of cases available for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, covering just about every usage scenario you can come up with. Here are six of them.


Upgrade Your Job Hunt: 3 Quick Ways To Improve Your Resume

5th November, 2014

Your resume is key to landing that job interview. Technology can help check how readable your CV is, thus increasing your chances of making a good impression.


Google Chrome’s New Bookmark Manager Focuses On Organization And Search

4th November, 2014

Bookmarks have been an integral part of browsers since long before Google Chrome was launched. Now, Google is looking to make them more useful than ever before. The new Bookmark Manager extension for Chrome wants to make it easy to organize your bookmarks and have the bookmarks look great at the same time. To download […]


Looking For A Smart Dialer App For Android? Truedialer Delivers

4th November, 2014

Truedialer, a new app from Truecaller, can show you what unknown number you’re about to call and can greatly improve the calling experience on your Android device.


Publish Your Book With Amazon’s Crowdsourced Kindle Scout Program

29th October, 2014

Want to get your book finally published? Amazon, the maker of the Kindle, has launched a new program that marries the self-publishing industry with crowdsourced campaigns like those on Kickstarter.


Microsoft Made An Android App: Meet Your Next Lock Screen

27th October, 2014

Microsoft has released a lockscreen replacement app for Android. Is it any good?


Sort Mobile Photos The Easy Way: Swipe Right to Keep, Left to Delete

27th October, 2014

Simplify the process of sorting out your smartphone snaps with two apps that take a Tinder-like approach to photo organization.


How To Save Twitter Links To Pocket Or Other Bookmarking Services

23rd October, 2014

Twitter is a fantastic social-powered list of must-read items. How do you track and save them them? Don’t worry, there’s always technology to make things easier.


The Best Unlocked, Off-Contract Smartphones Available

9th September, 2014

Buying unlocked phones can save you lots of money, but with so many options out there, which unlocked phone is the best?


Protect Yourself With Facebook’s Privacy Check-up Tool

6th September, 2014

Facebook has a privacy problem. It’s no secret. You hear stories about that every other day. So to help users understand their settings better, Facebook has released a new tool called Privacy Check-up.

Fit More Into 15 Seconds With Instagram’s New Hyperlapse Videos

4th September, 2014

We live in an age of short-form content; say what you can in 140 characters, show what you see in 6 to 15 seconds. But there are always cheats and tricks, like Instagram’s new app Hyperlapse.


Dropbox Pro Launches 1TB Plan For $9.99/month. Adds Password Protection For Files

29th August, 2014

Storage provider Dropbox is the preferred cloud solution for many of us. The deal just got sweeter with the new Dropbox Pro plan, which gives 1TB of storage space and adds security features.


The Best Ways To Search And Play YouTube Music On Chrome, Firefox And The Web

10th August, 2014

YouTube is fantastic to listen to music quickly and for free. But what if I told you there are browser extensions and websites that make the YouTube music listening experience even better?