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Wikipedia Is Asking Anonymous Editors To Register

20th May, 2014

Wikipedia has recently decided they would like the “anonymous editors” to register sooner. They are citing advantages to joining the Wikipedia community, and introducing new prompts to entice people to sign up.


Cool Websites & Tools – Improve Your English, Fitness App For Travellers, & Browse The Web With Your Voice

20th May, 2014

FlipQuiz – was created to provide educators with a quick way to create gameshow-style boards for test reviews in the classroom. Traditionally, these are created (tediously) using posterboard, chalkboards, or dry-erase markers on an overhead slide. The review questions are usually even written on a separate sheet of paper. With FlipQuiz, questions are displayed on-screen […]


Cool Websites & Tools – See Images Come Alive, Make Video Chat Rooms, & Global Education Resources

19th May, 2014

Moju – is a whole new way to capture and share life’s best moments – with motion. It’s as simple as point-and-shoot up to 24 frames, then pivot/twist the device to see your images come alive. Create and share selfies in a whole new way and see your friends facial expressions change as you twist […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Twitter Troll Blacklist, Food Visual Guide, & PDF Whiteboard Photos

18th May, 2014

Ramps – is a simple visual guide to food. With Ramps, you can decode complicated menus and recipes, discover new and interesting ingredients to cook with, or get your kids excited about good foods through the unique illustrations and simple interface. The app is both searchable and browseable. Each description has a unique illustration and […]


Google Will Use Your Profile Information In Their Ads – Unless You Opt Out

17th May, 2014

Google has just updated their terms of service allowing them to use your Google profile information in their ads. Which is rather underhanded because who really reads terms and conditions?


Cool Websites & Tools – Block Robocalls, New Product Leaderboard, & S3 Amazon Bucket Radio Station

17th May, 2014

Nomorobo – blocks annoying robocallers and telemarketers from reaching your phone for free. A simple, one-time setup activates Nomorobo on your current phone line. Caller ID not required. It doesn’t block school closings, doctor’s appointment and prescription reminders, weather advisories and other legal robocalls. There’s no charge to use Nomorobo. No strings attached. Endless TV […]


Google Maps Gets Injected With A Massive Dose Of UK Transport Data & Other Vital Stats

17th May, 2014

Google just gave Maps a huge amount of UK transport information for you to look up for your journey. Never again will you be stuck wondering when the next bus is going to arrive.


Cool Websites & Tools – Anonymous Therapy, Infinite Streaming Music, & Secure Your Digital Content

16th May, 2014

Talkspace – is affordable, anonymous therapy with professional and licensed therapists. Any time and any place, on your mobile device or on the web, you are always safe in your private space with your therapist who is waiting to help you make a real difference in your life. Unlimited messaging therapy costs $25 a week, […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Share Real-Time Location, Learn To Drive, & Create a Stashbox

15th May, 2014

Routeshare – is the easiest way to safely share your location in real time. Recipients receive a link to view your ETA (estimated time of arrival) and location. Routeshare automatically stops updating your location when you’ve arrived. Recipients don’t need to download Routeshare. The advantages of Routeshare include real time location sharing, and sharing over […]


Cool Websites & Tools – In-Browser Testing, Digital Photo Forensics, & Drop Messages

14th May, 2014 – puts structure around your in-browser testing and QA processes. If you’ve ever opened your site or web app in a browser to make sure a screen looked good, a flow worked well, or your user stories were satisfied, you will benefit from It works equally well for solo developers as it […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Android Screen Recordings, Compare Two Items, & Dumb Domains

13th May, 2014

Sketch Vid – Use SketchVid to create videos of your drawings and share them with your friends on Instagram and Facebook. It’s the perfect app to share your artistic talent and techniques with everyone. Draw anything you want and SketchVid will convert your drawing into a 15 second video from a blank canvas to the […]


Android Follows iOS’s Lead & Gets Its Own Yahoo News Digest App

12th May, 2014

The latest Yahoo feature to be introduced is the Yahoo News Digest app, which has now followed in iOS’s footsteps by jumping onto the Android platform, as well as going international.


Cool Websites & Tools – Quality Book Recommendations, Live Messaging, & Choose A New Mobile Phone

12th May, 2014

Slowy – is a tool which simulates custom connection’s conditions and limits the network traffic to a specified destination port or interface. It is created for web developers, like me, who need to test a website with a real-world connection, even on a local server. Slowy is an OSX MenuBar app, so it is lightweight […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Divide Your Rent, Ripe Fruit and Veg, & Smartphone Surveillance

11th May, 2014

Das Referenz: Wikipedia – Encyclopedias have always showcased culture and style. Das Referenz strives to build on this heritage. With an eye for detail, Das Referenz puts Wikipedia’s vast amount of knowledge into a sleek package of clear layouts, world-class typography, and playful interactions. Quench your thirst for important facts and for trivia, too. Wikipedia […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Optimize Images, World Underwater, & Send Encrypted Messages With One Click

10th May, 2014

Optimizilla – when using images on the Internet, it is important to optimize them so they are of minimal size but maximum quality. Using Optimizilla, you can upload up to 20 files in JPEG and PNG formats. Click thumbnails in the queue to select images. Use the slider to control the compression level and mouse/gestures […]