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Some Of The Best Mac Software Comes Pre-Installed

13th August, 2014

While many Windows systems come bloated with crap you will never need or want, Mac OS X provides these following gems.


Cool Websites & Tools – Analyze Your Cloud Storage, Stream Torrents, & Easily Order Pizza

13th August, 2014

Unclouded – is an Android app which helps you analyse and clean your Dropbox & Google Drive cloud storage. With this app you will be able to see which files or folders are using most of your storage. You will know which categories you have the most (images, videos, etc), find duplicates, know which files […]


The Right Way To Take Some Time Off….& Not Get Burnt On Re-Entry

12th August, 2014

Thanks to digital bombardments, taking a vacation and coming back isn’t as relaxing as it used to be. With the right process, you can ease back into work and hit the ground running.


Cool Websites & Tools – Scheduled Report Emails, Free Credit Tools, & Easy Mortgages

12th August, 2014

Fastly – is an Android app which enables you to search and launch local apps quickly. Use your native keyboard to search for apps. Uninstall an app by long pressing it. More features are apparently coming soon. With a score of 4.2, this is a very popular app. Teamreporter – kills your status meetings by […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Manage Your Social Life, Wall Decals, & Manage Your Video Projects

9th August, 2014

Twibble – is a better way to easily publish content from any RSS feed to Twitter with beautiful imagery in each and every tweet. The system automatically pulls featured images and embeds them into each tweet. Twibble also has a scheduling system so you can decide when each tweet is going out. Tinyblu – helps […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Better Netflix, Thief’s Selfies, & The Block Bot

8th August, 2014

A Better Queue – is a site to help you find better movies and shows to add to your Netflix queue. It works alongside the Rotten Tomatoes movie review website, which provides the scores. Just use the filters to choose which genres you wish to search in, the time period which the movies must be […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Skim Large Amounts Of Text, Vector Graphic Design, & Amazon 3D Printing Store

7th August, 2014

YouiDraw – Create vector graphic design with YouiDraw online. It’s like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw but it works with HTML5 and Google Drive. So there’s no software to download and you can access your work anytime, anywhere. An Online Logo Maker is available for creating high quality vector graphics, headings, HTML5 logos, icons, web site […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Take Selfies, Adjust Your Privacy, & Share Kindle Quotes

6th August, 2014

Selfies – Take selfies, caption and filter them, and share them into a stream that can be seen by all other users. You can react to other people’s selfies with your own images or captions, which often leads to a fun back and forth that turns selfies into mini stories. Selfies is a side project […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Compromised Accounts, & Inspirational Stories

5th August, 2014

Have I Been Pwned? – is a site where you can find out whether or not one of your online accounts has been compromised, due to a data breach. This is a big problem and it pays to know if someone has access to your account. Just enter the name of the online account into […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Fingerpainting With Emojis, 3D Sketches, & Font Ninja

4th August, 2014

Emoji Paint – Finger paint with emoji! Share your original emoji artwork with friends on social media, or discover and collect your favorite paintings in the app. Features include finger painting with emojis, sharing to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, SMS, email, and more. “Shake to Undo” now lets you undo multiple steps when fingerpainting. Jink […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Best Remote Working Locations, Export GCal To Excel, & Search To Donate

3rd August, 2014

Clarisketch – Mailing, calling and screen-capping are a time-consuming and often ineffective means of communicating complex processes and procedures. With Clarisketch, you can save time and improve the quality of your message using a combination of photographs and annotated commentary. Sketch something, record a comment and share it with friends. Bolt – is a free […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Hotel Wifi, Listen To 60 Million Songs, & Find Good Movers

2nd August, 2014

Hotel Wifi Test – is a leading company for collecting, analyzing and distributing data about WiFi quality in hotels around the world. The promise of free WiFi is a big draw in today’s age of constant connectivity. When you stay at a hotel, simply connect to in-house WiFi and run a speed test at […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Social Ipsum, Go To Sleep & Video Captions

1st August, 2014

Social Good Ipsum – when a designer is making a new website, it often becomes necessary for them to need “dummy text”, text which acts as a placeholder for the real text later. “Lorem Ipsum” is often used, which is random meaningless Latin words. Social Good Ipsum is a generator for words connected to good […]


Cool Websites & Tools – No Drones, Reddit Live, & Wikipedia On a Stick

31st July, 2014

Don’t Fly Drones Here – represents areas where it is not recommended to fly drones due to regulations. Unmanned drones like quadcopters and fixed-wing aircraft are at the center of new airspace regulations by the FAA. To help people find safe places to fly, the map establishes no-fly areas where drones are not permitted. Knock […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Organize Movie Showings, Natural History for Kids, & Nostalgia Music Machine

30th July, 2014

No.IP – Do you have a dynamic IP Address? Then it would be a good idea for you to point it to a static hostname for easy remote access. The free option is to use their Free Dynamic DNS to map a dynamic IP address, or long URL to an easy to remember hostname. Their […]