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Mihir Patkar is a freelance writer on technology and life hacks, who firmly believes chocolate is the answer to any question. You can usually find him saying other such silly things on Twitter.

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The Ongoing War Against Stolen Tweets, And How You Can Help

18 hours ago

People are getting job offers and recognition for their tweets – it’s time to get serious about plagiarism on Twitter.


Everything You Need to Know About the New Spotify

19 hours ago

Spotify is no longer just a music streaming service. At an event in New York, Spotify launched a bunch of new features, including video streaming, in a bid to become an entertainment hub for users.


Best Windows Parodies to Celebrate 25 Years of Windows 3.0

21 hours ago

May 22nd marks the 25th anniversary of Windows 3.0. Microsoft has enjoyed great success, but at the cost of great ridicule. Let’s look at the funny side of Windows between then and now.


The End of Free Music: Should Spotify Make Everyone Pay?

1 week ago

Apple is trying for another revolution with the rumored launch of Apple Music, a music streaming service. But along the way, Apple might be trying to kill existing free music streaming services. Boo! Hiss!


How Success Kid’s Internet Fame Saved His Dad’s Life

4th May, 2015

A father got a kidney, thanks to his son’s accidental fame, and no one was hurt in the process. That’s a good day on the Internet.


Getting Started with Audiobooks: How to Finally Finish Your “Reading List”

29th April, 2015

Audiobooks are a good way to tackle your reading list, but it can be difficult to get started with them. Let’s make it simple.


Facebook Hello vs. TrueCaller: Which Is the Best Caller ID and Dialer App for Android?

26th April, 2015

Facebook Hello is here — the new caller ID and dialer app for Android. But how does it stack up against the competition?


WhatsApp Voice Call: Everything You Need to Know

23rd April, 2015

Popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has finally launched a new voice calling service, enabling users to make phone calls over the Internet.


Is WWE 2K on Mobile Worth Its $7.99 Cost of Admission?

22nd April, 2015

Finally, WWE has released a simulation wrestling game for the mobile screen. Should you be putting down your hard-earned cash for this one?


Hearthstone on iPhone is Finally Here! Should You Download It?

20th April, 2015

Does the mobile version of Hearthstone stack up to its PC and tablet big brother, or does the small screen hold it back.


Is Mortal Kombat X on iOS Worth Downloading?

13th April, 2015

Has developer Netherrealm Studios finally set the standard in how to make a fighting game for the small screen?


Create Easy Photo Collages for Instagram With Layout

8th April, 2015

While there are plenty of ways to create collages without Photoshop, Layout’s focus is on simplicity and the ability to share the images quickly with Instagram and Facebook.


DancingMan, And 4 More Times The Internet Was a Positive Force

26th March, 2015

The Internet can be a mean place, full of trolls and scamsters. But just like real life, for all the bad, there’s a lot of good out there.


How to Use New Wunderlist Folders to Boost Your To-Do List

19th March, 2015

Wunderlist got a big update with two new features essential for a good to-do app: organizing and quickly adding tasks. Do these help it become the productivity app of your choice?


Why Everyone Needs Twitter in Their Lives

18th March, 2015

What can you get in a mere 140 characters that changes your life or has a deep, meaningful impact? Turns out, you can get a lot.