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Cool Websites & Tools – Schedule Gmail Emails, Create Amazing 3D Models, & Nuke Website Overlays

11th June, 2014

Schulte Tables – are usually applied to research and development of mental rate of perception, in particular speeds of visual roughly-search movements. It is also used in speed reading training. Find and click figures silently, in an increasing order from 1 to 25 (without omission). The found figures are specified only by a sight. SndLatr […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Analytics Presentations, Track YouTube Channels, & Personal Cloud Server

10th June, 2014

NOTEify – is the perfect app to use when you want to get reminded about specific information or discussions with your contacts. You can choose from a variety of many in-call or in-app options, including showing notes during in or out calls, showing the contact you are talking to with his full details during the […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Encrypted Note-Taking App, Hard-Reset Your Phone, & Clip Content From Facebook

9th June, 2014

LocalCast – Get your media on the TV with LocalCast. Features include casting movies, pictures, videos and PDFs from your device, Google Drive, Google+, Dropbox, NAS (DLNA / UPNP or SMB), using your phone as wireless headphones, rotating or zooming pictures and movies, adding subtitles and changing the subtitle font size, and more. Tab Grenade […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Speed Read On Chrome, Daily Countdowns, & One Hour Photos

8th June, 2014

Here, Look – You hand someone your iPhone to show them a picture, then they start scrolling through the rest of your photos. This is, at best, annoying. You only want to show someone 3 or 4 shots out of hundreds. Here, Look enables you to pick the photos from your camera roll you want […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Anti-Phishing, Getting Old, & WebGL Game Engine

7th June, 2014

APWG – collects, analyzes, and exchanges lists of verified credential collection sites, like those used in phishing. The page allows you to notify them of a phishing credential collector site. One easy way to do this is to simply forward the suspected phishing email to To better help their back-end system process your submission, […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Check Flights By Price, Book A Photo Shoot, & Optimize Your Images

6th June, 2014

Moo0 File Monitor – lets you easily monitor the file access activities on your system. Have you ever wondered what’s going on with your disk system behind your watch? Why the disk is busy? What’s scratching your HDD? You may find them out using this simple program. There is an installable version and also a […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Video Streaming Report, Take Other Peoples Hotel Rooms, & Best Online Courses

4th June, 2014

Google Video Quality Report – gives you video streaming quality results for the United States. There are many factors that influence your video streaming quality, including your choice of Internet Service Provider (ISP). Learn how your ISP performs and understand your options. Users on SD networks should expect smooth playback on non-HD YouTube videos. Feex […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Powerpoint Polls, Human-Sized Photos, & Software Keyboard Shortcuts

2nd June, 2014

Participoll – describes itself as “free audience polling for Powerpoint”. No-hardware clicker-free polling using your audience members’ devices. Drop polls straight into your slides without having to preload questions. View and download historic poll data and anonymous comments (in the pro version). There is also a quick-install PC PowerPoint add-in (which doesn’t require install rights). […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Control Smartphone Addiction, Search Wikimedia Commons, & Commencement Speeches

1st June, 2014

Listango – Save your bookmarks online and access them from any device, anywhere. Access your bookmarks from any computer, phone or tablet. Listango works on all modern web browsers. You don’t have to share your bookmarks with the whole world. Create private lists that only you can view. Easily share your bookmarks with friends. You […]


IFTTT Introduces The eBay & Fitbit Channels

1st June, 2014

Bargain hunters and fitness fanatics, listen up. IFTTT has been thinking about you lately and has been making channels for eBay and Fitbit to enable you to automate those bargain hunting and fitness skills.


Cool Websites & Tools – Legal Search, Brain Sensor, & Shaun The Sheep Games Coding

31st May, 2014

Ravel – Search more than five million legal cases with precision, using natural language or Boolean. Ravel lets you focus on judges’ words and analysis, removing clutter so that you can read and scan quickly. Mining the connections that link millions of court documents, Ravel’s technology identifies cases’ key passages and shows how later cases […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Gift Suggestions, Science Funding, & Generate Barcodes

30th May, 2014

Gift Shuffle – is a gift suggestion tool helping you to find the best gift ideas for mum, dad, brother, sister, friends and more. They scour the web to help you find unique gift ideas that your friends & family will love. Giftshuffle even allows you to save and manage the gifts you like with […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Unisex Bags, Change Color Of Your Monitor, & Set Maximum CD-ROM Speed

29th May, 2014

Inapp Translator – Sometimes you want to read an email, a text or an article in a foreign language and you immediately need a translator. With Inapp Translator, you can easily translate the whole text or part of it into your preferred language without closing the active application; you can see the translated result at […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Create Movies On Your Phone, Loop YouTube Videos, & Music Collaboration In The Cloud

28th May, 2014

MovieJax – Enjoy the simplicity and ease of creating movies on your phone with MovieJax. MovieJax allows you to quickly capture and add your own video. Liven it up by adding your own photos. Add you own text, and embellish with your favorite background music before sharing with friends and family at the tap of […]


Google Buys Visual Translation App Word Lens – Then Gives It Away For Free

27th May, 2014

Now Google has gone even better with translation tools by buying Word Lens and then giving it away for free for a limited time.