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Cool Websites & Tools – Hotel Wifi, Listen To 60 Million Songs, & Find Good Movers

2nd August, 2014

Hotel Wifi Test – is a leading company for collecting, analyzing and distributing data about WiFi quality in hotels around the world. The promise of free WiFi is a big draw in today’s age of constant connectivity. When you stay at a hotel, simply connect to in-house WiFi and run a speed test at […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Social Ipsum, Go To Sleep & Video Captions

1st August, 2014

Social Good Ipsum – when a designer is making a new website, it often becomes necessary for them to need “dummy text”, text which acts as a placeholder for the real text later. “Lorem Ipsum” is often used, which is random meaningless Latin words. Social Good Ipsum is a generator for words connected to good […]


Cool Websites & Tools – No Drones, Reddit Live, & Wikipedia On a Stick

31st July, 2014

Don’t Fly Drones Here – represents areas where it is not recommended to fly drones due to regulations. Unmanned drones like quadcopters and fixed-wing aircraft are at the center of new airspace regulations by the FAA. To help people find safe places to fly, the map establishes no-fly areas where drones are not permitted. Knock […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Organize Movie Showings, Natural History for Kids, & Nostalgia Music Machine

30th July, 2014

No.IP – Do you have a dynamic IP Address? Then it would be a good idea for you to point it to a static hostname for easy remote access. The free option is to use their Free Dynamic DNS to map a dynamic IP address, or long URL to an easy to remember hostname. Their […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Brighten Up Parties, Print Stamps, & Interactive Game For Developers

29th July, 2014

Peek – Get a peek into the mind of your users. See and hear a 5-minute video of a real person using your site or app. It’s fast and it’s free. Getting the opinions of real people on your site idea, your app idea, or your new site design can be invaluable feedback, before launching. […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Freelance Sources, Drunk User Testing, & Easy Google Hangouts Setup

28th July, 2014

LanceList – if you are a freelancer, you will know how difficult it is to find continual work. So you would probably find LanceList a useful resource to bookmark. LanceList is a curated collection of websites in different fields that generally use freelance workers, such as software creation, programming, writers, engineers, marketing, and much more. […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Royalty-Free Music, API Change Monitor, & Password Manager

27th July, 2014

Audioblocks – is the first subscription-based resource providing unlimited downloads of royalty-free production music, sound effects, and loops. Download anything you want, and use it in any type of project forever. Discover music ranging from epic symphonies to relaxing piano tracks, and everything in between. Passible – stores all your passwords and logs you in […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Smooth Video Footage, Gmail Notes, & Unlock Your Brain

26th July, 2014

Steady Camera – Record action videos, with cinematic stabilization and slo-mo. Shoot while walking, running – and get cinema quality, smooth footage. Record and share slo-mo clips, set when slo-mo starts and ends. Export square videos for Instagram, Vine or Replay. Preview stabilized videos instantly, and save to the Camera Roll. Notes for Gmail – […]


Rip Your DVDs & Blu-Rays With Absolute Ease With MakeMKV [Cross-Platform]

25th July, 2014

If you ripped all your DVDs and Blu-Rays, you could create an amazing media center. Of course the main obstacle to ripping is the disk’s copy protection. Enter our hero: MakeMKV.


Cool Websites & Tools – Pet-Friendly Hotels, Best Flight Deals, & Hidden From Google

25th July, 2014

5 Every Day – Looking for a pet-friendly hotel? How about an awesome dog park, trail or beach? is a pet travel website and a resource for dog owners looking for the lowdown on the best hotels, attractions, and restaurants that welcome pets. Their new app makes booking a pet-friendly hotel easier than ever. […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Group Food Orders, WordPress Plugin Collections, & Video Calls

24th July, 2014

5 Every Day – Five interesting things to do in Los Angeles, every day. Selected by a brain trust of local artists, musicians and designers, 5 Every Day is a daily calendar for urban exploration. Without a future or a past, it encourages you to check out something new — not tomorrow, not next week, […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Record Desktop, Cost of Living, & Shazam for YouTube

23rd July, 2014

RecordIt – Screencasting software has its many uses, such as making screencasts to highlight a particular issue or to teach someone how to do something. But which screencasting software to use? One possible option is RecordIt which has both a free and a paid option. The paid option for $29 offers a faster frame rate, […]

Apple Rolls Out 2-Step Verification Worldwide, Protect Your Account Now

22nd July, 2014

Apple has finally rolled out 2-step verification worldwide, so secure your Apple ID by enabling it right now.


Cool Websites & Tools – Email The FCC, Rip YouTube Music, & See News Scoops On The Map

22nd July, 2014

Dear FCC – The FCC has asked for public comment on new rules about net neutrality, and it is vital that you tell the FCC your feelings on the subject, before a final decision is made. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has provided you with a ready-made template where you can enter your details and your […]


Cool Websites & Tools – New Satellite Imagery, Snooze Gmails, & Pomodoro Technique

21st July, 2014

Follow Your World – Find out when new imagery is available in both Google Maps and Google Earth. It’s simple. Search for your location, mark the point, and submit. Each time Google updates the satellite and aerial imagery in your area of interest, they’ll notify you. Streak Gmail Snooze – enables you to hide an […]