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Five New Useful Portable Apps For Your USB Stick

18th November, 2008

I am a big fan of my USB stick and so one of my favourite websites is John Haller’s Portable Apps. However, it’s been some time since I last checked the site and when I finally took a look at it again at the weekend, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he has been […]

Gmail Introduces Video & Voice Features

Gmail Introduces Video & Voice Features

13th November, 2008

In what is probably a clear challenge to VOIP services such as Skype, Google has now introduced video and voice functionality to their Google Talk gadget inside Gmail. However, some of you will NOT see it yet as Gmail is doing their usual and rolling it out slowly to users.   So some of you will […]


How To Add A Search Engine To Your Website

8th November, 2008

In the second part of my “Back To Basics” series, and following on from Wendy’s article on adding a search function to your Blogger blog, I would like to talk today about adding a search engine to your website or blog.  This is one of the most asked questions in my email inbox – which […]

The Make Use Of Domain Is Back!

3rd November, 2008

After a hairy stressful 24 hours, we have finally managed to regain control of the MakeUseOf domain! We would like to thank everyone who have offered their help to us today. Your support, ideas, suggestions and funny emails have really helped us get through a difficult day. We are also deeply appreciative of everyone who took […]


How To Easily Create A Favicon For Your Blog

27th October, 2008

You’d be amazed at some of the simple things that people can’t do computer / internet-wise. They can install Linux on their computers or set up a webcam security system but when it comes to simple basic things, their minds go completely blank! So I’ve decided to go “back to basics” for a while, go […]


Save Time with Gmail Email Templates using “Canned Responses”

23rd October, 2008

A while back, Sharninder took you through Gmail Labs and some of the cool features that they were offering Gmail users. Well the other day, they brought out another new feature and this is one that I will personally find really useful as Make Use Of editor – “canned responses”. I’m sure if you do […]


Who’s Following You on Twitter and are You Following Them?

13th October, 2008

When you have a relatively small number of followers on Twitter, it’s easy to keep track of whether you’re following them or not and vice versa. But when I checked my Twitter profile earlier today, I discovered that I had 765 followers – and I was following 910 people. Now obviously there’s a big discrepancy […]


Turn Your IM Program Into A Productivity Tool Using Imified

6th October, 2008

Most people would associate an Instant Messaging (IM) program with chatting idly to friends all day long but in actual fact a lot of companies have been developing chat bots which enable you to use your IM program to make you more productive. The best one (in my opinion) is Imified. I use it on a daily […]


Livestation Desktop TV – Watch TV Channels on Your Computer

4th October, 2008

Back in March, I posted about Livestation, which is a desktop television app that lets you watch TV channels on your computer. Back then, it was in its infancy with rather limited features and limited television channels but seven months on, it has improved by leaps and bounds. So I figured it deserved a follow-up […]


Abandon Your Mouse & Click On Links With Your Keyboard

25th September, 2008

If you’ve been reading my articles for quite some time, you’ll know that I am quite keen on keyboard shortcuts.   But the one thing that has eluded me until now was being able to abandon the mouse altogether and use the keyboard to “click” on webpage links.    Well now you can, thanks to a Firefox […]


Yahoo Searchmonkey Expands with Playable Music Tracks

21st September, 2008

Back in June, I wrote about how Yahoo was attempting to turn the search engine concept on its head with its Searchmonkey platform. This involved giving the searcher more information on the page and making the results more relevant, accurate, user-friendly and visually appealing. Well now Yahoo is going one step further by introducing the […]


Google Introduces Video Audio Indexing to Labs

19th September, 2008

In their quest to make everything searchable, Google is now starting to index what is being spoken in video clips, or to be more precise, what is being spoken in YouTube clips. This is done by using speech recognition technology to convert the audio into words which is then indexed into Google search. Then if […]


Access Your Websites Quickly With Firefox’s Fast Dial

15th September, 2008

The one and ONLY thing I like about the Opera browser is its ‘speed dial’ feature, where you can click on thumbnails of websites and be taken to those sites immediately. I loved having my favourite websites on the screen as pictures that I could just click with my mouse. So a few weeks back, […]


Watch Online Products for Price Drops with ShoppingNotes

13th September, 2008

You know the old stereotype I’m sure – a Scotsman is careful with his money. A Scotsman loves a bargain. Well that is especially true with me. I hate to overspend and if you want to make me happy, give me a good deal on something. Especially on books. I love buying books (to the […]


Merge Multiple Video Files With VirtualDub

5th September, 2008

My mother and I have a tradition. Every year, she sends me a DVD recording of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo which is shown on BBC television every August. I have quite a few years worth of Tattoo recordings now – mostly Scottish bagpipe music so when I get a bit homesick, I turn it on, […]