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A Mac OS X Guide To Accessibility Features

10th June, 2014

Mac OS X has a number of accessibility features built-in which can accommodate the needs of most users. Here’s what they are, and what they do.


Get More Out Of Your Console With Companion Mobile Apps

9th June, 2014

A game controller isn’t a terrible remote, but it’s not a great one, either. A tablet or, in some cases, a smartphone provides a better way to access console features.


3 Amazing Free-To-Play Decks For Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

5th June, 2014

There are some “free-to-play” decks that can compete with those containing far more impressive cards.


What Is A Headphone Amp And Do I Need One?

3rd June, 2014

If you’re serious about music, you may be disappointed by the audio quality your mobile device manages – particularly when paired with high-end headphones. The solution? A headphone amplifier.


6 Ways You Can Use Microsoft Office Without Paying For It

2nd June, 2014

Microsoft Office remains the gold standard in office applications. Sure, Office alternatives exist, but Microsoft’s file formats dominate. People with access to Office tend to have an easier time than those who lack it, because while alternatives like LibreOffice can export to .doc or .xls, the formatting isn’t 100% compatible. Still, many people flinch at buying Office because it’s […]


The Best Free Video Editors For Windows

28th May, 2014

Video has become a common part of everyday life. You’d think, then, that free video editors would be common. Turns out the selection is limited for Windows users. Here are our five top choices.


10 Wrong Ways To Set Up Your Wireless Network

27th May, 2014

Set up your wireless network properly by learning from these ten avoidable mistakes.


How To Troubleshoot And Fix Windows Black Screen Issues

26th May, 2014

The B in BSOD doesn’t always stand for blue. Sometimes you’ll experience a Black Screen of Death. This can be even more troublesome because it provides no error message. Let’s troubleshoot together.


The 10 Best PC Games Ported To iPad

22nd May, 2014

Some PC developers are filling the gaps with iPad ports, and many are a perfect fit for the tablet.


Why Your Router Is A Security Risk & How To Fix It

20th May, 2014

The introduction of the home router was a great advancement in security for many owners. Before routers, most PC users relied only on a software firewall or, more often than not, ran no firewall at all. Routers with built-in firewalls have generally been a very good thing. An item that provides safety can also lead […]


Classics Are Still Thriving: 10 Retro-Style Shooters You Need To Play

19th May, 2014

Today we associate the term shooter with games like Call of Duty, but in the 80s this word was used to describe top-down shoot-em-ups like Raiden and Space Invaders.


How Eco-Friendly Computer Geeks Save Money

15th May, 2014

Computer geeks often find themselves at odds with the eco-friendly lifestyle. There is no such thing as an all-natural PC. Do your part – reduce your impact and save money in the process.


6 Space-Faring Alternatives To Eve Online

13th May, 2014

Here are a few games that manage the same flavor of Eve, and that can satisfy Eve players burnt out by the MMO’s gameplay and vicious fighting.


5 Upcoming Strategy Games To Keep An Eye On

12th May, 2014

Strategy isn’t the most popular genre, but it’s a common choice among players who want a cerebral experience. Here are 5 upcoming games sure to keep your brain busy.


Take Your Tunes Mobile With Your Rewards Points And The Oontz Angle [Rewards]

12th May, 2014

Mobile phones are incredibly capable, but even the most powerful have trouble providing enough sound to fill anything but the quietest room. Podcasts, music and videos are usually impossible to hear without earbuds. Fortunately we have a solution; the Oontz Angle. This small Bluetooth speaker, designed by Soundworks, can greatly improve the audio of your […]