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Is the Blackberry On A Downwards Death Spiral? [INFOGRAPHIC]

30th April, 2012

There was a time when every businessman and his dog had a Blackberry. Having one separated the serious executives from the non-serious ones. Everyone started obsessively checking their email every 5 minutes, leading to a medical condition dubbed “Blackberry Thumb”. It seemed that Blackberry would be like Darth Vader and rule the entire galaxy. Now suddenly the company is doing an impersonation of a Japanese Kamikaze pilot.


Stream Chaser: Find Legal Online Sources For Your Favourite TV Shows [Firefox]

26th April, 2012

Everyone loves watching TV shows and these days, watching shows is done more and more online, with services like Netflix and iTunes.  But sometimes, it’s difficult to find your favourite show online, due to all of the illegal and questionable sources that clutter up all the search results.  Here to help you find legal download […]


Zigmail: Streamline Your Email Inbox & Organize Your Shopping Transactions

26th April, 2012

We all buy from the Internet, some a lot more than others.  eBay, Amazon, Groupon….the list goes on and on to tempt us into getting our credit card out and start buying online.  But as we buy more and more things, the transaction emails relating to these purchases start to clog up our inboxes.  This […]


The History Of Video File Formats [INFOGRAPHIC]

26th April, 2012

I was watching Law & Order : Special Victims Unit on my iPhone the other night, when it dawned on me how lucky I was to be able to do what I was doing. I was watching a TV programme in crisp high-definition video, as good as watching it on television (perhaps better), except I was watching it on a small mobile phone screen, small enough to fit in my pocket. Video has come a long way.

My Facecard: Create & Customise Your Own Smartphone Business Card [iOS]

23rd April, 2012

These days, paper business cards are on the way out and digital cards are all the vogue. And it’s easy to see why. Instead of having a pile of paper cards creating a mess on your desk, you can instead swap details electronically, via computer or smartphone.  One such smartphone app is My Facecard. My […]


Spotflux: Enjoy A Safer, More Secure & Encrypted Internet Browsing [Windows & Mac]

22nd April, 2012

Sometimes, navigating the streets and lanes of the World Wide Web can be a dangerous and scary experience. Not everyone out there are nice friendly honest people so there’s a high chance of viruses, malware and people trying to steal your confidential information.  This is where Spotflux comes in. Spotflux aims to make your Internet […]

howinternetworks Share Images With Others In The Blink Of An Eye

22nd April, 2012

Do you need to show someone a screenshot quickly and you can’t be bothered with the hassle of email or Dropbox? Then why not try out “Yes, Pix me!”? This website gives you a unique sharing URL that you can use to instantly show anyone your images.  Anyone else with that unique URL will see […]

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Rentul: Plan Your Upcoming Trips Much Easier

22nd April, 2012

Anyone who has planned a trip will know how difficult it can be. You have so many things to organise, book and pay for. As well as the lodgings, you also have to plan for activities (tours, places to see), as well as where you’re going to eat. All in all, planning a trip can […]


CloudFactory: Provide Millions Of People In Developing Countries With Basic Computer Work

21st April, 2012

Did you know that billions of people around the world have to try and survive on less than $3 a day?  That is a shocking statistic but it is one that CloudFactory aims to reverse by connecting skilled capable workers in the developing world with basic computer tasks online.  In this way, the workers can […]


Convert Word To Excel: Convert Your Word Document Into An Excel File

21st April, 2012

Do you have a Word document that you quickly and painlessly need converted into an Excel document? Well then, you should consider taking a look at Convert Word To Excel. Before you can begin using it, you need Microsoft Silverlight installed and enabled. Then just click on “File” and then “Open” You can then choose […]


InstaBackup: Back Up All Of Your Instagram Photos Onto Your Computer [Mac]

19th April, 2012

With the news that the popular photo sharing site Instagram has been bought by Facebook, many users are angry and upset at what the future may hold for their favourite app.  So much so that many users are now actively looking to find credible alternative sites to place their pictures.  But before they can do […]


How Your Profile Pic Is Damaging Your Online Personal Brand [INFOGRAPHIC]

18th April, 2012

These days, we are identified and judged more and more by how we appear to others on social networking sites. Sites like Facebook and Twitter allow us to brand ourselves in any image we choose to portray to people, such as potential employers, potential business partners and even potential spouses. So it obviously makes sense that, as part of that branding, you choose your profile picture very carefully.


Snipplist: Share & Save Interesting Information Online As Small Blocks Of Text

14th April, 2012

At the moment, the trendy thing to do online is snip, collect and curate information, whether it’s showing photos on Pinterest or sharing 140 characters worth of wisdom on Twitter. Now Snipplist wants to go a step further and provide people with the ability to snip small blocks of text and save it online, as […]

resumeLater – Watch A YouTube Video From Where You Left Off Last Time

13th April, 2012

8 years worth of content is uploaded to YouTube every day, quite a lot of it full length documentaries and feature films.  But we all lead busy lives and we may not be able to watch a whole video in one sitting.  But then the problem arises – how do you find y0ur exact place […]


Chatwing : Embed Chat On Your Website To Communicate With Your Visitors In Real Time

13th April, 2012

When you have a website, especially one in which you are selling something or providing a service, communication is the key to happy and satisfied visitors.  Email is all well and good but it is rather impersonal. What visitors really want is to be able to connect to a living breathing human being who can […]