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Cool Websites & Tools – Browsing Stats, Music Twitter, & Financial Courses

1st March, 2014

TimeStats – tracks website stats and helps you to collects stats of the sites you visit. It’s quick to access and easy to use. You can delete the statistics of any date you want. You can also uncheck or remove a site from the statistics. It shows the statistics of websites visited by day or […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Text A Love Message, Be Looked After, & Open Source Bookmarking

28th February, 2014

SofaPlay – is a streaming app for Mac. Just drag any media file onto SofaPlay and it will appear instantly on the big screen in front of you. SofaPlay streams your media files wirelessly to your TV. Your Mac is completely controlling and managing your TV. Romantimatic – with the amazing technology we have in […]


Bing for iPhone Gets Some New Features For You To Fiddle With

27th February, 2014

Bing have just released some exciting new features for their iPhone app, including new Metro-style tiles and multiple searches.


Cool Websites & Tools – Clutter-Free YouTube, Music Search, & Baby Monitor for Android

27th February, 2014

VII – was created in 2001 by seven of the world’s leading photojournalists and by 2005 VII was listed in third position in American Photo’s “100 Most Important People in Photography”. The group’s collective archive of over 60,000 images is an iconic summary of the late 20th Century. – is an online service where […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Drag & Drop, Unblock Websites, & Language Support From Google Books

26th February, 2014

Online LaTeX Editor – Keep your LaTeX collaborators up to date by letting everyone access and edit the same LaTeX document. ShareLaTeX is the easiest LaTeX editor to get started if you’ve never used LaTeX before. Access the LaTeX editor and compile your LaTeX documents from any computer. Super Drag – extends the feature of […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Social Bookmarking For Geeks, Create a Crowdfunding Page, & Photojoiner

25th February, 2014

Photon Facebook Photo Editor – Edit photos (Instagram-style) or just download from anywhere on Facebook with one click. Add new “Edit” and “Download” buttons to all photos on Facebook. Add filters and effects, or use more advanced editing functions with your new edit button. Photojoiner – is, as the name suggests, a site which will […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Disposable Timelines, Discover Your Ancestors, & Cheap Hotel Prices

24th February, 2014

Secretly Meet – is a site for secret, secure and disposable timelines that everyone can use with customers, friends or partners, without leaving any tracks about the exchanged information. Secretly Meet creates temporary websites that exist up to when your browser is open and online. Place My Past – Every place has a story. Find […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Extract CSS, Microsoft Developer Tools, & Event Planning Page

23rd February, 2014

ExtractCSS – is an online tool which can extract ids, classes and inline styles from HTML document and output them as CSS stylesheet. All you have to do is to type or paste your HTML document and let extractCSS to do the rest for you. Modern IE – is a set of testing tools for […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Sleep Calculator, Write A Secret, & Book A Train Journey

22nd February, 2014

Typeform – makes asking questions easy, human & beautiful. Draw your users in when it comes to answering your questions online by offering them a seamless experience and interface across devices and platforms. Typeform make respondents feel at home with a format inspired by human conversation. Remote Mouse – Turn your mobile phone or tablet […]


The New Google Maps Finally Comes Out Of Beta

22nd February, 2014

Back in May 2013, Google unveiled a new and improved beta version of Google Maps. Now everyone will be able to get the new Google Maps on their desktops in “the coming weeks”.


Cool Websites & Tools – A Genetic Atlas, Russian Travel Tours, & Online Web Clipper

21st February, 2014

My Shoebox – When you install a MyShoebox app on your computer, tablet or phone the app backs up your photos to the secure service. Your photos are encrypted during the transfer and while stored on the service. Only you can access your photos (unless you explicitly share them). MyShoebox uses AES-256 encryption to store […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Make Your Own Flappy, Quick Access To Google Docs, & Transfer Large Files

20th February, 2014

Files to Friends – if you want to transfer a large file to someone, you are always restricted by file sizes, and which platform to use. Files to Friends allows you to upload files of up to 5GB (paid account), and 1GB (non-paid account), and then email someone the download link. File links do not […]


OneDrive Launches With More Storage & Automatic Android Photo Backup

20th February, 2014

To celebrate the OneDrive launch, Microsoft have decided to give everyone 20GB free storage for a year, if you follow a special link. And those with Android phones can look forward to automatic photo backups.


Encourage Social Sharing On Your WordPress Blog With Digg Digg

19th February, 2014

Make sharing easy for your readers. Place buttons at the top, side, or bottom of each post, so all readers have to do is click one.


Cool Websites & Tools – Fund Science Projects, Email Calendar Events, & PDF To Word Converter

18th February, 2014

Babadum – whether you are a young child learning to speak, or a person of any age learning a foreign language, the first steps are to learn the basics. Babadum gives you pictures and a choice of languages, and you have to choose a language, and match the word to the picture. Tab List – […]