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Cool Websites & Tools – Algorithm Music Tracks, Games On YouTube, & Share A Secret On Your iPhone

13th March, 2014

Random App Videos – If you look on YouTube, you will find countless videos showing games. Random App Video is a video viewer where you can flip from one game to another, in different categories such as iPhone, iPad, PC, Android, and more. Simply choose your category, watch, then flip. Computoser – is an algorithm […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Share Music On Twitter, Cut YouTube Videos, & Empty Seats On Planes

12th March, 2014

Tweet My Music – is an Android app which lets you share the music you’re listening to on Twitter. Just add a music player from your device (Android based players (like Apollo), Google Play Music and Rdio), log into Twitter, press start, & launch the player. StepUp – lets you cut YouTube videos into bite-sized […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Claim Money From Airlines, Monitor Bitcoin Prices, & Tap The Rhythm Of A Song

11th March, 2014

Impala – is the first app in the world that automatically sorts the photos on your phone. You do not have to manually label each and every one of them: Impala “looks” into your images and videos and recognizes what’s inside. AirHelp – If you’ve been on a delayed or cancelled flight, or been denied […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Blogging For Readers, Science Careers, & Best Vine Videos

10th March, 2014

Booklikes – helps people share their reading life and discover new books. It’s a blog platform designed for book lovers. Discover great books by exploring blogs and let others discover the best books thank to your book reviews. Writing reviews was never so easy, fast and engaging – connect your review with a single book […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Narrow VPN, Adopt New Habits, & Text A Doctor

9th March, 2014

Disconnect Search – search privately using your favorite search engine. Disconnect Search is a “narrow” VPN that masks your IP address, browser cookies, and other personal info whenever you’re searching so search engines and ISPs can’t track your searches. Search with Google, Bing, Yahoo, Blekko, or DuckDuckGo. Series Guide Chrome v2 – Manage your favorite […]


Windows Phone Users Can Now Install Facebook Messenger

8th March, 2014

Windows Phone users are now being rewarded for their patience, with Facebook Messenger now available for the platform. It’s very Windows Phone-ish – lots of white and blue.


Cool Websites & Tools – Improve Your Eyesight, Get A Stamp Of Your Face, & People Search Engine

8th March, 2014

Eye Doctor Trainer – would you like to improve your eyesight and get rid of glasses or tired eyes? Do you have vision problems, or are you just looking for eye health prevention from daily looking at a computer screen? Eye Doctor Trainer is a series of 6 sets of exercises, composed from the best […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Relationship Wingman, Fix A Parking Ticket, & Honest Android Games

7th March, 2014

BroApp – is your clever relationship wingman. It automatically messages your girlfriend sweet things so you can spend more time with the Bros. Select your girlfriend’s number, add some sweet messages, and set the time of day when you want those messages sent. Fixed – claims to be the easiest way to fix a parking […]


Evernote for Windows Updated With Image Annotation & Faster Sync

6th March, 2014

The Evernote Windows desktop app has been updated with two big improvements. You can now annotate your images inside the desktop app, and syncing is now extremely fast for those with “sizable accounts”.


Cool Websites & Tools – Log In With A Smartphone, Meet People With Your Voice, & Evernote-Powered Blogging

6th March, 2014

Spotliter – Use Spotliter and your touch to capture stunning photos and extraordinary videos. 15 touch effects allow you to tap, slide or pinch your fingers on the camera screen to “spotlite” your photo or video. Apply effects, switch effects, and switch between front and back cameras. Clef – Forget your passwords, logging in is […]


Skype for Goes Global, With Support For Mac Safari & PC HD Video Calling

6th March, 2014

If you are an user and a Skype user, then it’s a good day. Microsoft has rolled out a previously geo-restricted feature to all countries – Skype integration with


Cool Websites & Tools – Find Your Car, Free Disney Movie, & Instagram Downloader

5th March, 2014

Auto Finder – Never forget where you parked again. Auto Finder automatically marks your location whenever it detects you’ve parked. No more wandering around the parking lot looking for your car. Even better, you don’t have to remember to mark your location yourself. Auto Finder uses your Android device’s hardware sensors. Disney Movies Anywhere – […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Expert Tech Reviews, Send Money Cheaply, & Amazon Coupons

4th March, 2014

PepFeed – Instant access to the best expert reviews, product videos and brand pages while shopping for electronics on Amazon stores. PepFeed gives you instant access to insightful expert reviews, engaging product videos and informative brand pages, so that you get to shop with confidence. Transferwise – Sending money abroad is deceptively expensive, thanks to […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Open 200 File Types, ER Wait Times, & Secure Communications

3rd March, 2014

Days – Did you ever have an important date to remember? Have you ever felt adding an all-day event is too heavy for it, while you did want something you can easily check and never get lost? Days is a beautiful countdown app using the popular card-based UI introduced by Google. Jumpshare – can open […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Chrome Data Compression, Moving Selfies, & Mobile NES Emulator

2nd March, 2014

Data Compression Proxy – is an experimental extension for Google Chrome bringing Chrome Data Compression Proxy from mobile to desktop PCs. The extension sends all HTTP (but not HTTPS) traffic through Chrome Data Compression Proxy server, which uses SPDY protocol to speed up web browsing. Enabled state is indicated by a green icon. – […]