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Trading In Your Video Games – Is It Really Worth It?

27th April, 2014

Does trading in a game really make sense for you and your wallet? Or are you leaving money on the table by handing your used games over to a retailer?


5 Insider Secrets Of Buying Used Electronics

24th April, 2014

Used electronics can be an amazing deal. You can also end up screwed, though, which is why it’s important to know what to look for when buying used electronics.


Graphics Aren’t Everything: 5 Ugly Games That Are Crazy Fun

23rd April, 2014

Not all games look good. Here are five fun games that’ve received strong reviews in spite of ugly graphics.


Buying A New Smartphone? How To Understand The Hardware Specs

18th April, 2014

There was once a time when buying a cell phone was like buying a CD player. Over time, however, phones have become miniature computers – and the specifications are nearly as complex as a PC’s.


3 Ways To Stream Video Games From Your PC To Your Main TV

16th April, 2014

While hardcore gamers often buy a HDTV computer for their living room, most gamers can’t afford two gaming rigs. Here are a few ways you can stream games from your existing desktop or laptop PC to your television.


Should You Buy The Elder Scrolls Online?

15th April, 2014

The Elder Scrolls Online, is now live for players in North America and Europe. It promises open, multiplayer gameplay, but it sells for full retail with a subscription fee. Is it worth it?


Why You Should Replace Microsoft Security Essentials With A Proper Antivirus

11th April, 2014

Microsoft threw its hat in the anti-virus arena in 2009 with Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), a tool that runs on Windows XP, 7 and 8. The move received early praise, as it seemed strange that the company had gone so long without providing even the most basic anti-virus protection, and early tests showed MSE to […]


How To Free Up Disk Space Without Booting Into Windows

10th April, 2014

Can you no longer boot into Windows due to low disk space? You can easily free up space without booting into the operating system by using the right tools. We show you how.


Earn An iPod Shuffle With Your Rewards Points!

9th April, 2014

One of our favorite programs here at MakeUseOf is Rewards, which gives our readers the chance to earn free software simply by sharing articles with friends. Every now and then we like to give a bit extra, however, with a special hardware reward aimed at our most loyal fans. Well, guess what; it’s time for […]


Xbox Indie Games: 5 Games You Won’t Believe Cost Only A Dollar

9th April, 2014

Here are six titles you can spend hours playing for only $1.


5 Reasons To Buy Diablo 3: Reaper Of Souls

4th April, 2014

The first expansion to Diablo 3 is now available and has enjoyed a smooth launch. Here’s five reasons while Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls retakes the Action-RPG throne for Blizzard.


How Secure Are Your Documents In Google Drive?

3rd April, 2014

I use Google Drive every day. While Word is still my go-to for writing, Drive is my home base for storing documents and cataloging the test results I collect while reviewing computer hardware. There are literally thousands of documents in my drive, and I take it for granted that they’ll be available whenever I need […]


Can You Play Games On A Windows 8 Tablet?

30th March, 2014

Here’s everything you need to know about gaming on a Windows tablet.


5 Highly Tactical Shooters That Are Worth Your Time

25th March, 2014

Here are five shooters perfect for a squad of friends that want to test their mind as well as their trigger-finger.


Tech Videos — Best Of The Best YouTube Technology Channels

24th March, 2014

When it comes to new technology, there are a number of YouTube channels that help you get a grasp on the latest and greatest. Here are ten must-watch channels every geek should subscribe to.