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Cool Websites & Tools – Selfies, Code Critique, & Attachment Inbox

28th September, 2014

Selfie for iPhone – is the fun new way to have face-to-face video conversations with people you know and people you’ll meet – from friends and family to anyone, anywhere in the world. Tap a Selfie and it comes alive. Reply to any Selfie with a video Selfie of your own. Slide between Selfies to […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Search By Image, Plan a Hangout, & Communication Tools

26th September, 2014

DocsPad – is an HTML5 viewer which gives you document embedding and annotations if you are making an app. On the front page of the site, you can see how your app would look with DocsPad on various devices such as a laptop, phone, and tablet. It supports all document formats, and works across all […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Checking Your Phone, Barking With Friends, & Five Sentences

25th September, 2014

Strongbark – is a safe, private social network for users and their friends to earn rewards by shopping, sharing and messaging about deals, discounts and offers they enjoy every day. On-site activity is never tracked, tagged or targeted, so users can enjoy a quiet, natural and authentic experience. GlobeIn – is an International Bazaar right […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Home Automation, Simple Polls, & Locked Up Email

24th September, 2014

Remotely – is the first home automation app built specifically for the rental industry. Residents of Remotely communities can control locks and lights from anywhere. The motion and moisture sensors keep you in the know anytime – day or night. Control the room temperature remotely and automatically while avoiding excessive electric bills or frozen pipes. […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Caribbean Music, Fast File-Sending, & Share a Meal

23rd September, 2014

Strut – these days, if you want to make a presentation, you no longer have just Powerpoint as an option. Now you have lots of options, and one of them is a web app called Strut. It is an HTML5 presentation editor with lots of features. Seahorse – life is thousands of scenes. Seahorse is […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Manage Expenses, Elevator Pitch, & Cure Your Phone Addiction

22nd September, 2014

Fair Bill Split – stop stressing when you want to split a restaurant bill fairly among several people. The ‘Fair Bill Split’ application will save the day and save you a lot of time and heavy mental thinking. If multiple people shared a dish, for example, you can split that particular dish with one or […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Compare Countries, Make a Digital Book, & Shoot Moving Pictures

21st September, 2014

MAPfrappe – there are countries of all different shapes and sizes, but it can be hard to appreciate the true size of a country unless it is placed over another location. MAPfrappe is a Google Maps mashup in which you “sketch” the area you want compared. You can then drag it to a second map […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Do Yoga, Web Citations, & Encrypted Phone Conversations

20th September, 2014

Citable – sick of manually tracking sources when collecting quotes? For students, researchers, and other professionals who do secondary research, Citable simplifies collecting quotes, notes and other data points along with the additional reference information needed to make a web citation. Tile Calculator – Are you a professional tiler or just a handyman that loves […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Protect Confidential Information, Juicy Recipes, & Source Code Checker

19th September, 2014

Guest Locker Smart Security – keep your personal and confidential information secure with this new, easy-to-use security application. It is a launcher application that protects your information and keeps it safely locked away when you share your device with colleagues for business, friends when they need to borrow your phone. Draft Control – Save every […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Speak Anonymously, Cloud Computations, & Build Music Playlists

18th September, 2014

SPONSORED – Speakle – is an app that allows users to speak their minds anonymously about anything. Feeling the need to vent, rant, or even tell your whole life story, Speakle is the place to be. Post your opinions on current issues, secrets, or even confessions on Speakle. With no character limit, Speakle truly allows […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Screen Dimensions, Secure Web, & View Algorithms

17th September, 2014

Dimensions – is a tool for designers to measure screen dimensions. Measure between the following elements: images, input-fields, buttons, videos, gifs, text, icons. You can measure everything you see in the browser. You can also set a keyboard shortcut in the Extension Settings to quickly enable and disable Dimensions. Places – has been designed to […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Blog Resources, Earthquake Monitoring, & Sort Out Your Photo Mess

16th September, 2014

SPONSORED – FirstSiteGuide – Get free instant access to online resources, for launching your blog like a professional. You receive a comprehensive list of every tool, software, and utility you will need to run your blog. Get step-by-step screencast videos with easy to understand and apply techniques, resources to help you succeed in your niche. […]


7 Handy Tasks QuickTime Player Performs for Free

15th September, 2014

You’ve probably changed the file association so QuickTime never gets used, so you’ve probably overlooked its bounty of useful features.


Cool Websites & Tools – Extreme Sports, Fitness Resources, & Air Pollution Map

15th September, 2014

(SPONSORED) – SiteWorthTraffic – is a free service designed to estimate value, daily pageviews, daily visitors and daily revenue of a website. Quickly calculate the website worth and worldwide ranking of any website. View detailed website traffic statistics, including Alexa statistics, last shared links on Facebook, and much more. Channelkit – is a tool that […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Go Gamping, Get a Hug, And Talk Minecraft

14th September, 2014

Gamping – connects campers and people with land, anywhere in the world. Often, campers and people with caravans struggle to find land to set down roots for their holiday. Gamping solves that, and the landowners earn money for every “Gamper”. The land may be quiet beautiful private space, unlike a public camping site. Nicest Place […]