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Apple Introduces iTunes Radio To Their Australian Customers

13th February, 2014

With the launch of iOS 7 last year came iTunes Radio in the United States. But now iTunes Radio has gone down under to the land of kangaroos and hats with corks.


Cool Websites & Tools – Tax Havens, Fitness Workouts, & Nice Places To Live

12th February, 2014

ICIJ Offshore Leaks – More than 110 journalists in 60 countries investigate who does business offshore, and who maintain tax havens. Offshoreleapsmap is an interactive map where you can click on dots on the map and read various stories on the different tax havens which have been discovered. Neila Rey Workouts – If you are […]


Firefox For Windows 8 Touch Beta Ready For Testing

12th February, 2014

Mozilla has released a Firefox browser for Windows 8 touch tablets, so you can now download the beta, Aurora or Nightly version, test it for bugs and send feedback back to Mozilla.


Cool Websites & Tools – Stream Art To Your Television, Report & Discuss Bugs, & Test Your Mental Arithmetic

11th February, 2014 – is a site that creates automatic chat rooms for up to 8 people. The big advantage here is that you don’t have to install anything in your computer. Just create a room by giving it a name. A link is then created which you can distribute out to the chat participants. Click on […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Cheap Airline Fares, Curated Videos, & Advice To Secure Your Computers

10th February, 2014

Skypicker – the airline industry is now an extremely fierce competitive industry, and each airline is offering cheaper and cheaper prices every day. However, the challenge for the customer is finding those fares and comparing them. Skypicker is here to help you do exactly that, with a map, a calendar, and a list of possible […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Secure Messenger, GIF hosting, & Listen To Unlistened Spotify Songs

9th February, 2014

Telegram – is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security. It’s super-fast, simple, secure and free. Telegram is a secure messenger that you can switch to without having to say goodbye to any of your favorite features. With Telegram, you can create group chats with up to 100 people so you can […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Skiing iPhone App, Firefox Word Count, & Most Creative Business People

8th February, 2014

EasyDownloader – with this app, you can download pictures and videos directly from Instagram (photos and videos), Facebook (videos), Vine (videos), and Tublr (photos). The main features are download mode, full screen mode (Instagram), quick access to Instagram (Notification bar Android 4.1+), quick access to downloads (Notification bar Android 4.1+), & one folder for a […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Secure Gmail Attachments, Vocabulary Notebook, & Create eBooks

7th February, 2014

DocTrackr – Secure Gmail attachments, track access & remotely destroy documents. Easily control who can read, copy or print email attachments. By installing docTrackr you’ll add security to PDF documents and regain control of your Gmail attachments. Set permissions to control who can read, edit, copy or print. – creates a home for every […]


Evernote For Mac Updates To Let You Search With Everyday Language

7th February, 2014

Evernote for Mac now lets you search using “everyday language”. In other words, type your search terms in the same way as you would speak, and the Evernote search engine will understand you.


Cool Websites & Tools – An Advanced Visual Search Engine, Beautiful Resumes, & Share Creative Feedback

6th February, 2014

Message Beam for Android – With one click, bidirectionally beam anything you want between Chrome and your Android device. You can send a message with CTRL+ENTER, and when connected, you can now see the availability of the Android device. CamFind – is the very first successful visual search engine that can photograph, identify, and provide […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Check Typing On The Fly, Academic Torrents, & Kill The Cache

5th February, 2014

Dash – Connect your car to your smartphone, and unlock enhanced performance, cost savings and social driving. Dash connects your smartphone to your car with a simple, low-cost device which you can install yourself – simply reach under your steering wheel and plug in in. No mess, no mechanic, no problem. TinySpell – Occasionally you […]


‘Google Now’ Available For The Chrome Beta Browser

5th February, 2014

Google is starting to roll out its “Google Now” feature to its Beta browser, for Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS.


Cool Websites & Tools – Social Media Verification, Corporate Dropbox, & Say I Love You

4th February, 2014

TunesToTube – lets you upload an MP3 to YouTube. You upload an MP3 and an image to the TunesToTube server – it will combine them and create an HD video. Once the video is created, the YouTube API is used to upload it to your YouTube channel – this all takes around 10 seconds. This […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Armchair Travelling, Sochi Winter Map, & Printable City Guides

3rd February, 2014

MinutesPad Free – is a full functionality trial version of Meeting Minutes – a professional business app for meeting minutes management. It is a very simple, but really powerful tool. You can easily take notes and photos, store them in a structured way, organize your meetings minutes by topics and share them via email. Somewhere […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Generate School Timetables, Download Public Domain Images, & Open Source Programming Language

2nd February, 2014

Timetable Web – is a tool that generates school timetables for primary and secondary schools. All of the operations are online, from the initial data input to the final print. There are a lot of different timetable structures around the world, and this website tries to meet the requirements of the majority of the countries. […]