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Matthew Hughes is a software developer, student and writer from Liverpool, England. He is seldom found without a cup of strong black coffee in his hand and absolutely adores his Macbook Pro and his camera. You can read his blog at and follow him on twitter at @matthewhughes.

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Ello Just Had A Refresh. But Can It Be Saved?

1 day ago

For a brief moment, Ello was the hot digital property everybody wanted to be on. And then it all fizzled out. Now, if people mention Ello, it’s to make the same tired joke.


What Motivates People To Hack Computers? Hint: Money

2 days ago

Criminals can use technology to make money. You know this. But you would be surprised just how ingenious they can be, from hacking and reselling servers to reconfiguring them as lucrative Bitcoin miners.


5 Mac Word Processors To Help You Write That College Paper

3 days ago

Finding sources to cite is easy. Planning a paper is easy. Sitting down and writing the thing? Much harder — do yourself a favour and get the right tool for the job.

super gonone desk - featured

Use Your Laptop Lying Down: Super Gorone Desk Review and Competition

4 days ago

The Super Gorone Desk is an adjustable desk you can use in bed, or sat cross legged on the floor, with a flat surface that can hold even heaviest laptops. Is it worth $120 though?


Avoid Getting Ripped Off When Exchanging Currencies or Sending Money Abroad

4 days ago

If you’ve sent money abroad or exchanged currencies before a vacation, you probably got a poor deal. Here are some better alternatives to banks and currency exchanges.


Tweeting Fridges and Web Controlled Rice Cookers: 9 of the Stupidest Smart Home Appliances

6 days ago

There are a lot of smart home devices that are worthy of your time and money. but there are also kinds that should never see the light of day. Here are 9 of the worst.


Forget Google Translate: 3 Ways to Get an Accurate, Quick Translation

6 days ago

Whether you’re planning to apply for a job or an apartment abroad, or are looking to translate your web page, you need to get things right even with a foreign language.


How Safe Is The Chrome Web Store Anyway?

1 week ago

A Google-funded study has found that tens of millions of Chrome users have add-ons harboring malware installed, representing 5% of total Google traffic. Are you one of these people, and what should you do?


Why Hardware Startups Are Hard: Bringing The ErgoDox To Life

2 weeks ago

Here’s a controversial opinion for you: launching a software startup is easy. Hardware, on the other hand? Hardware startups are hard. Really hard.


Facebook Wants to Be the News Site of the Future, and That’s Awful

2nd April, 2015

Getting publishers on board could potentially bring Facebook’s nightmarish vision to a whole new level. It’s a horrible idea. Horrible for the Internet, and even worse for journalism. Here’s why.


Spooked: Inside Canada’s Most Secretive Spy Agency

26th March, 2015

When Edward Snowden fled from the United States to a Hong Kong hotel room, and then on to Russia, he took with him a massive cache of documents from the American intelligence establishment. These would form the main part of the Snowden revelations, which ultimately showed the extent to which ordinary people have been spied […]


How to Create an iPhone Game From Scratch

23rd March, 2015

At some point you’ve probably wished you could make your own iPhone games. It’s time to stop wishing and start doing.


Learning Google Script: 5 Best Sites & Tutorials to Bookmark

18th March, 2015

Do new and cool things with the Google services you use every day. Extend and automate by learning the cloud based scripting language from Google.


Siri Is Listening: Has iOS Privacy Been Blown Open?

17th March, 2015

Apple’s has been accused of recording everything – absolutely everything – you say to Siri, and passing it to a third-party. But is this really a privacy breach, or is there good reason for it?


Learn to Code with These 7 Courses from Microsoft and edX

17th March, 2015

Create mobile-first pages or code cloud solutions. There’s a lot you can achieve with key technological skills. Now, you can learn to code with Microsoft’s well-packaged courses on edX. Starting soon.