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Too Good To Be True? Read This Before Buying Discounted Game Keys

25th December, 2013

The deals are so amazing that they seem almost too good to be true – and, in some cases, they are. Here’s what you need to know before you buy a game key from


5 Things We Learned About Online Security in 2013

23rd December, 2013

Threats have become more complex and, worse, are now coming from places that most would never expect – like the government. Here are 5 hard lessons we learned about online security in 2013.


This Is How You Stream Content From An iPhone To A TV

19th December, 2013

Playing content on your TV via your iPhone is great, but it’s not possible out of the box. Additional adapters, apps or hardware can easily add this functionality – here are five easy methods.


5 Awesome Kickstarter Funded Games That Actually Released in 2013

18th December, 2013

Some small projects have made their way into player’s hands, and proven that crowdfunded games can be a hit.


5 Biggest Video Game Industry Blunders In 2013

16th December, 2013

Designing, developing and supporting a title that goes beyond anything seen before isn’t easy, and it often leads to spectacular failure.


Pick Up & Play: 5 Essential Quick Blast iOS Games

11th December, 2013

Got some time to kill? Here are five iOS apps that can scratch your gaming itch in five minutes or less.


Hit The Road: The 5 Best Budget Portable Hard Drives

10th December, 2013

Portable hard drives are as inexpensive as they’ve ever been, and can now pack a terabyte of data into a box as thin as a smartphone and barely larger than a credit card.


The Most Interesting Hardware Of 2013

9th December, 2013

As technology becomes a more important part of everyone’s life, hardware has, ironically, fallen to the wayside. People are more interested in gadgets than ever before, but that hasn’t translated to respect for what’s inside. This doesn’t mean the demand for hardware has decreased, however. On the contrary, implementing better technology while making it opaque […]


Do You Really Need That New PS4 Or Xbox One? 5 Reasons To Choose The Wii U

4th December, 2013

Though indisputably less powerful than the hardware Microsoft and Sony have put together, Nintendo’s console has also been around long enough to start building a library, and it has unique features its rivals don’t offer.


The 10 Best YouTube Channels For Automotive Enthusiasts

3rd December, 2013

The Internet’s favorite video streaming site is brimming with excellent automotive channels that provide informative reviews, excellent head-to-head comparisons, and in some cases, a fair bit of humor.


Prepare For Doomsday With These 5 Post-Apocalyptic Video Games

2nd December, 2013

Merely playing on our emotions doesn’t make a game “post-apocalyptic,” however. To truly fit in this category a game must feature both a ruined world and gameplay that forces players to confront the consequences of it. There are far fewer games that meet this requirement, but a few do stand out.


7 Rugged Bluetooth Speakers To Bring On Your Next Outdoor Adventure

29th November, 2013

Most Bluetooth speakers are designed to sit on a night stand rather than a fallen tree. There are, however, some portable Bluetooth speakers that can meet the challenge of the great outdoors.


4 More Video Card Features Every Gamer Should Know About

26th November, 2013

There are four brand new features that you should keep an eye on.


IObit Advanced SystemCare 7: An Excellent All-In-One Utility

25th November, 2013

Computer maintenance can be tedious. If not done regularly, it may well be impossible. That’s where an all-in-one system utility comes in handy. Here is a fast and simple solution.


What You Need To Know Before Buying A PC Or Console Racing Wheel

21st November, 2013

Spending $100 will net you a bargain basement model and the best wheels sell for more than $500. You’re going to want to know what you’re buying before you lay down that much dough. Here’s a fast tour of everything you need to know.