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Education vs Experience In The Startup Community [INFOGRAPHIC]

30th December, 2011

When it comes to starting up a tech company, what matters more to investors? A degree from an actual university or a degree from the University of Life? The popular myth is that you can build a huge Internet empire from your parents garage after school in the evenings and by the time you’re in your teens, you’re ready to match Mark Zuckerberg’s bank balance.


Behind SOPA : What It Means For Business & Innovation [INFOGRAPHIC]

15th December, 2011

Ever since the Internet began, online piracy has been a big problem with the two biggest casualties being the music industry (RIAA) and the movie industry (MPAA). The Internet made it extremely easy to download whatever people wanted and the music & movie industries responded with copy protection measures, including the infamous and universally hated Digital Rights Management (DRM).


INFOGRAPHIC : Tech Germs – Remember To Wipe… (Your Keyboard)

8th December, 2011

This infographic made me take a good long hard look at my own keyboard. Especially after I read that a keyboard has about 60 times more germs than a toilet seat. Excuse me while I go and disinfect my hands thoroughly several times as well as go out and buy a replacement keyboard and a new toilet seat. It seems the germs are everywhere and are running rampant around all our houses.


The History Of Linux [INFOGRAPHIC ]

6th December, 2011

If there’s one thing which must really piss off Bill Gates to no end, it must be the enduring popularity of Linux and other free software, as it undercuts his “if you want good software, you have to pay for it” attitude. As Linux has shown, it is indeed possible to produce good software and a good operating system, then give it away for nothing to anyone that wants to use it.


Want To Be More Productive? Download Our 24 Free PDF Cheatsheets Today

2nd December, 2011

Everyone wants to feel more productive on the computer and there are certainly plenty of ways to achieve that. Whether it’s using a program launcher, keyboard shortcuts or mouse gestures, there’s something for everyone to shave off that extra mouseclick or tap of the keyboard which in turn leads to time saved every day. As an online worker, I am always looking for something that will enable me to complete my tasks faster.


Managing Your Personal E-Reputation [INFOGRAPHIC]

1st December, 2011

For some people, their reputation is everything and they will do anything to preserve it and maintain it. In business, having a bad reputation can mean bankruptcy or perpetual unemployment. So it has always been considered good practice to remain polite, professional and reliable so people think highly of you.


The History Of The Modem [INFOGRAPHIC]

28th November, 2011

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was sitting at my computer, waiting to go online while my torturously slow 56K modem whistled and screeched its way onto the World Wide Web. Fast forward more than a decade and I am now spoilt with my broadband wireless connection which kicks the pants off a 56K modem any day of the week.


Google Versus Facebook On Privacy & Security [INFOGRAPHIC]

17th November, 2011

It’s the classic ongoing battle which has been raging relentlessly without a ceasefire since the birth of social networking – how much privacy and security (if any) do you actually have on these sites? And who wins in these areas (if anyone)? The two top dogs currently slugging it out for the number one spot are Google and Facebook. Each have things going for them and things going against them.


Inside 5 Of America’s Largest Data Centers [INFOGRAPHIC]

9th November, 2011

As the Internet takes over more and more of our daily lives, and more of our data heads to the cloud, then bigger data centers are a necessity to handle all of that information and web space. Today we have busy interactive pages with businesses demanding guaranteed 24 hour uptime. In order to guarantee that uptime, web hosting companies have had to invest lots more money in their data centers.


MakeUseOf Gets Google+ Page. Be The First To Join and Win A New iPhone 4S!

8th November, 2011

Google Plus received a significant boost today when they launched Pages, their answer to Facebook Pages, and the beginning of businesses and brands setting out their online tent on Google’s social network site. We now have our very own spot on Google Plus.


The Life Cycle Of A Webpage On Stumbleupon [INFOGRAPHIC]

2nd November, 2011

There’s no denying that Stumbleupon is a very powerful social networking tool when it comes to promoting websites. Once a page gets into the Stumbleupon system (up to 2.2 million pages a month!), it can then be seen by hundreds, thousands, if not tens of thousands of people, all in a very short time.


Facebook’s Wall Of Shame? [INFOGRAPHIC]

26th October, 2011

I’ve seen some rather rough criticism of Facebook over the years as they have lurched from one fiasco to another but this infographic, which I found on my cyberspace travels today, kind of sums it all up in a rather dry sarcastic sort of way. By the time you’re finished, you’ll probably be seriously considering finally deleting that Facebook account and going over to Google Plus once and for all!


How SMS Messaging Is Changing The World [INFOGRAPHIC]

24th October, 2011

It’s become the most common form of communication on the planet and the number one occupation of teenagers everywhere. That’s right, I’m talking about text messaging (SMS) which, quite often, is the best way to send someone a short message without getting trapped talking on the phone for ages. It’s hard to find someone these days who doesn’t know what texting is or who has never done it before.


Twacked – When Good Twitter Accounts Go Bad [INFOGRAPHIC]

5th October, 2011

Without a shadow of a doubt, there are some really stupid people online but there are also many more evil people. Those that fall under the “stupid category” are those who have really obvious passwords such as “password” or “123456”. But there are also many evil people online whose sole aim is to cause distress and havoc to peoples lives.


Got The Internet? Then Never Leave Home Again [INFOGRAPHIC]

3rd October, 2011

I’m sure, being the Internet-savvy users that you all are, that a lot of your life is online. You order your books and music through Amazon, you order takeaway pizza with your iPhone, you rent movies through your media center, you pay your bills with online banking and you order your groceries through supermarket websites. In short, you can do pretty much anything online these days.