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Inside 5 Of America’s Largest Data Centers [INFOGRAPHIC]

9th November, 2011

As the Internet takes over more and more of our daily lives, and more of our data heads to the cloud, then bigger data centers are a necessity to handle all of that information and web space. Today we have busy interactive pages with businesses demanding guaranteed 24 hour uptime. In order to guarantee that uptime, web hosting companies have had to invest lots more money in their data centers.


MakeUseOf Gets Google+ Page. Be The First To Join and Win A New iPhone 4S!

8th November, 2011

Google Plus received a significant boost today when they launched Pages, their answer to Facebook Pages, and the beginning of businesses and brands setting out their online tent on Google’s social network site. We now have our very own spot on Google Plus.


The Life Cycle Of A Webpage On Stumbleupon [INFOGRAPHIC]

2nd November, 2011

There’s no denying that Stumbleupon is a very powerful social networking tool when it comes to promoting websites. Once a page gets into the Stumbleupon system (up to 2.2 million pages a month!), it can then be seen by hundreds, thousands, if not tens of thousands of people, all in a very short time.


Facebook’s Wall Of Shame? [INFOGRAPHIC]

26th October, 2011

I’ve seen some rather rough criticism of Facebook over the years as they have lurched from one fiasco to another but this infographic, which I found on my cyberspace travels today, kind of sums it all up in a rather dry sarcastic sort of way. By the time you’re finished, you’ll probably be seriously considering finally deleting that Facebook account and going over to Google Plus once and for all!


How SMS Messaging Is Changing The World [INFOGRAPHIC]

24th October, 2011

It’s become the most common form of communication on the planet and the number one occupation of teenagers everywhere. That’s right, I’m talking about text messaging (SMS) which, quite often, is the best way to send someone a short message without getting trapped talking on the phone for ages. It’s hard to find someone these days who doesn’t know what texting is or who has never done it before.


Twacked – When Good Twitter Accounts Go Bad [INFOGRAPHIC]

5th October, 2011

Without a shadow of a doubt, there are some really stupid people online but there are also many more evil people. Those that fall under the “stupid category” are those who have really obvious passwords such as “password” or “123456”. But there are also many evil people online whose sole aim is to cause distress and havoc to peoples lives.


Got The Internet? Then Never Leave Home Again [INFOGRAPHIC]

3rd October, 2011

I’m sure, being the Internet-savvy users that you all are, that a lot of your life is online. You order your books and music through Amazon, you order takeaway pizza with your iPhone, you rent movies through your media center, you pay your bills with online banking and you order your groceries through supermarket websites. In short, you can do pretty much anything online these days.


Making The First Page Of Search Results [INFOGRAPHIC]

30th September, 2011

If there is one area of the Internet where the wars are vicious and cut-throat, it’s the search engines. Ever since Google burst onto the scene, it’s been a constant battle between them and Microsoft and Yahoo, each one constantly trying to outdo the other, in exchange for a bit more market share. In many ways, this is good for us, the users of the Internet.


[HELP NEEDED] Suggest How We Can Improve MakeUseOf

28th September, 2011

MakeUseOf is constantly going from strength to strength. Our subscriber and traffic figures are up, we are producing three manuals a month, our news coverage is increasing and our giveaways are totally awesome. However, that doesn’t mean that we are complacent. We don’t assume for a moment that MakeUseOf is the best it can ever be and we are always looking for ways to make it even more awesome than it already is.


How Are Smartphones Being Used? [INFOGRAPHIC]

28th September, 2011

Mobile phones have come a long way over the years. From heavy bricks with huge aerials, mobile phones are now small, light, sleek and carries an operating system that enables you to install apps and access the Internet. The iPhone and Android continually introduce new features in order to stay one step ahead of the other. But how are smartphones really used?


How To Enable Facebook’s New “Timeline” Profile Right Now Before Anyone Else Gets It

23rd September, 2011

Yesterday Facebook announced a host of new features in what was described by industry observers as the biggest shakeup in Facebook’s history. Most of these changes are obviously due to the emerging and growing threat from Google Plus, and one of the features that Mark Zuckerberg introduced was the radical redesign of the profile page. It’s called the “timeline”.


The Textbooks Of Tomorrow [INFOGRAPHIC]

21st September, 2011

As someone who has just bought an iPad, I can personally appreciate its potential to become the dominant force in the digital book wars. PDF and ePub files can be uploaded instantly, and then annotated with your stylus pen or finger. Let’s face it, if you were a student, what would you rather have? 10 heavy textbooks or a thin much lighter iPad?


The Global Appeal Of Angry Birds [INFOGRAPHIC]

14th September, 2011

Are you playing Angry Birds? If not then you should, because it is quite possibly one of the most addictive games you’re likely to encounter. An enjoyable game but still addictive and very frustrating! Apparently throwing those birds at pigs and watching everything crashing down improves your mood considerably.


Always Connected : A Day In The Digital Life [INFOGRAPHIC]

12th September, 2011

It’s a well-known fact of the 21st century that from the moment you get up in the morning to the moment you go to bed at night, technology rules. Smartphones wake us up, we get our news from online, we check our social networks, chat on IM, watch videos on YouTube, and text on our phones. Whether we like to admit it or not, we’re addicted to our gadgets and to the Internet.


Software Piracy – The Untold Tales [INFOGRAPHIC]

5th September, 2011

Piracy and illegal file sharing is a curse for any developer and software company. As soon as the new version of a popular piece of software hits the streets, it is pretty much being pirated before you can say “o-arrr!”. Same with games, music and movies. For every person who buys something legally, there’s probably 10 who are taking the risk of stealing it.