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Cool Websites & Tools – Online Sales Competitions, Import Your Contacts, & Music Marketing Campaigns

8th July, 2014

Sparta Sales – Drive energy, motivation and results with online sales competitions. Sparta helps you create and manage sales competitions in one beautiful solution built with sales people in mind. With Sparta, you can create competitions that drive the behaviors that are most valuable to your business, in minutes. Whether it’s deals, meetings, phone calls…with […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Git Evernote, Make MP3 From YouTube Video, & Brand Logos

7th July, 2014

Magpie – is a Git-backed Evernote replacement, and a web tool for managing text files in a git repo. In it, you can create notebooks (which are just folders); create, edit, and delete notes (which are just files). However, when you make any of these changes, they are automatically committed to git. The project is […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Replacement G-Calendar, Keep Track Of Your Hours, & Show Off Your Android Homescreens

6th July, 2014

Sunrise Calendar – is a gorgeous calendar app made for Google Calendar. Designed as a minimalist replacement for Google Calendar, Sunrise is a new experience that will make your life easier. Having been on the web, it is now made for the Mac OS X. Revunote – works with Evernote to help you learn things […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Encrypt Cloud Files, Minimalist Markdown Editor, & Live Wallpapers

5th July, 2014

Yep! – Tired of the same old crowd? Want to arrange a night on the town but fed up waiting for your friends to come online? Whatever you want to do, from dining out to walking in the park, going to the gym or just a coffee, Yep! puts you in touch with fun people […]


Cool Websites & Tools – PDF Tools, Spotify Playlists, & Monitor App Permissions

4th July, 2014

Small PDF – is a site which enables you to do various tasks with PDF. These tasks include reducing the size of the PDF, converting images to PDF, convert PDF files into images and extract any existing images from the file, merging more than one PDF into a single file, and converting Word, Excel, and […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Cardboard VR, Teach Kids About Money, & Look For Asteroids

3rd July, 2014

Google Cardboard – this may sound like one of Google’s legendary April Fools Day pranks but in fact it seems quite serious. The goal of Cardboard is for everyone to experience virtual reality in a simple, fun, and inexpensive way. Cardboard transforms a phone into a basic VR headset, and the accompanying open software toolkit […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Get Regular Content, Earn Money Driving, & Play Your Inbox

2nd July, 2014

Daily by Buffer – do you think that great content is hard to find? Each day Daily by Buffer will give you a new batch of articles and posts they think you’ll really like. Check them out, then swipe right on content you love and left on what you want to skip (or use the […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Street Safety Scores, Lightning Maps, & Domain Search For Hackers

1st July, 2014

StreetScore – is a machine learning algorithm that predicts how safe the image of a street looks to a human observer. StreetScore is trained to predict perceived safety using a ‘training dataset’ consisting of 3,000 street views from New York and Boston and their rankings for perceived safety obtained from Place Pulse — a crowdsourced […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Calculate Timezones, Working Music, & Play Chess

30th June, 2014

MyMeetingTime – if you are in the habit of communicating with overseas contacts, either by phone, SMS, or IM, you will know the difficulties of calculating their timezone precisely. No-one likes to be woken up at 3.00am! If you need to arrange a conference call with multiple participants, the problem gets bigger. MyMeetingTime will help […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Send Emails Later, Enhance Your Online Shopping, & Get Your Own Caricature

29th June, 2014

Gridplay – gives even the most experienced filmmakers a new experience, with a feature allowing users to select and combine or divide screens at will. The creative grid screen changes your normal day into a masterpiece. Make a music video by combining performances with your own music or show your friends how you make that […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Cloud Coding, Conference Calls, & Google Remove Requests

28th June, 2014

CodeBurner – enables you to code with the same editor on your desktop and in the cloud. This app turns any Chromebook or PC into a full-blown development environment for opening local and cloud projects. Create powerful development environments in the cloud with a collaborative, online/offline IDE for your collaborators and your teams. GTA File […]


Cool Websites & Tools – U.S House Prices, Privacy Icons, & Instagram Marshmallows

27th June, 2014

WudaTime – is a free web based project management tool which allows you to easily keep track of your dedication. It is a simple time management application perfect for SME and start-ups. Plus, you can do project management while enjoying WudaTime’s neat design. The progress bars give visual information on project and task status. Use […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Yahoo Phone Launcher, Wolfram Cloud, & Turn Articles Into NYT

26th June, 2014

Yahoo Aviate Launcher – Simplify your phone. Yahoo Aviate Launcher is not your typical launcher. Unlike GO, Nova, Apex and other similar launchers, Aviate automatically simplifies and intelligently organizes your phone, only showing you the apps and information you need as you need them, throughout your day. Wake up, and Aviate automatically shows you how […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Event Tracker, Minimalist Web Clipping, & Restrict Tabs

25th June, 2014

Event Ticker – helps you keep track of all of your important events and special occasions. With Event Ticker you can create an event with a custom background or choose one of their beautiful backgrounds. You can keep up to date on your event with reminders and keep track of tasks to complete before your […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Tab Bundler, Hire Security Guards, & Sell Your Hotel Room

24th June, 2014

Tab Bundler – If you are a user of Chrome who finds that you have multiple tabs open and would like to be able to organize these tabs, then Tab Bundler is an extension for you. Tab Bundler is an extension that allows the user to save tabs in user-defined groups. You can conveniently create […]