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Cool Websites & Tools – Have Your Questions Answered, Browser Editing Tool, & Easily Record Audio

12th September, 2014

Flippr – With Flippr, your favorite widgets and shortcuts are always a touch away. Access your widgets while using any application or game without returning to the home screen. Check the weather when playing your favorite game. Check your stock portfolio when watching a video. Quickly check which song is playing when editing a spreadsheet. […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Encrypted Chat, Movie Suggestions, & Personal Wiki

10th September, 2014

Mirage – is a one tap messaging app that lets you send unrecorded photo, video, text and voice messages. Send a picture or a video and add text to it. Messages are viewed once and then they’re gone. Once you sign up all your contacts are added immediately. Movli – Find new movies to watch […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Ripe Fruit, Kindle Kids Books, & Kids Email

9th September, 2014

RipeTrack – helps you to find when your favorite fruits and vegetables are at their peak of ripeness. Just type in the item you want to know about in the search bar. You can even search by month of the year to find out what’s ripe right now. It’s disappointing to bite into a flavorless […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Host a Web Conference, Compress PDF Files, & Restaurant Secret Menu Items

8th September, 2014

BigMarker – makes it easy for anyone to host a web conference or find one of the thousands already happening. Conferences on BigMarker are hosted by communities organized around a topic or goal. Over 5,000 communities host conferences on topics like Improving Life for Military Families and Professional Development for Teachers. PDF Compressor – Compress […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Movie Information, Tweak MP3’s, & Generate Invoices

7th September, 2014

Movie Sheets – when you are watching a movie on TV, you may be interested in finding out more about the movie, such as the plot, the actors in it, images, running time, ratings, release date, and more. If your TV setup is connected to the Internet, then Movie-Sheets is a great site to take […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Intelligent Time Assistant, Track Your Goals, & Record Your Family Stories

6th September, 2014

Timeful – Timeful is the first intelligent time assistant that gets things scheduled so you’ll get them done. It brings your calendars and to-do lists together so you can see everything that’s competing for your time. It uses algorithms and behavioral science to suggest – based on your own available time and location – the […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Personal Wiki, Audio Extracting, & Detecting Unusual Network Activity

5th September, 2014

Scribbleton – is your own personal wiki, where you can store everything from quick notes, to detailed checklists for work, to the outline for that next bestseller novel. With Scribbleton, you can easily create clickable links between words, phrases, and pages, allowing you to quickly locate cross-reference information. Your Scribbleton wiki files live on your […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Old Typewriter, Improve Your Eyesight, & iOS Podcast Player

4th September, 2014

MIX by Camera360 – is a creative and comprehensive standalone DIY photo effects layering and blending app. Designed as a companion to Instagram, MIX has close to 200 hand-picked effects and filters. These effects include light leaks, tilt shift blur, grunge textures, comic effects, starry night texture, grit and grain textures, original vintage filters, and […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Messages From Strangers, Track Food With The Fridge, & Rent Bikes

3rd September, 2014

LINE Toss – Share your favorite photos and videos the easy way with LINE Toss. This app is a must-have if you’ve ever found yourself searching through pictures and movie files on your smartphone to view them or share them with friends. LINE Toss organizes your photos and videos by date and category and makes […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Track Price Changes, Airport Updates, & Business Secure Messaging

2nd September, 2014

SnapUp – With SnapUp, simply take a screenshot of any product in any mobile website or app where products are available for sale. SnapUp will then magically turn your “snaps” into lists and let you know when the prices change on the items you’re tracking. Take screenshots of your favorite products on places like Amazon, […]


Cool Websites & Tools – WordPress Theme Search, Curate Images, & Wake Someone Up

31st August, 2014

Dynamic Pin – Lock your screen and mobile applications with a state-of-the-art authentication algorithm. Dynamic Pin helps you to secure your PIN from shoulder surfing and keyloggers. Dynamic Pin changes the pin based on the expression you set in the application. After every use, your Pin is destroyed and a new pin is generated. Only […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Lock Your Android, Deep Freeze Your Files, & Geo-Location Music

30th August, 2014

Pocket Lock – intelligently locks and unlocks your phone for you. Just drop your phone in your pocket and it locks. Pocket Lock keeps your phone locked until you take it out, then it unlocks, allowing for easy use and preventing accidental activity in your pocket. Pocket Lock is great for phones with broken power […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Track Online Changes, Hide Desktop Files, & Ambient Sound

29th August, 2014

Andrognito – With Andrognito, you can now keep your confidential and important files which you don’t want others to access, hidden inside your Android device with the advanced 3-Layer Encryption Engine. In short, Andrognito is a modern sentinel that hides and locks all your personal and confidential data from snoopers in real time. HouseTrip – […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Online Subscriptions, Chromecast Backgrounds, & Record Audio Online

28th August, 2014

Snap Clap – Boost up your popularity easily within a moment. Thanks to Snap Clap, now you have a bigger chance than ever to find your true love. Fed up with missing on pictures because you have to click the shutter button? With Snap Clap your mobile phone will become your personal photographer. ?Just place […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Bluetooth Auto-Connect, Noto Fonts, & YouTube MP3 Generator

27th August, 2014

Bluetooth Auto-Connect – is a solution to your Bluetooth connection problems. It automatically tries to connect to your Bluetooth devices when Bluetooth has been turned on or when your device screen goes on. First, connect and pair with your Bluetooth device manually (this is a requirement) and then just turn off and on Bluetooth (or […]