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5 Strange Video Game Copy Protection Measures Used In History

23rd January, 2014

DRM isn’t a recent invention. There are games twenty years old that try to throw off hackers, pirates and thieves through various means, some of which are devious or downright evil. Pirating a game is easy – except when the games retaliate!


How To Stop Your Windows Computer From Randomly Waking Up

22nd January, 2014

Computers can have restless nights, too. Sometimes, they turn on for no apparent reason and eventually go back to sleep. Making your computer sleep through the night isn’t hard and we show you how.


5 Great Railway Games For Locomotive Enthusiasts

21st January, 2014

Now that we’re grown up, we realize that conducting a train is a job like any other, and that qualifying for it requires a very specific set of skills that most of us don’t have the time to develop. Fortunately, there are games that can help you indulge your love of the rails from the comfort of your computer chair.


5 Video Games From 2013 That Did Things Differently

10th January, 2014

While big games like Grand Theft Auto V and Battlefield 4 were, as usual, the most popular titles released last year, the surge of indie game popularity has not subsided. 2013 saw the release of literally hundreds of indie games, and many of them made their mark by ignoring convention and picking a less traveled path. Here are five indies that were unlike anything released this year – or, for that matter, ever.


Pair The New Mac Pro With An Equally Awesome Monitor

9th January, 2014

Which display should you buy to do the new Mac Pro justice? Here are a few options.


Are Home Android Game Consoles Worth Buying?

7th January, 2014

Several Android game consoles were announced as a revolutionary alternative. No longer would platforms be closed and heavily guarded – instead, developers could upload their games with minimal fuss! Or, at least, that was the pitch. But are these new Android consoles any good?


Gamer Specific Chairs: Are They Worth Buying?

2nd January, 2014

Even the most exciting virtual experience ultimately takes place in a chair or on a couch. This presents problems of its own because humans aren’t built to sit for hours at a time. One possible solution is a gaming chair. Besides offering an allegedly improved seating position, these chairs often bundle cupholders, speakers and other features designed to enhance your enjoyment. But do they really work, are they just a waste of money?


To Buy The New Mac Pro Or Build Your Own? The Answer Might Surprise You

31st December, 2013

Is the new Mac Pro reasonably priced when compared to a PC you can build yourself, or is the “Apple tax” in full effect? Prepare for a shock.


Everything You Need To Know About Buying A Controller For PC Gaming

30th December, 2013

A decade ago the controller was a definitive line separating PC gamers from their console brethren. PC gamers used keyboards, console gamers used controllers, and there was very little overlap between the two. Times have changed, however.


Ashampoo Snap 7 Review: Easy Screenshot And Video Capture

26th December, 2013

Looking for an easy & comprehensive desktop capture solution? Snap 7 offers advanced screenshot options, including multi-shots and video capture. But is it worth 20 Bucks? Read our review and test it yourself with the free trial.


Too Good To Be True? Read This Before Buying Discounted Game Keys

25th December, 2013

The deals are so amazing that they seem almost too good to be true – and, in some cases, they are. Here’s what you need to know before you buy a game key from


5 Things We Learned About Online Security in 2013

23rd December, 2013

Threats have become more complex and, worse, are now coming from places that most would never expect – like the government. Here are 5 hard lessons we learned about online security in 2013.


This Is How You Stream Content From An iPhone To A TV

19th December, 2013

Playing content on your TV via your iPhone is great, but it’s not possible out of the box. Additional adapters, apps or hardware can easily add this functionality – here are five easy methods.


5 Awesome Kickstarter Funded Games That Actually Released in 2013

18th December, 2013

Some small projects have made their way into player’s hands, and proven that crowdfunded games can be a hit.


5 Biggest Video Game Industry Blunders In 2013

16th December, 2013

Designing, developing and supporting a title that goes beyond anything seen before isn’t easy, and it often leads to spectacular failure.