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5 Tips To Manage Your Windows Clipboard Like A Pro

20th November, 2014

Better known as Copy & Paste, a tool for students to lift passages from Wikipedia, the Clipboard can save you loads of typing time. We’ll show you how to use it like a pro.


5 Tools You Should Use When Starting A New WordPress Site

20th November, 2014

The whole process of setting up a WordPress site is a huge subject. Here are 5 apps and tools that make the task a little easier.


5 Cool & Useful Google Maps Mashups

18th November, 2014

Down the years, interesting “mashups” made by the mapping community have added to the popularity of Google Maps. Here are 5 which we found, which are either useful or just plain interesting.


5 Cool Chrome Experiments You Should Check Out

15th November, 2014

Chrome is leading the way with its HTML5 experiments, showcasing exactly what the browser is capable of, and more. Below are 5 Chrome experiments you should check out

Comic Book Websites

5 Websites For The Comic Book Fan

13th November, 2014

If there was one thing the Web was made for, it was for comic book reading. Instant downloads, lots of fan information, and no waiting in line at the comic book store anymore.


Go Behind The Scenes Of Your Favorite Movies With These 5 Resources

11th November, 2014

How do you feed your movie addiction? Today on Cool Websites and Apps, we are going to show you 5 Internet resources if you want to take your movie obsession to the next level.


5 Tools To Add To Your Health Improvement Kit

7th November, 2014

Your health is extremely important, so it pays to have a collection of tools and resources at your disposal to fight off that flab and keep that ticker in tip-top shape.


5 Useful Sites & Tools To Save For Your URL Toolbox

6th November, 2014

URLs: you can shorten them, expand them, send them to other devices, open multiple URLs at once, have a one-click self-destructing URL and much more.


Save On Microsoft Office! Get Cheap Or Free Office Products

5th November, 2014

Reluctant to spend a few hundred bucks on a glorified word processor? You can get Microsoft Office for cheap and alternatives for free. You’ve got many options and we offer a summary.


5 Ambient Noise Smartphone Apps To Help You Relax

4th November, 2014

We live in a stressful world these days, in a jungle where survival of the fittest rules. Grocery shopping, doctors appointments, picking the kids up from school, walking the dog, work overtime, family commitments, lack of sleep, nagging spouse… I could go on. By the end of the day, you are crawling into your bed, […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Give To Charities, Weather In Your Browser, & Grade Quizzes With Your iPhone

30th October, 2014

SnapDonate – enables you to quickly give money to your favourite charities on the go. Simply point the app at a charity logo and it’ll automatically recognise it. Even offline. Donations are all securely handled by JustGiving, the world’s top fundraising platform. SnapDonate takes no fee, stores no personal data, and shows no ads. Pure […]

10 Useful OS X Yosemite Features You Might Have Missed

29th October, 2014

Ever since OS X Yosemite came out, everyone has been looking to see if they can find the features not so widely reported by Timmy up on his stage.


Cool Websites & Tools – Private Social Media, Get Info On Meeting Participants, & Reader-Powered Publishing

29th October, 2014

MeWe – is a “private communications network” for social media. MeWe lets you share anything – photos, videos, voice messages, editable documents, mail, chat, and more. The unique permission controls let you decide who can see your content, preventing creepy strangers and ‘friends of friends’ from peeking. You can even make yourself invisible to other […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Gmail Inbox Checker, Watch Videos With Someone Far Away, & Check Your Password Strengths

28th October, 2014

Checker Plus for Gmail – Get desktop notifications, read, listen, archive or delete emails without opening a Gmail tab & easily manage multiple accounts. It claims to be the fastest and easiest way to manage multiple email accounts. It also supports the new “Inbox by Gmail”. Kick With Chrome – Google Chrome has given birth […]


8 Things You Thought You Couldn’t Learn On A Smartphone

27th October, 2014

Smartphones have become such an essential part of our lives that it is getting rather difficult these days to find something that the phones don’t do. Like teaching us these eight skills.