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Mihir Patkar is a freelance writer on technology and life hacks, who firmly believes chocolate is the answer to any question. You can usually find him saying other such silly things on Twitter.

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Meet Instagram’s Five New Filters (And Learn What They Are Best For)

2 days ago

Photography social network Instagram has issued a new update, which brings five new filters, the ability to reorder the filters, and thumbnail previews. Instagram is releasing new filters for the first time in two years.


Wikipedia Has Millions In The Bank – Why Beg For More?

2 days ago

If you have been on Wikipedia in the past few days, you must have noticed an appeal from co-founder Jimmy Wales. It comes up every December, like clockwork. The world’s largest publicly-edited encyclopaedia needs donations, from you, to keep running. But does it really? Earlier this year, the Wikimedia Foundation (which runs Wikipedia) raised over […]


iPhone & iPad Last Minute Gift Guide for 2014

3 days ago

Left Christmas shopping a bit late this year? Don’t worry – apps make the best last minute presents.


LinkedIn Gets More Social To Battle Upcoming Facebook At Work

4 days ago

LinkedIn is redesigning its homepage in an effort to get workers to participate more. The idea seems to be to separate content from social events important to people you are connected with.


Australia’s Twitter Win Against Islamophobia: How To Use #illridewithyou

5 days ago

Twitter’s top trending hashtag worldwide, #illridewithyou, shows how social networks can be a force for good.


How To Automatically Change Passwords With New LastPass And Dashlane Features

7 days ago

Every few months, we hear of a new security vulnerability that requires you to change your password. It’s tiresome, but now Password management apps are adding tools to automate this task, saving you time.


10+ Places To Watch Fun Educational Videos Online

1 week ago

The Internet is full of great videos, some of which can be quite educational. They won’t put you to sleep like a lecture. This selection combines the best of fun and learning.


The Best Waterproof Android Phones Available

26th November, 2014

Looking for a waterproof smartphone? We’ve got you covered.


Turn Gmail Into A Trello-Like Task Board With Sortd

18th November, 2014

In the modern workforce, your email often turns into your task list. Well, now you can get Trello-style organisation right in Gmail with a new Chrome extension, Sortd.


10 Best LinkedIn Influencers To Follow For Job Search and Interview Advice

12th November, 2014

Getting a job isn’t easy in these tough times. The right advice can make it easy, such as how to answer a tough interview question. Let LinkedIn’s experts help you out.


6 Great Cases For The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

11th November, 2014

There is a huge range of cases available for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, covering just about every usage scenario you can come up with. Here are six of them.


Upgrade Your Job Hunt: 3 Quick Ways To Improve Your Resume

5th November, 2014

Your resume is key to landing that job interview. Technology can help check how readable your CV is, thus increasing your chances of making a good impression.


Google Chrome’s New Bookmark Manager Focuses On Organization And Search

4th November, 2014

Bookmarks have been an integral part of browsers since long before Google Chrome was launched. Now, Google is looking to make them more useful than ever before. The new Bookmark Manager extension for Chrome wants to make it easy to organize your bookmarks and have the bookmarks look great at the same time. To download […]


Looking For A Smart Dialer App For Android? Truedialer Delivers

4th November, 2014

Truedialer, a new app from Truecaller, can show you what unknown number you’re about to call and can greatly improve the calling experience on your Android device.


Publish Your Book With Amazon’s Crowdsourced Kindle Scout Program

29th October, 2014

Want to get your book finally published? Amazon, the maker of the Kindle, has launched a new program that marries the self-publishing industry with crowdsourced campaigns like those on Kickstarter.