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Let A Picture Be Your Password With ObPwd

18th August, 2008

We all know how difficult it can be to keep your online accounts safe and how hackers are always trying to break into accounts with dictionary attacks. This is why you should never use short simple passwords that you can find in a dictionary such as your name, the name of your partner, child, dog, […]


Google Adsense for Feeds Finally Goes Live

16th August, 2008

After a long wait, Google Adsense for Feeds has finally goes live. This gives Adsense customers the opportunity to earn some extra revenue by inserting Google adverts inside their blog RSS Feedburner feeds, either at the top or at the bottom of their posts. You can also choose whether the adverts appear in each post, […]


How To Avoid Long Distance SMS Charges using Twitter

9th August, 2008

I am in the habit of sending regular SMS messages to one of my best friends who lives in the United States. But each SMS message I send (from Germany) costs only what it would cost to send the message to someone in the United Kingdom. How do I manage that? By routing the message […]


Which RSS Reader Do You Prefer? [Poll]

5th August, 2008

Yes Make Use Of readers, contain your growing excitement. It’s time for another poll! (we know you all love a good poll). So the question for today is what RSS feed reader do you prefer? RSS has become a big part of the net. Instead of constantly checking your favourite sites to see if they […]


Powersurf Through Friendfeed With StumbleRead

4th August, 2008

With Friendfeed growing more and more in popularity, never a week goes by without another new application popping up claiming to make your Friendfeed experience an easier one. The latest one doing the rounds is StumbleRead which allows you to “stumble” through the latest stories on Friendfeed very fast so you can rapidly leave lots […]


Welcome July’s Recruits To Make Use Of’s Writing Team

31st July, 2008

Please welcome the latest – and for the moment the last – recruits to the Make Use Of writing squad. We’ve now decided to put our recruiting on hold for at least a few months while we put our existing staff through their paces to see if they’ve got what it takes to give you the […]


Toss Broken Keyboard to side with Portable On-Screen Keyboard

30th July, 2008

In my capacity as “the guy who knows something about computers”, I occasionally get a phone call from a frantic friend or acquaintance to come round and help them fix their computer. Their problems normally come about because they’d thought they’d see what would happen if they deleted the “Windows” folder or because they thought […]

Improve Your YouTube Videos With TestTube Features

Improve Your YouTube Videos With TestTube Features

26th July, 2008

Having recently bought a shiny new camcorder and then having uploaded my first YouTube video, I am now enthusiastically looking to see what new developments YouTube are working on. Their equivalent of Google Labs is called Test Tube and right now, there are four experiments that they are working on. In my opinion, only two […]


Encrypt Your USB Stick With Truecrypt 6.0

20th July, 2008

Last year I wrote an article on the benefits of encrypting your PC folders with Truecrypt and I also briefly touched on being able to encrypt your USB stick with Truecrypt. Well, the other day I received a nice new 2GB USB stick as a freebie and so I decided to install John Haller’s Portable […]


Making Use Of Some Bookmarklets

1st July, 2008

At heart I am a lazy computer user. When I want to do something on the computer, I either use keyboard shortcuts or I use a bookmarklet to achieve it. The last thing I want to do is go clicking around aimlessly for ages and ages……(zzzzz…..) But as the web has evolved, some bookmarklets have […]


Integrate Facebook Chat Into Pidgin Instant Messenger

24th June, 2008

I am not a huge user of Facebook these days but nevertheless I have been taking a look at their newly introduced Facebook Chat because Facebook is the only medium in which I can keep in touch with a couple of long distance friends. But since I don’t like the actual Facebook website that much […]


Offer Your Readers A RSS To PDF Option With Feedbooks

22nd June, 2008

As editor of Make Use Of, I can easily testify that there are not enough hours in the day to do everything that I want to do. So there are often lots of posts in my RSS reader (1000+), easily several days worth at a time, and I’m sure you’re the same. You have to […]


Welcome To The Future Of Online Search

19th June, 2008

I am a big Google fan but one of the things that is seriously tempting me away to Yahoo is the SearchMonkey Application Platform. Online search is starting to undergo big changes and Yahoo, for once, is leading the charge. Google on the other hand is doing things in dribs and drabs by bringing out […]


Liven Up Your WordPress Blog Comments With MyAvatars

12th June, 2008

In my last article, I talked about how you can use NicEdit to add RichText WYSIWYG functionality to your blog comments. Well today I want to talk about a WordPress plugin that I found which adds a bit of extra personalization when someone leaves a comment on one of your posts. It is called MyAvatars. […]


Pump Up Your Blog Comments Section With NicEdit

11th June, 2008

“Only two lines of javascript and what a difference it makes!” That was my conclusion after trying out NicEdit on my personal blog – a script that puts RichText WYSIWYG functionality into a blog’s comment section. As any blogger will tell you, the comments section of the blog is pretty much the life-blood of the […]