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3 Compelling Reasons Why Firefox’s Stance On Privacy Is Worth Paying Attention To

21st November, 2014

No one wants to think they’re being watched without consent. Firefox is the only “big three” browser with zero interest in collecting user data. What does this really mean for users?


Battle of the Smart Home Hubs: What’s Out There and What’s Coming?

19th November, 2014

Most of us have found our lives rapidly infiltrated by new electronic devices over the last decade. First came MP3 players, then smartphones, then tablets, and now wearable devices are coming into their own. Computers remain, too, and home appliances like light bulbs and thermostats are¬†now available with¬†wireless¬†connectivity. While each individual piece of this technological […]


6 Customization Tricks Only Possible In Firefox

18th November, 2014

Firefox is a great browsers for many reasons, but one of the most important reasons is how it can be customized. Here are a few important tricks that prove you should be using Firefox.


Facebook Photo Privacy Settings You Need To Know About

17th November, 2014

If you use Facebook there’s a strong chance the social network has more photos of you than your mother or father. Some users upload so many photos that they forget what they’ve posted, which can lead to awkward moments or even lost jobs. A picture is worth a thousand words, as the old saying goes; […]


How To Install & Work In Mozilla Firefox Offline

11th November, 2014

Here’s how to install and use Firefox efficiently on a computer that lacks an Internet connection.


Best Places To Buy And Sell Used Android Phones

7th November, 2014

Looking to sell an old Android phone or buy a used Android phone? Let’s compare the best services for buyers and sellers.


Upgrading Hardware? Tips For Moving Your Windows Installation Without Having To Reinstall

4th November, 2014

Cringe at the thought of having to re-install Windows? Upgrading PC hardware is exciting, but dealing with your Windows installation can become an issue. Here are your options for keeping your current Windows setup.


Getting A 4K Monitor? Which Browser Should You Use?

3rd November, 2014

Running Windows on a 4K monitor can be a huge boon to productivity. The large, pixel-dense space provides plenty of room to open windows. But will browser content scale well on your Ultra HD monitor?


3 Examples of Amazing Science Fiction Tech That Became Reality

29th October, 2014

Technology is difficult to predict, because it often develops in response to new needs or changing situations that are difficult to imagine. There are, however, a few sci-fi books that were particularly prophetic.


PC Gaming at 4K: Is It Worth The Money?

27th October, 2014

A resolution revolution is on its way. Ultra HD televisions and monitors are finally starting to drop to reasonable prices. Has Ultra HD matured, or is it still too much money for too little benefit?


Record Your iPhone or iPad Screen Over Lightning With Your Mac

24th October, 2014

Apple has made recording easier with a “hidden” feature to OS X Yosemite that lets users stream their iPhone or iPad display to a Mac. Here’s how it works.


Can A Laptop Last All Day? You CAN Do That On A Chromebook!

24th October, 2014

Chromebooks are extremely portable, as most have 13 inch display and power-sipping processor. This makes them an appealing alternative to affordable Windows notebooks. But can you actually use a Chromebook for an entire work day?


What Does Continuity Mean for Yosemite & iOS 8?

22nd October, 2014

OS X 10.10, better know as Yosemite, is a major Mac update that offers numerous features never seen before in an operating system. One of the most important is Continuity.


How To Turn A Liberal Arts Degree Into A Great Tech Career

17th October, 2014

If you’re interested in technology, a Liberal Arts degree can be a great thing to have. The trick is to play to your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, and realize you are capable of contributing.


Need A Legal & Cheap Windows 8 License? These Are Your Options

14th October, 2014

Windows is expensive. Competitors offering free upgrades and rumors about a free Windows 10 make it hard to tolerate that fact. Meanwhile, the options for the budget-conscious are limited, but you can save on Windows 8.