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Are Your iPhone Photos Refusing To Rotate In Windows Explorer? Here Is The Solution

7th June, 2012

I love my iPhone but there are a couple of pet peeves that I have had with it from day one. One of them was something which I managed to miraculously solve this morning, which was the strange enigma of iPhone photos refusing to turn around the right way, when transferred to the PC and viewed with the default Photo Viewer in Windows Explorer.


Sexting & The College Student [INFOGRAPHIC]

31st May, 2012

MakeUseOf has previously published several infographics on texting, such as when texting celebrated its 19th birthday, when we showed teens and their texting habits, and how SMS messaging is changing the world. But one texting-related subject that I haven’t approached yet (mainly because I didn’t want my boss to fire me for turning MakeUseOf into Hustler magazine) is “sexting”.


Ask The Hotmail Development Team Anything – And They Will Answer! [Questions & Answers]

30th May, 2012

Over the past year or so, MakeUseOf has published quite a few articles on Hotmail, the email service that everyone loves to bash. However, James has told you why we should let it back into our hearts as well as profiling a new feature that Hotmail has introduced to combat grey mail. Now, the Hotmail Development Team is standing by, waiting to take your questions! Do you have a burning question you want to put to them?


Looking Up Your Internet Date Online [INFOGRAPHIC]

28th May, 2012

In the past PG (Pre-Google), people on dates could get away with outrageous fibs. But these days, with everyone’s lives online on social networks, finding out if you really are the former President of the United States, as you claim you to be, is just a few clicks away from being either verified or exposed as a huge lie.

Sortbox: Automated Filters For Your Dropbox

24th May, 2012

If you are the kind of person that uses Dropbox for extensive file storage, then you may be having a problem keeping all of the files organised. ¬†What would help would be some kind of automated solution which filters new files into various relevant folders, based on rules you have previously set up. ¬†That is […]


Are YOU a Facebook Power User? [INFOGRAPHIC]

24th May, 2012

I was under the impression that I was a pretty enthusiastic user of Facebook, but it seems that I am minor small beans compared to some people, who have been labelled “Facebook Power Users” (sounds like a superhero team, fighting the bad guys by “poking” them). Are you one of these Power Users who seemingly make up 20-30% of Facebook?


Hashmask: Avoid Mistyping Long Passwords [Chrome]

23rd May, 2012

These days, in order to ensure security for your online accounts, it is normally recommended that you have a very long password, consisting of lower case characters, upper case characters, and special characters including numbers. ¬†But how on earth are you supposed to remember all of these passwords without accidently mistyping some of them when […]


Siri, Why Don’t You Understand Me? [INFOGRAPHIC]

21st May, 2012

One of the best things about an iPhone 4S is the Siri speech recognition app, but as I have increasingly noticed, it doesn’t seem to like me and my Scottish accent (cue lots of moments where I want to search on Google for big boobies and it phones my wife at work instead). Nevertheless, Siri is starting to grow on me, and on Bakari too, who previously showed us some cool location-aware Siri tips.


MillionShort: Discover What Is Hidden At The Bottom Of The Search Results

18th May, 2012

Ask any website owner or SEO specialist what the most important aspect of owning a website is, and they will probably tell you that it is to get on to the first page of search results – and stay there. In fact, since search engines rank all pages based on relevance and popularity, many people, […]


Cymera: The Best Camera App For Portraits [Android]

18th May, 2012

Photo enhancement apps for the smartphone are extremely popular at the moment with Instagram being the biggest and most popular. However, another app is creating some excitement among Android users and that is Cymera, which claims to be the “best camera app for portraits”. Cymera is an Android app which, at the time of writing, […]


How To Spot An Instagram Junkie [INFOGRAPHIC]

17th May, 2012

Soon after getting my long-awaited iPhone a couple of months back, I immediately started using Instagram, on the advice of a friend. It’s a great app to use but I wouldn’t say I am addicted. But there are people out there totally addicted to Instagram, people who see an empty McDonalds wrapper in the street and decide it’s art, and begin clicking away with their phone to get the perfect shot.


The Big Cash Of Apple [INFOGRAPHIC]

13th May, 2012

The fact that Apple is rolling in mountains of cash is hardly a newsflash. Just weeks away from bankruptcy15 years ago, it is now the most valuable company in the world with revenues that could sustain small nations or help to wipe out the US national debt. But you may be shocked to learn the extent to which Apple is rolling in the Benjamins. Even I did a double-take.


5 Cool Features That Prove Evernote Is Still A Kick-Ass Service

12th May, 2012

With all the hoopla surrounding Google Drive, and everyone going nuts over Dropbox, I think one other service is being sorely neglected – Evernote. Our Evernote coverage has been rather sketchy of late, and I think that’s a shame because in my opinion, Evernote is one of the best services out there on the Internet. It deserves to be appreciated more.

Autoslash: Finds Best Possible Car Rental Deal On Your Behalf

11th May, 2012

If you are someone who travels a lot for business or for pleasure, then you will know how difficult it is to hire a rental car. ¬†Quite often, finding a good deal can be time-consuming and frustrating, as you visit one rental website after another. ¬†Then when you have agreed to a price, you are […]


Why Is Pinterest So Addictive? [INFOGRAPHIC]

9th May, 2012

I saw an article the other day that described Pinterest as “a woman’s social network” with 60% of the site’s visitors being of the female persuasion. Why is that? Why do men find it unattractive to share photos on Pinterest while women go completely nuts over the site? Pinterest has seen a stunning rise in the social networking space, sitting in a very comfortable third place behind Facebook and Twitter.