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Cool Websites & Tools – Anonymous Chatting, History of Radio, & Photoshop Pen Game

24th October, 2014

TogetherJS – is a free, open source JavaScript library by Mozilla that adds collaboration features and tools to your website. By adding TogetherJS to your site, your users can help each other out on a website in real time. TogetherJS is implemented in JavaScript; no software or plugins to install, and it’s friendly with existing […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Mute Noisy Tabs, Drugs Index, & Remove Facebook Stickers

23rd October, 2014

Noyze Volume Panel – is a free app that gives you complete control over your device’s volume buttons. It is the only volume panel that does not require root, a custom ROM, or XPosed. Just activate noyze in Accessibility and enjoy. It comes preloaded with tons of settings. Mute Inactive Tabs – There is nothing […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Email Collaboration, Learn The Piano, & Pixel Stickers

22nd October, 2014

Planleaf – promotes the idea of collaboration via email. How it works is very simple. Compose an email with anyone you want to assign or share tasks with. Then add to the cc field. Finally, start each task with a dash (example “- Email John”). You will then get your tasklist in an email, […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Earth View, Discuss Medical Cases, & Interpret Music Lyrics

21st October, 2014

Bond – is a simple app that reminds you to keep in touch with all the people that really matter to you. You have different ways to keep in touch with different people. You can either call, text or send them a Facebook message. Once set up, the app gives you regular reminders to reach […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Virtual Windows XP, Detect The WordPress Theme, & Dropbox Encryption

20th October, 2014

VirtualXP – since there are no more security updates from Windows, Windows XP is now under threat of harmful viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. To allow users to keep running applications and accessing data on XP, FarStone has developed VirtualXP to convert an XP system to a Microsoft virtual disk. What WordPress Theme Is […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Online Booking, Remove Facebook Stickers, & Website Language Widget

17th October, 2014

Flindle – is an online booking system that is accessible at any time by both you and your customers. Never miss another booking by giving your customers the means to book online 24/7. Flindle enables you to spend less time answering phones and putting pen to paper in order to organise your customers and staff. […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Vertical Videos, iOS Apps for Kids, & Android Sensors

16th October, 2014

Vertical Video YouTube Bookmarklet – how many times have you watched a smartphone video online and realized that it is in portrait mode rather than the preferred landscape mode? This bookmarklet takes away the black bars on either side of the video and makes it look more viewable and easy to look at. KeepTrack – […]


5 Ways To Enhance Your Netflix Account In Chrome

15th October, 2014

The Netflix interface could use a little improvement, so I’ve found some Chrome extensions to make my Netflix account look prettier. And no, it doesn’t involve a bit of lipstick and some rouge.


Cool Websites & Tools – Bike Sizes, Wiki Surveys, & Free Unlimited Cloud Service

15th October, 2014

Bike Size Chart – getting a bike is a great idea but it is important to get the right size of bike to fit the length of your legs. Getting one too small or too big will ultimately have some negative physical effect on your body. Bike Size Chart helps you to find out what […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Encrypt Your Android Files, Track Time On Your Mac, & Make Fast Screencasts

14th October, 2014

Secrecy – is a free Android app which helps you encrypt and hide your important private files. Features includes every file being encrypted with AES256, all file types are hidden, no trace is left of any temporary files in the system, and you can have a custom hidden vault location. Timing for Mac – helps […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Podcast Production, Wunderlist Tab Page, & Explore The Desert With Google Maps

13th October, 2014

Spreaker Studio – take over the entire production of your own podcast or radio show with Spreaker Studio. It transforms your device into a fully-equipped radio studio, allowing you to broadcast live or pre-record podcasts while adding tracks and sound effects. Start an active relationship with your listeners by interacting with them directly. Primer – […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Order Cash Delivered, Take Devices Apart, & Remember Your First Time

12th October, 2014

Nimbl – is changing the way you access cash. With only a few taps, registered users can request cash (up to $200) to be delivered to any location within their service area (see below). Depending on traffic conditions, runners will typically complete orders within 15-30 minutes. This service is currently only available for the San […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Transfer Vehicles, Travel Without Clothes, & Make Website Feedback Forms

11th October, 2014

Mr Silent – is an Android application, which offers a solution to those who wish to keep their mobile phones on silent mode for specific geographical locations, time, occasions and for specific contacts. You simply need to provide the desired conditions – occasions, times and geographical locations when you would like to keep your mobile […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Capture Color Combinations, Control Your TV, & Create Your Own Music

10th October, 2014

Adobe Color CC – is a fun and simple way to capture inspiring color combinations wherever you see them. Simply point the camera at something colorful and Adobe Color CC will instantly extract a series of colors. You can share your themes with friends through Facebook, Twitter or email. You can also share the image […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Spin The Alarm, Compare Chromebooks, & Make Simple Graphs

9th October, 2014

SpinMe Alarm Clock – Do you suck at waking up? If so, say hello to your new alarm clock. SpinMe Alarm Clock is a super clever app designed to get you out of bed on time. The only way to turn off the alarm is by getting out of bed and physically spinning yourself around […]