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Zoundry Raven – Another Good Alternative to Windows Live Writer

20th July, 2010

All blog platforms, such as Blogger and WordPress, come with their own built-in interfaces for writing new posts. These interfaces work fairly well, but they are ultimately web based interfaces and they can sometimes feel sluggish as a result. These built-in interfaces also can be an issue for people who have multiple blogs. Being forced […]


How To Test Your Home Network Speed (And Decipher The Results)

16th July, 2010

Most people test the speed of the Internet connection at one point or another, usually using a website such as SpeedTest to do so. The speed of your Internet connection is obviously a big deal because it dictates how quickly you can download files and also has an impact on the quality of streaming video. […]


Use SMEStorage to Save OpenOffice Files In Google Docs Online

15th July, 2010

As I pointed out in an earlier post about Microsoft’s new Office Web Apps, there is an undeniable push towards storing document data online (in the cloud). This puts traditional Office suites in a bit of a sticky situation. They do retain a superior interface for editing documents, but they lack a built-in way to […]


Powerline Networking: What It Is & Why It Is Awesome [Technology Explained]

13th July, 2010

If you have a home network, or you are thinking of setting up a home network, you’ve probably considered two solutions – wired and wireless. And unless you¬†desperately¬†want the fastest download speeds possible, or you don’t trust wireless security, you probably have settled on wireless as the solution. Wireless networking, with its encryption keys and […]


How To Block Annoying Ads When Using The Opera Browser

8th July, 2010

As with any web browser, users of Opera may want to block annoying advertisements from appearing. For some users this functionality is so important that they will only use a web browser that has a good ad blocker available (usually this means Firefox,or perhaps Chrome). Opera does not have as wide of a user base […]


3 Free Media Players that Support GPU Acceleration [Windows]

7th July, 2010

GPU acceleration is a big deal when it comes to playing video. The GPU, or graphics processing unit, is much better equipped to render video than a CPU. Older, single core processors, and even (in rare cases) some dual core processors, can choke on video. Even if you have a new CPU, video playback can […]


What You Need to Play Video Smoothly On Your PC

6th July, 2010

In theory, a computer should be great for playing video. There is a wealth of video available for free online, and that is in addition to the computer’s ability to play DVDs and, if equipped with the proper drive, Blu-Ray. However, anyone who has actually used a computer to play video on a regular basis […]


The 7 Best Windows 7 Gadgets

5th July, 2010

No one really liked the Windows Sidebar when it arrived with Windows Vista. Most enthusiasts saw it as nothing more than cheap rip-off of Mac’s Dashboard with less overall functionality. In response, Microsoft polished up the concept and introduced a proper gadgets platform in Windows 7. Unlike the sidebar, gadgets in Windows 7 are actually […]


Use Microsoft Office for Free with Microsoft Web Apps

4th July, 2010

Google Documents has its problems. Its features are not comprehensive enough for truly serious office work, and it can be a bit slow and finicky when compared to a traditional office program. Still, Google Documents has started a revolution. The ability to access a document from any computer and share it with co-workers is immensely […]


How To Use The New YouTube Video Editor

3rd July, 2010

YouTube has had ways to editor your video for some time now, but it would probably be a stretch to call those features an actual video editor. They were more of a¬†supplement, making it possible to add annotation and other notes to your video. If you needed to cut or change your video you had […]

droplr vs cloudapp

The 2 Good Mac File Sharing Apps Compared: CloudApp vs Droplr

2nd July, 2010

Sharing files with friends is something that most people do quite often. Photos, documents and other such items are commonly passed out among friends through social networks. However, actually sharing the files can be a bit of a pain, particularly if you use multiple social networks. This is a problem which two applications, Droplr and […]


How To Sync Files & Folders Between Computers With Windows Sync

30th June, 2010

One of the greatest problems that comes with owning more than one computer is figuring out how to sync files and folders between computers. You can of course do manual transitions with a USB drive. This is a real pain however and simply forgetting once can be frustrating. Imagine heading down to your local coffee […]


Why TRIM is Important to Solid State Hard Drives? [Technology Explained]

28th June, 2010

If you have ever owned or have considered owning an SSD you may have heard reviewers and other commentators talking about TRIM support. You may also have picked up on the fact that TRIM support is a rather big deal. News posts on major tech sites constantly report that brand X has added TRIM support, […]


The Three Best Free FTP Clients for Windows

28th June, 2010

<firstimage=”” />Most of today’s web hosting provider supply some sort of web-based solution for uploading files. These work well enough for¬†basic purposes, but they tend to have a slow and clunky interface and limited features. Downloading or uploading huge directories of files can be a pain. That is where a dedicated free FTP client comes […]


The Best Free Email Clients for Windows 7

23rd June, 2010

Windows 7 features a lot of improvements over Vista, but Microsoft did decide to drop some features in its latest operating system. One of the features dropped was Windows Mail, a basic email client which had been available in Windows Vista. It was not replaced by a version of Outlook, either – Windows 7 simply […]