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5 New Writing Vacancies Open Up On The MakeUseOf

25th February, 2011

With MakeUseOf progressing in leaps and bounds, we’ve decided to expand the writing staff a bit more and take on up to an extra 5 writers. We’re always on the hunt for fresh new talent who have the skills, experience and energy to take MakeUseOf to the next level. To maintain our high standards and […]


The 10 Most Popular MakeUseOf Posts Of 2010 [New Year Roundup]

31st December, 2010

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2010 and usher in 2011, we here at MakeUseOf are in a reflective mood. Much has happened here during the past 12 months. We started MUO Answers back in February, Sound Sunday in April, the T-shirt store in July, the iPhone app in April and the Android app in […]


Three New T-Shirt Designs In The MakeUseOf T-Shirt Store

30th December, 2010

We have a few new things lined up for 2011 and the first one is that we are introducing three new designs to the MakeUseOf T-Shirt store, all of them centered around Linux, Android and open-source in general. Already we are getting some very positive buzz! If you have some Christmas money burning a hole […]


Would You Like To Guest Post For MakeUseOf?

8th December, 2010

Over the past several years, we have received many requests from people looking to guest post on MakeUseOf, and frankly we don’t blame them one little bit. MakeUseOf is one of the best and most popular tech blogs on the internet! Who wouldn’t want to write for us? However, we have always turned down guest […]


New Designs Are On The Way In The MakeUseOf T-Shirt Store

27th November, 2010

The eager beavers are hard at work in the MakeUseOf design labs, putting the finishing touches to several new T-shirt designs.   Our MakeUseOf T-shirt store has so far been a big success, with our two top sellers being the Caps Lock T-shirt and the Wi-Fi shirt (and we now have a baby tee version […]


Introducing Our New Staff Writer, James Bruce

14th November, 2010

At the beginning of the month, I announced the departure of Simon Slangen, who is heading off to a new job at AppStorm. As soon as he confirmed he was leaving, Jackson and I swung into action, looking for his replacement. After looking through 40 applications, we finally found our man. Beginning from December, Simon’s […]


Simon Is Leaving – A Vacancy Opens Up At MakeUseOf

3rd November, 2010

It’s with great regret that I have to announce that Simon will be leaving the MakeUseOf staff at the end of November to take up a position at AppStorm. His departure is a big loss for us and a big gain for AppStorm. Simon has been working for us since 2008 when he submitted an […]


Our Caps Lock T-Shirt Is The MakeUseOf Staff’s Favourite

27th October, 2010

When the MakeUseOf staff were asked if they would like a free T-shirt from the T-shirt store, they all naturally said yes.   And to our surprise, a lot of them immediately went for the Caps Lock T-shirt.  It seems to be the overwhelming favourite among the staff, and one of our bestsellers in general. […]


Laze Around At Home Wearing Your MakeUseOf T-Shirt

21st October, 2010

The summer may be over and the weather getting colder, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear T-shirts anymore. They’re good for lazing around the house too. Especially if that T-shirt happens to be a MakeUseOf one.   Then you can laze around and look cool. Wear a T-shirt showing the brain of a geek. […]


Back Up Your Tweets To Your Own Domain With Tweet Nest

7th October, 2010

Despite being an enthusiastic Twitter user, there are some things that irritate me about the service. One of them is how all of my tweets seem to fall down a huge black hole once you get to a certain point. There is no search function that allows you to search back through all of your […]


Send Us Your Pictures Of You Wearing The MakeUseOf T-Shirt

6th October, 2010

The cash registers are ka-chinging over at the MakeUseOf T-Shirt Store and our shirts are travelling out to our fans in the farthest reaches of the world. From the USA to Russia to Australia, MakeUseOf fans are spreading the word on the streets. However, we would like to see you in your shirts. We want […]

File Hamster

View A Person’s Twitter Profile On Any Webpage

22nd August, 2010

Twitter fanatics, take note. Now there is a way for you to read someone’s tweets, no matter what webpage you happen to be on. Whether it’s a blog, Google News, even the WordPress platform itself….you name it. While on that webpage, you can get a person’s tweets whenever that person is mentioned. It’s a Firefox […]


Buy A MakeUseOf T-Shirt & Save 15% – For One Week Only!

16th August, 2010

Sales are brisk in the MakeUseOf T-shirt store but everyone loves a bargain, so we have decided to offer a 15% discount for one week only, starting today. Maybe you want a T-shirt professing your love for geeks?  Or perhaps you want people to show you their tweets?  Whichever T-shirt you would like, now is […]

How To Schedule Emails & Delay Replies in Gmail with Boomerang (400 Invites)

How To Schedule Emails & Delay Replies in Gmail with Boomerang (400 Invites)

15th August, 2010

Gmail is, without a doubt, the best email service ever.  With its huge storage space, its Labs features and its search functions, it consistently beats the pants off its rivals. But saying that, there are still some features missing from Gmail that would make it an even more perfect service for me.  Now a company […]


MakeUseOf Pack 2010: 20+ Essential Windows Apps in One Pack

14th July, 2010

There are lots of applications out there in the World Wide Web. But which ones are the essential keepers and which ones are the useless duds? Sometimes it becomes a little difficult to tell. Well fear not because MakeUseOf, once again, rides to the rescue with our free easy-to-use MakeUseOf App Pack. Put together by the great […]