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Where Is The World’s Data Being Stored? [INFOGRAPHIC]

21st July, 2011

As the Internet gets bigger and bigger, so do the places needed to store all of that data. But where are these data centers exactly? Which ones are the largest and who owns them? How can we put 600 Exabytes into perspective so that we can truly understand its size?


Open ZIP & RAR With GDocs: Send Zipped Files To Google Docs Without Downloading Them

21st July, 2011

Compressed ZIP and RAR archives help pack multiple files into a smaller sized package which makes sharing them easier. But downloading such archives from unknown sources is not an intelligent move as they can contain viruses. Here to help you view the contents of an archive without downloading it as a tool called Open ZIP […]


Looking To Upgrade Your Wardrobe? Then Check Out The MakeUseOf T-Shirt Store!

19th July, 2011

Are the t-shirts in your wardrobe starting to look a little tatty? Are the holes in your favorite shirt so big that it’s become positively embarrassing when you have company round? Do you want to impress those around you with your impeccable fashion tastes? If that’s the case, can we interest you in a cool geeky MakeUseOf T-shirt?


The Sony Playstation Network Hack [Infographic]

6th July, 2011

It’s not been a good time for Sony’s Public Relations in the past few months with not only one but two breaches of their Playstation Network, and they didn’t exactly help their cause when they decided to delay telling their subscribers about the intrusions. They eventually admitted that customer information was out there in the wild.

Google Circles 300x300

Several Tips To Help You Get Started With Google Plus

4th July, 2011

Google’s latest attempt to get into social networking has started to slowly get off the ground and so far, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. That is, if you have managed to snag a beta invite to get in. With invites currently being sold on eBay, demand to get into Google Plus is currently very high.


[ANNOUNCEMENT] 107 Best Websites On The Web

30th June, 2011

Here at MakeUseOf, we love websites. It’s our very reason for existing and when new sites pop up, we’re one of the first to get all hot and bothered about it. But with an estimated 350 million websites out there on the World Wide Web (and tens of thousands more starting up new every day), how do you know which ones are the best for your individual needs?


Feeling All Hot & Sweaty? Then Check Out The MakeUseOf T-Shirt Store!

20th June, 2011

Summer is fast approaching! The birds are tweeting, the flowers are blooming, and you may be considering overhauling your wardrobe, in anticipation of the warm weather to come. If that’s the case, can we interest you in a cool geeky MakeUseOf T-shirt? High quality shirts for only $16.95 and shipping to anywhere in the world! Check them out!


The Six Biggest Websites On The Internet Compared [INFOGRAPHIC]

13th June, 2011

Have you ever been curious what the six biggest websites on the Internet are, how many visitors they get, as well as the breakdown in demographics for those visitors? Well now you can satisfy your curiosity with MakeUseOf’s new infographic, designed by Dona Collins who is an infographic artist, blogger, teacher, and a writer of financial articles for


Apple Approves Its 500,000th Store App [INFOGRAPHIC]

25th May, 2011

It’s common in most situations for iPhone users to say “there’s an app for that!” Well, there are in fact so many apps in the Apple App Store that the company has just approved the 500,000th app. Compare that to its nearest rival, Google Android, which only has 100,000 apps in its Market, and you’ll see instantly that Steve Jobs and Co have a very substantial lead over their competitors.


Summer Is Near! Check Out The MakeUseOf T-Shirt Store!

18th May, 2011

Summer is fast approaching! The birds are tweeting, the flowers are blooming, and you may be considering overhauling your wardrobe, in anticipation of the warm weather to come. If that’s the case, can we interest you in a cool geeky MakeUseOf T-shirt? From an initial selection of 6 designs, we now have 10 designs, including some in baby tee size.


The Evolution Of Email [INFOGRAPHIC]

17th May, 2011

Email. We all use it. Whether you use it on a daily basis or only occasionally, it can’t be denied that electronic mail has transformed the way we live our lives. But email, like everything else in life, has constantly evolved since the first email was sent over ARPANET in 1971. Here is an infographic, produced by Microsoft, which shows the Evolution Of Email.


Come & Work at MakeUseOf for Fame, Money & Glory

16th May, 2011

MakeUseOf is always on the hunt for fresh new talent who have the skills, experience and energy to take the site to the next level. Yes, that’s right, we’re recruiting for great members of staff again and if you have what it takes, you could become our next star writer who sees their work go viral to over 400,000 subscribers and 100,000 Facebook fans.


What Is Crowdsourcing & How It’s Used [INFOGRAPHIC]

9th May, 2011

Have you ever wondered what crowdsourcing is, what sites on the Internet take advantage of it and its influence online? Well now all your questions will hopefully be answered with this infographic, designed and produced by OBizMedia.


We’re Looking For Mac & Android Writers – Do You Qualify?

30th March, 2011

Back in February, we announced that we were expanding the MakeUseOf writing staff with up to five new vacancies. Since then, we have hired Danny as one of our Linux writers but we would now like to narrow our search to those who can write about Mac OSX and Google Android, as we feel that those areas are not being sufficiently covered at the moment. Are these one or both of your specialist topics?


Goodbye Dave & Jorge. Welcome Danny!

24th March, 2011

No sooner had our former technical editor, Jorge Sierra, announced that he was leaving than we also heard from Dave Drager that he would like to leave too. A combination of day job, studies and family made him decide to leave the MakeUseOf writing staff after 3 years. This was a big blow to all of us as Dave and Jorge have been with us through all our highs and lows and I think I speak for everyone here when I say that it just won’t be the same around here without them.